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Planning Applications: 26 April 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00535/FUL (25/05/2019)


Two storey side, front and rear extension at 5 Causin Way Lower Benefield  PE8


19/00499/FUL (18/05/2019)


Two storey rear extension and conversion of first floor of detached garage to habitable room with two new dormer windows and installation of heat pump at East View Raunds Road Chelveston NN9 6AB


19/00567/FUL (25/05/2019)


First floor rear extension and new car port (Re-submission of 19/00060/FUL) at Mill Cottage 2 Mill Lane Cotterstock  PE8 5HH

Higham Ferrers

19/00590/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Erection of a detached two storey 4 bedroomed dwelling with new access to highway (resubmission of 18/01737/FUL) at Land At 53 Handcross Way Higham Ferrers


19/00018/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Construction of compound on existing concrete slab (old filter bed for sewage works) with 1x 40ft shipping container and 2 x 20ft shipping containers joined together to form a workshop/storage area, with a pitched felt roof and clad with feather edge wooden boards to front and rear, leaving both ends open for access. at Frontier Centre Addington Road Irthlingborough

19/00593/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Installation of 3 no. mobile classroom units at Huxlow Science College Finedon Road Irthlingborough  NN9 5TY


19/00601/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension; alterations to front elevation; replacement windows, doors, roof material, guttering and fascias; full render of property. – revised planning application to the original 18/01848/FUL which has been approved at 89A Lowick Road Islip  NN14

Kings Cliffe

19/00575/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Detached triple garage with 3 rooflights and store above at Laurence House Wood Lane Kings Cliffe  PE8 6YE


19/00548/FUL (25/05/2019)


Single storey side extension and rear covered terrace with chimney flues at 38A Church Street Nassington  PE8 6QG


19/00370/FUL (25/05/2019)


Demolition of existing dwelling and construction a two storey dwelling and detached single storey outbuilding/garage including revised vehicular access at 91 South Road Oundle  PE8 4BP

19/00555/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Removal of first floor side extension; erection of two storey rear extension at 10 Victoria Road Oundle PE8 4AY

19/00644/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Single storey front extension to principle elevation of house at 27 Victoria Road Oundle PE8 4AY


19/00514/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Proposed single storey rear extension, conversion of garage and alterations to enable wheelchair access at 24 Derling Drive Raunds  NN9 6LF

19/00572/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

First floor side extension above existing garage at 5 Harris Close Raunds NN9 6TA

19/00585/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Attached garage to side of dwelling at 24 Orwell Close Raunds


19/00600/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension at 1 Castle Court Rushden  NN10 9HG

19/00614/FUL (18/05/2019)(Info)

Two-storey Side Extension at 47 Manor Road Rushden  NN10 9EX


19/00650/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Single storey side extension at 65 Fairmead Crescent Rushden  NN10 9NB


19/00388/LBC (25/05/2019)


Installation of two CCTV cameras to the front and east side of the property at Tansor House Main Street Tansor  PE8 5HS

19/00605/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Two storey rear extension  and single storey porch extension to dwelling at Ash House 5 Main Street Tansor  PE8 5HS


19/00539/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Proposed Score Box and Store for Thrapston Cricket Club at Castle Playing Fields Chancery Lane Thrapston


19/00609/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Erection of single storey extension at 56 Islington Titchmarsh  NN14 3DG


19/00557/FUL (25/05/2019)


Single storey extension to the rear; two storey side extension at 3 Main Street Wakerley LE15 8PA


19/00587/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear kitchen extension to link part garage conversion at 12 Stamford Lane

Warmington  PE8 6TW


18/01740/FUL (25/05/2019)


Change of ground floor windows (retrospective) at 37 High Street Woodford NN14 4HE

19/00596/FUL (18/05/2019) (Info)

Change of Use of outbuilding from C3 (Residential Dwelling) to Sui Generis (Dog Grooming Parlour) at 64 Highfield Woodford  NN14 4HD




Hawkwell Herbs April Recipe

Tasty Bites for April laziness –  with the Herbs!


Spring is sprung and many people are out in the garden ‘doing stuff’!  If, like me, you prefer being outside to being in the kitchen, then this is the month to bridge that gap between slow cooking of hot, warming, food and the ease of a quick BBQ!  In Spring, I always go for tasty bites. Warm. But quick to make.


I am a great believer in not using supermarkets if you can, and instead supporting the amazing small food businesses that we are lucky enough to have in and around Northamptonshire. And this month I would like to introduce you to Waterloo Cottage Farm ( You will know that I am a huge believer in only eating  meat that has been ‘kindly lived and kindly killed’ and this amazing place meets those requirements for me. And, being an ex environmental lawyer, organic is the way to go for me.  So off I popped for a visit and returned with enough goodies to make my first Tasty Bites for Spring!


Pork and Garlic Chives bites


What do you for each person?

1 large cabbage leaf,  some butter/oil/lard,  a slice of pork,  a few Garlic Chives.  And a pan!


How do you make it?

Wilt your cabbage leaf so that it is malleable enough to use as a wrapping.  In your choice of butter/oil/lard, gently cook your pork in the pan.  Chop a few Garlic Chives (if you don’t have Garlic Chives, use garlic and onion – you will see now why Garlic Chives are so great as they avoid all that peeling and chopping!). Place your cabbage leaf on a chopping board,  place your cooked pork in the middle of it, with your Garlic Chives on top.  Wrap it all up in the cabbage leaf. Cut it in half. Welcome to your very tasty bite (or 2!)



A home made ‘lemonade’

Would you like something refreshing with that, to quench your thirst after all that outside work? Try making your own ‘lemonade’ using Lemon Balm (or Lemon Verbena or both!).   There are a number of different ways of making it depending on which herbs you have, how intense  you like the taste, and whether you would like to add sweetness.

lemonade hawkwell herbs

  1. Simplest way is to make some herbal tea with your Lemon Balm, leave it to cool.  Drink it as a cold tea.  Add Lemon Verbena or Lemon zest (if you have a lemon but the point about this drink is that you can substitute Lemon flavoured herbs for lemons) if you wish as part of the tea making brew.   Add sugar, (or Sweet Cicely or Korean Mint which are great sugar substitutes) if you have a sweet tooth.


  1. Or, for a little more of an intense flavour – take a pint of water, add about 10 long stems of Lemon Balm/Lemon Verbena to the water, bring it to the boil and then gently simmer it for about 10 minutes to get a more intense flavour than with the tea.  Add sugar if you wish or the sugar substitute herbs already mentioned (I don’t as I prefer a tarter lemon flavour than a sweeter one). Make sure you don’t let it burn dry! Then let it cool. Drain it to remove the leaves. Add some fizzy water (for those of us of a retro era, the good old Soda Stream comes in handy here..) to taste.


I always make too much, and let it go cold, and then put it in freezer cubes.  Ready to add to fizzy water on another occasion.


And, if you are ready for that gin and tonic at the end of your gardening exploits, add some to your gin and tonic for a burst of ‘lemoniness’…


Did you know?

Herbs are great for lazy cooks! Like me… I lose the will sometimes to peel and chop garlic and onions (a combination I love) so I always grow Garlic Chives which combine both flavours.  And sugar substitutes such as Sweet Cicely and Liquorice/Korean Mint are great for that sweetness of taste if you don’t have sugar to hand.


This month’s herbs encourage laziness!  Garlic Chives, Common Chives,  3 types of Lemon Balm. No more chopping, peeling and, in the case of lemons, having to go and buy some!   You can find them listed here:  and you can buy them at the Farmers’ Markets here during April:


 Where can you find the herbs this month?


Market Harborough Farmers’ Market – Thursday 4th April

Thrapston Farmers’ Market – Saturday 6th April

Olney Farmers’ Market – Sunday 7th April

Oundle Farmers’ Market – Saturday 13th April


And look out for the new cookery courses coming up in Sudborough soon!

More Information

Hawkwell Herbs

07970 597 017


Twitter: @hawkwell_herbs