Planning Applications: 30 May 2019 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00831/VAR (22/06/2019) (LB/CA) (LBRegs)(LB/CA)

Variation of condition 4 pursuant to application 18/00107/FUL and condition 5 18/00108/LBC relating to work within the West Courtyard to demolish the central building and install a below ground oil tank adjacent

Conditions(s) Removal:

The central building within the West Courtyard has been examined in more detail and it has been established that it is mostly post 1945, school-era work, and so does not merit retention.  It is therefore proposed to demolish the building down to the base of the walls.  The footings are to remain as a historical record.  A submerged oil tank is to be installed adjacent to the central building. Drawing no.s 1878/01, 02B, 03B, 04B, 05B, 06 are to be included within the text of both conditions at Apethorpe Palace Hunting Way Apethorpe


19/00827/FUL (22/06/2019)


Proposed new access and parking to existing dwelling at 15 Main Street Lower Benefield PE8 5AF

19/00828/LBC (22/06/2019)


New access to highway and creation of off road parking to existing dwelling at 15 Main Street Lower Benefield PE8 5AF


19/00692/FUL (22/06/2019)

(Art8) (LB/CA)

Re-surfacing of the driveway giving access to the churchyard and establishment of a new path giving access from the existing hardstanding at the north-east corner of the churchyard to the main entrance at the south porch of the church at St John The Baptist Church Caldecott Road Chelveston NN9 6AT


19/00755/LBC (22/06/2019)


Removal of new window opening and replacement with external doorway at The Mill House Main Street Cotterstock PE8 5HD


19/00730/FUL and 19/00731/LBC (22/06/2019)(LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Single storey side extension to dwelling at The Abbey 34 Stamford Road Easton On The Hill PE9 3NU


19/00798/OUT (22/06/2019)


Outline: Residential development of up to 115 dwellings (all matters reserved except access) at OP7200 TF0003 Stamford Road Easton On The Hill


19/00796/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Proposed single storey rear extension at Stable Cottage 1 Lower Farm Main Street Glapthorn PE8 5BE


19/00790/FUL (22/06/2019)


Proposed single storey side extension to form new utility room, wc/shower and store, addition of two storey bay window to side gable and part external render to whole building at Bottom Farm House Brook Street Hargrave


Higham Ferrers

19/00728/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Two storey rear extension and roof extension at 33 Windermere Drive Higham Ferrers NN10 8NN

19/00750/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Demolition of existing garage and erection of two storey side and single story front extension at 35 Queensway Higham Ferrers  NN10 8BU

19/00794/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Single storey side extension and single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory (Resubmission of 19/00271/FUL) at 65 Wharf Road Higham Ferrers

19/00799/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Single storey flat roof rear extension at 2 Stanwick Road Higham Ferrers NN10


19/00286/FUL (22/06/2019)


Erection of four bungalows and associated works at Site Compound Church Street Irthlingborough

19/00785/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Two storey front and rear extensions and first floor extension over the existing garage, converted to additional living accommodation at 6 Ryehill Close Irthlingborough


19/00819/ADV (15/06/2019) (Info)

2 x Internally illuminated acrylic box sign (white) set on two posts at site entrance at Whitworths Site Wellingborough Road Irthlingborough NN9 5RF

19/00830/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Access and entrance redevelopment comprising the erection of 2.1m high boundary and internal fencing, new pedestrian and vehicular access security gates, internal access control barriers/turnstiles, knee rail fencing, landscaping, alterations to internal road and paths and removal of electrical substation at Whitworths Site Wellingborough Road Irthlingborough

Kings Cliffe

19/00811/FUL (22/06/2019)


Wall Reconfiguration for new vehicular access at 27 West Street Kings Cliffe PE8 6XB

Little Addington

19/00595/LBC (22/06/2019)


Demolition of existing UPVC conservatory, to north east side elevation, and replacement with new aluminium framed veranda with glass roof.  The works include enlargement of existing patio door opening on gable wall with insertion of aluminium framed bi-folding doors, larger RSJ support  beam at Manor Farm Barn Irthlingborough Road Little Addington


19/00505/LBC (22/06/2019)


The installation of stainless steel reinforcement, longitudinally and transversely, to arches 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 and 12, as well as the installation of vertical pins to create a full mechanical connection between the arch rings.  The works also include repairs to the cutwaters, spandrel walls and vousoirs.  Repairs to the ‘shear’ crack to the spandrel wall emanating from the crown of the arch 7 in a westerly direction is also to be carried out at North Bridge Station Road Oundle

19/00643/FUL (22/06/2019)


The demolition of an existing bungalow and the erection of a replacement dwelling house. The construction of 4 new build dwelling houses at 60A East Road Oundle

19/00699/FUL (07/10/2019) (Info)

Erection of fermentation vessel outside Nene Valley Brewery at Oundle Wharf Station Road Oundle PE8 4DE

19/00700/ADV (15/06/2019) (Info)

Nene Valley Brewery non-illuminated logo, fixed to front of vessel at Oundle Wharf Station Road Oundle PE8 4DE

19/00806/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Extensive work to existing house including new side rear and first floor extension constituting a replacement dwelling at 20 Herne Road Oundle  PE8 4BS


19/00808/REM (15/06/2019) (Info)

Reserved matters pursuant to 17/02442/OUT – Erection of three residential dwellings (resubmission of  18/02378/REM) at Antona Stanwick Road Raunds NN9 6DG

19/00816/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Single storey side and rear extension at 81 Midland Road Raunds NN9 6JF


19/00738/FUL (22/06/2019)


Demolition of existing workshop/warehouse and construction of 2 no. detached dwellings with new accesses at Ringstead Business Centre 1 – 3 Spencer Street Ringstead NN14


19/00594/FUL (22/06/2019)


Conversion and extension of the existing memorial clinic to create 14 One and Two bedroom flats for occupation by the older population (over 55s) with secure amenity space, communal living  areas and associated parking (Re-submission of 18/00646/FUL) at Rushden Memorial Clinic Hayway Rushden NN10 6AG

19/00670/FUL (22/06/2019)


Conversion of internal ground floor garages to create 1no 1bedroom flat at Palace Court 16 Alfred Street Rushden NN10 9YS

19/00673/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Single storey front extension at 310B Newton Road Rushden NN10 0SY

19/00697/FUL (22/06/2019)


Extension to storage above shop at 119 High Street Rushden NN10 0NZ

19/00723/FUL (22/06/2019)


Change of Use of first floor from Shop A1 to Residential C3 including associated alteration works and construction of new external staircase at 6 High Street Rushden  NN10 0PR

19/00729/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension and front extension for porch area at 32 Manor Road Rushden NN10 9EY

19/00742/ADV (15/06/2019) (Info)

Branded signage at Unit GS02 Garden Square Rushden Lakes Rushden NN10

19/00745/OUT (15/06/2019) (Info)

Erection of 2 dwellings, (All matters reserved) at SP97015 66955 Alexandra Road Rushden


19/00817/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Two storey rear extension (incorporating existing single storey kitchen) at 15 Benedict Close Rushden NN10 9PH


19/00826/ADV (15/06/2019) (Info)

1 No. Box Signs to promote the business premises at Unit L2b West Terrace Rushden Lakes

Rushden NN10 6FT


19/00710/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Change of use from residential (C3) to commercial (A2). No external nor internal changes will be made. No signage required at 2 Alfred Street Stanwick NN9

19/00717/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Detached Garage at 70 High Street Stanwick NN9 6QA

19/00768/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Agricultural building extension and siting of 2 vertical tanks at High Mere Farm Raunds Road Chelveston NN9 6AA


19/00818/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear agricultural style extension to serve as annex accommodation at the rear of the existing dwelling. Incorporating log / cycle store `lean to’ structure to northern elevation, and traditional agricultural shutters at The Hovel Tansor Grange Barns Tansor Wold Road Tansor


19/00718/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Erect sage green Pvcu conservatory to rear of property at 2 Lancaster Drive Thrapston NN14 4XD


19/00212/FUL (15/06/2019) (Info)

Extend the fenceline by approx. 3.5mtr – permission required for properties 58 and 56. at Land Rear Of 56 – 58 Islington Titchmarsh

19/00642/LBC (22/06/2019)


Removal of pier in kitchen area and inserting new support steels and replacement of existing timber floor for a new solid construction floor due to damp at 8 High Street Titchmarsh  NN14 3DF


19/00680/FUL (22/06/2019)


Replacement Dwelling at 2 Mill Lane Wadenhoe PE8 5XD


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