Lash Lift and Tint by Dermatechnix Thrapston

I’m not really the beauty type, and as such have always struggled on what to do with my eyebrows, ending up either over plucking or just not bothering.  I now also realise that my eye lashes are rather short and stubby too. So I thought I’d set Liz at Dermatechnix the challenge of sorting me out.

My before photos were taken after a night of interupted sleep and she even managed to take my saggy bags away!

nene local | dermatechnix lash lift  nene local | dermatechnix lash lift

The lash lift entails your eye lashes being put on a mini roller and permed into position, then an all natural tint is applied.  I found the whole process really quite relaxing – at no time is there anything able to fall into your eye, the treatment is totally safe and pain free.

nene local | dermatechnix lash liftBeginning with the under eye patches which are are packed with collagen and CQ10 to hydrate, nourish and plump up skin. You will see from the lack of saggy eyes in my ‘after’ pictures they really work.

nene local | lashlift dermatechnix

My short lashes were teased around the tiny roller, there are larger rollers for those blessed with longer lashes

are collagen and CQ10 to hydrate, nourish and plump up skin.

The perming solution was applied and left for around 12 minutes

nene local | lashlift dermatechnix

The tint is plant based, doesn’t use any chemicals and has been designed specifically for sensitive eyes and skin.

While my eyes were having their tint on them, Liz waxed and tweezed my eyebrows into a lovely shape (so at least I can follow the lines next time I’m on my own with my tweezers) and applied henna tint, nothing too dark, just a bit of infilling where over-tweezering and age had taken its toll.


nene local | lash lift

A real difference I think!

nene local | lash lift

lash lift |nene local



lash lift |nene local

I’ve only got short lashes but I think you will agree they’ve got a lovely curl

There is an aftercare regime of no direct heat for 24 hours and avoid excessive water (swimming, face in the shower etc) but after that, treat them as normal.

The full treatment is lash lift, lash & eyebrow tint, normally £35.  There is an introductory offer of £20 if booked before 30th May.

Addition of eyebrow wax/tidy is £5.  Available from 16th May onwards.

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