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Nene Valley Festival Returns this September

People from across the district, and further afield, are invited to celebrate the rich heritage, wildlife and culture of the Nene Valley as the annual Nene Valley Festival returns this September.

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The festival which is now in its 6th year will take place from Saturday 14 September – Sunday 22 September. As with previous years, the festival will offer a variety of activities for the whole family and with funding from Heritage Lottery, via Nenescape, this year’s Nene Valley Festival will be bigger and better than ever.


Featuring more than 100 events at key locations across the Nene Valley from Northampton to Peterborough, the festival will include a wide range of activities for all ages and will kick off with an official launch event at Peterborough Cathedral on Saturday 14 September to coincide with the national annual Heritage Lottery Days.


Cllr Sarah Peacock, East Northamptonshire Councillor and Board Member for the Destination Nene Valley project, said:


“We are delighted to be celebrating the wonderful Nene Valley once again. Each year, we aim to better the previous year and hope the 2019 festival will be no exception. This year’s events will offer a wide range of events which will highlight all the brilliant attractions, wildlife and heritage along the Nene Valley.”


Festival highlights include a variety of walks, from heritage through to heath across the Valley alongside theatre and wildlife activities. Also, the festival will culminate with a finale event on 22 September at Stanwick Lakes. From 10:30am – 4pm, visitors are invited to Come and Meet the Settlers, join in with the Settlers’ Trails, as well as Archery and Axe Throwing.


The annual festival is being organised through the Destination Nene Valley project, which works with local tourism partners, and the Nenescape Landscape partnership, to promote the Nene Valley as a competitive, sustainable destination offering wildlife and heritage to local, national and international audiences.


Nenescape Project Manager, Amanda Johnson said:


“The Nene Valley Festival is the highlight of the year, and all the Nenescape partners are proud to support it and celebrate all the valley has to offer. Thanks to National Lottery players, the festival is one of the ways Nenescape has been able to help celebrate and sustain the heritage and wildlife along the River Nene.  This year’s festival promises to be packed full of events across the Nene Valley and will give people the chance to experience a range of activities, from Peterborough through to Northampton.”


To coincide with the festival, a brand new website has been launched which includes all the events on throughout the festival with new events being continuously added. The new website can be viewed at

Feeling Hot, Hot Hot. Ways to Keep your Cool this Week

As I type I am literally sitting in a cave-like lounge.  Curtains drawn and anything electrical that I can do without is off.  Temperatures are about to soar today and tomorrow so keeping cool is a must.  nene local | hot days

Here are Nene Local’s top tips;

1. Switch off anything electrical you don’t need to use today.  You’d be amazed at the amount of heat generated even on standby.  We’re washing up by hand this week, as we felt the heat coming from the dishwasher and going into the kitchen!

2.  Keep windows closed!!  Yes this may sound counter intuitive but if the temperature outside is 34 degrees then you’re just letting hot air IN!  Check where the sun is, keep windows on the sunny side of the house shut tight, but later in the day open the ones on the shady side of the house.nene local | hot days

3. Draw the curtains.  Check yourself, feel the temperature in the room then put your hand in the gap between the closed curtain and the window – HOT!nene local | hot days

4. Drink plenty.  Many of us are feeling lethargic and will often forget to drink – add lemon or mint to flavour the water and keep it in the fridge if you like it cold – don’t gulp it down and get a ‘freezer’ headace though!

5.  Keep strenuous activity to the early morning or late evening, and if you’re able to and work allows use the hottest part of the day to relax or at least go more slowly.

6. Put water out for wildlife.  Keep pets indoors in the cool.

nene local | hot days

Zumba – Laughing Whilst Dancing Burns Even More Calories

It’s true, I have very little coordination.  I’m liable to go left if you’ve asked me to step to the right and trying to do something with my arm whilst remembering the steps with my legs is almost an impossibility.

Luckily when I joined Zumba Gold in Islip over a year ago, I was in good company.  Sarah Jones the instructor explains ‘There very few rules, other than have fun and if you go wrong just roll with it and carry on’.

zumba islip

The Zumba Gold group on Thursday (Islip Pavilion 6.45pm) are a great bunch of ladies, who I’m sure, like me, thought it would be some gentle exercise.  It’s not!  Yes – Zumba Gold is low impact, good for those new to exercise or rehabilitating after an injury or operation.  zumba islipDo you have a good workout?  YES YOU DO!  You’ll raise your heart rate, get a bit sweaty, leave with a grin on your face – all the things that are so good for you!

Zumba Gold involves (like Zumba) learning dance moves, and definitely giving the old grey matter a work out to remember the steps and keep up, it involves stretching, balancing and energy all as part of the routine – nothing static and boring here.

Many years ago, I once got sent out of a keep fit class because my friend and I couldn’t stop giggling.  We don’t have a week in Zumba Gold where someone doesn’t go wrong and we all end up laughing then going wrong ourselves.

Zumba Gold is suitable for everyone, the work out is a good one, but low impact on your joints.

zumba islip

This week saw the launch of Zumba in Islip.  Zumba Gold is 6.45pm followed at 7.45pm by Zumba. I thought I’d give it a whirl.  When the class began, one of our speedier Zumba Gold routines was used as the warm up, which did make me wonder what I’d let myself in for!zumba islip

Again, the ladies were a great bunch, no one cares if you go a bit wrong, sometimes your so into the music and movement you can’t help it – or is that just me?

How is Zumba different to Zumba Gold?  Definitely more jumping and stomping, not so much so my knees had any issues but enough to get the muscles stronger in that area.  Zumba is quicker, so a year of Zumba Gold getting used to learning instruction and listening to a beat change to know a step change is coming was a good move for me.   It was good to learn new routines, I’m a big believer in keeping your brain working, use it or lose it as they say.

Zumba is very doable, extremely enjoyable.  Possibly a bit quick if you’re less fit or have an injury you’re getting over – in which case you need Zumba Gold.

Sarah is a great teacher, her aim is enjoyment first, which keeps you going back, fitness second.  If you miss a step, get a bit lost Sarah says, ‘Just keep moving – don’t do anything your body doesn’t want to do.  Don’t over stretch but do push yourself to see what you’re capable of.’

zumba islip

With both classes there is a nice warm up and cool down stretching. Bring a water bottle but if you forget there are cups and fresh water available to use.

Watch a video clip here – Zumba in Islip

For more information

Sarah Jones Zumba Instructor

Facebook Page for all the local classes:

Islip Classes:

  • Thursday 6.45pm Zumba Gold
  • Thursday 7.45pm Zumba

No booking required just turn up!

Planning Applications: 18 July 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/01265/FUL (17/08/2019)

(LB/CA) (Art8)

Full Planning Application for a rural exception scheme of 10 dwellings with associated infrastructure and landscaping at Land Between Allotments And Number 27 Grafton Road


19/01133/LBC (17/08/2019)


Replace an existing window with a new door for disabled access at 15 Main Street Bulwick NN17 3DY


19/01082/FUL (17/08/2019)


Erect timber fence to enclose oil tank, sheds and kennels (Retrospective) at Porters Lodge Attached Wall Deenethorpe

Duddington With Fineshade

19/01124/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Works are to erect a 6 bay stable and construct a menage within the existing paddock to the dwelling at Fineshade Farm Stamford Road Fineshade


19/01054/LBC (17/08/2019)


Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and replacement with new; internal alterations to allow for larger kitchen/ dining area and utility room; conversion of the garage at 10 Main Street Fotheringhay  PE8 5HZ


19/00712/PDU (10/08/2019) (Info)

Prior Notification of Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Class C3) and associated operational development at Land Rear of Bourne House Main Street Glapthorn  PE8 5BE


19/01058/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Change of use and conversion of Spanhoe Barn from Sui generis to class ‘C2’ to provide holiday accomodation with associated specialist residential care; construction of new vehicular access and associated works at The Old  Woodmill Deene Road Harringworth


19/01016/FUL (17/08/2019)


Erection of outbuilding to be used for storage and as summerhouse at 3 Spinney Road Irthlingborough NN9 5RY


19/00939/FUL (17/08/2019)

(LB/CA) (Art8)

Erect Tractor store, potting shed, green house and field fence/gate at The Old Barn Horse Lane Laxton NN17 3AW

Lowick And Slipton

19/00988/FUL (17/08/2019)


Erection of permanent agricultural workers dwelling at Vanish Point Farm Slipton Lane Slipton NN14 4AJ

Newton Bromswold

19/01040/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Demolition of existing conservatory; single storey rear extension; conversion of existing garage into habitable room; additional and replacement fenestration and external doors at Manor Farm Rushden Road Newton Bromswold NN10 0SP


19/01003/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Conversion of existing detached double garage to form a two storey annex with single storey link to dwelling at 27 Wentworth Drive Oundle PE8 4QF

19/01067/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Installation of air conditioning units at low level and removal of existing 4 air conditioning units at high level to gable end between 3 and 4 Riverside Close, Oundle at 4 Riverside Close Oundle PE8 4DN


19/01001/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Erection of a biomass boiler extension to existing outbuildings and wood chip drying and implement building (Proposals to serve the residential dwelling and not the farm) at Birch Farm Brooks Road Raunds  NN9 6NT


19/01043/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Proposed two storey side extension at 16 Titty Ho Raunds NN9


19/00960/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Replacement of existing wooden windows and doors with double glazed UPVC windows and single composite door with double glazed glass element to post office (Window design amended by plans received 10th July 2019) at 28 High Street Ringstead  NN14 4DA

19/01036/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Erection of Conservatory at 12 Northfield Avenue Ringstead NN14 4DX

19/01115/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Change of use of an agricultural building to a single dwelling at Hilltop Stables Denford Road Ringstead NN14 4DF


19/00586/FUL (17/08/2019)


Creation of 42 Flats combination of new build and conversion. Demolition of some buildings on site. Change of use of site from retail to residential at 4 Higham Road Rushden

19/00970/FUL (17/08/2019)


Erection of 6 wooden permanent moorings along the River Nene at SP93680 68435 Rushden Lakes Rushden

19/01048/ADV (10/08/2019)


Removal of existing fascia and installation of new with larger logo at Unit 15 South Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden NN10 6FS

19/01055/OUT (10/08/2019) (Info)

Outline: Residential development for up to eight dwellings and vehicular access (all matters reserved) at Vacant Land Formerly 10 Higham Road Rushden

19/01066/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Two storey side extension at Denehurst 202 Newton Road Rushden  NN10 0SY

19/01107/OUT (10/08/2019) (Info)

Outline: Erection of 2 No Dwellings with associated parking and amenity space (All matters reserved except access) at 63 Hayway Rushden  NN10 6AG

19/01117/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension. at 4 Lynford Way Rushden  NN10 9LZ


19/01091/FUL (10/08/2019) (Info)

Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension (abutting garage). at 11 Cleburne Close Stanwick NN9 6TN


19/00964/FUL (17/08/2019)


Single story rear kitchen extension, single story front porch and WC extension at Daneswood Main Street  Sudborough  NN14 3BX


19/00565/LBC (17/08/2019)


Alteration to listed building to allow for the creation of a 4 bed dwelling; demolition of the front and rear structures of the Slaughter House; rear extension; demolition of curtilage listed outbuildings at The Gables High Street Twywell  NN14 3AH

19/00639/FUL (17/08/2019)


Conversion of the Slaughter House to form 4 bed dwelling to include a rear extensions; demolition of detached outbuildings and attached structures to the front and rear of the existing Slaughter House; creation of off street parking and reconfiguration of the surrounding landscape at The Gables High Street Twywell NN14 3AH

19/01119/FUL (17/08/2019)


Demolition of the existing stable and store buildings and construction of four new dwellings and associated landscaping work at Land Rear Of 57 High Street Twywell

19/01120/FUL (17/08/2019)


Wooden fence and gate replacement with stone wall and wrought metal gates at Glebe House Lower Street Twywell   NN14 3AH


19/01123/FUL (17/08/2019)


Erection of new single storey timber frame Garage at 67A Main Street Woodnewton PE8 5EB


Crowds Flock to Another “Amazing” Northampton Town Festival

Over 44-thousand visitors flocked to this year’s Northampton Town Festival, and thanks to the excellent weather of the weekend, all scheduled balloon flights went ahead as scheduled, providing a spectacular sight throughout the county.northampton festival

In total, there were 105 flights over two days, involving 30 balloon crews who provided a popular attraction for many of the visitors.

Just as popular was the live entertainment that began on Friday evening, and continued throughout Saturday and Sunday, with crowds wow’d by the stunt performers, including the Vander Superhero Space Wheel Show, Devil’s Horsemen, Stannage Stunts and Jamie Squibb.northampton festival

Visitors to the Racecourse also enjoyed a busy programme of live music, with the stage brimming with local talent while RePro Jam Squad on Saturday, and The Two Tones on Sunday, were headline acts.

“Once again, we’ve been blown away by the support of local people for our event, which is now in its fourth year,” said Peter Jones, a spokesman for the organisers. “It was a fantastic weekend, the feedback has been amazing, and we can’t wait for next year.”

Vote for your Local Sports Heroes

East Northamptonshire Council and Freedom Leisure have joined up to celebrate the local sports clubs and personalities across the district and the excellent work they do in local communities.


The East Northamptonshire Sports & Physical Activity Awards will take place at the Goods Shed in Rushden on Thursday, 17 October and nominations are now open in the following categories:

sports sponsorship | nene local

  • Community Club/Group of the Year
  • Community Coach/Activator of the Year
  • Community Champion/Volunteer of the Year
  • Primary Sport School of the Year
  • Secondary Sport School of the Year
  • Disabled Sports Person of the Year
  • Local Sports Person of the Year
  • Beat the Street Champion – sponsored by Intelligent Health


Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council said:


“Across East Northamptonshire, we have an abundance of brilliant sports clubs and people and at ENC, we are delighted to have partnered with Freedom Leisure to celebrate the wonderful work being achieved.

ENC is committed to supporting health and wellbeing, and are looking forward to celebrating all the hardworking, local sports clubs and personalities in East Northants at the ceremony in October.”


Johnathan Rudland, East Northamptonshire Active Communities Manager for Freedom Leisure said:


“The nominations for the East Northamptonshire Sports & Physical Activity Awards are now open and this is your chance to shout about your local sports club and personalities! From big clubs to individuals, we want to hear about all of the wonderful work that is being done across the district.


Anyone from East Northamptonshire can be nominated across the categories, and we can’t wait to crown the winners on 17 October.”


To submit a nomination, please visit before noon on Monday 9 September and complete the form and the winners will be announced during the ceremony on Thursday 17 October.

Former Pupil Opens School’s New Art Studio Built by Family Business

A former pupil at a Kettering school has officially opened its new art studio, a purpose-built timber building which was designed and built by his family-run business.

David Scott, chairman of Scotts of Thrapston, attended St Peter’s School, in Headlands, Kettering from the age of four to eleven.

Ali Hurst, Bursar at St Peter’s School, Tom Fray, Chairman of the Governors, David Scott, chairman of Scotts of Thrapston, and headteacher Maria Chapman

Ali Hurst, Bursar at St Peter’s School, Tom Fray, Chairman of the Governors, David Scott, chairman of Scotts of Thrapston, and headteacher Maria Chapman

David was delighted to be welcomed back to the independent co-educational day school, which he attended 70 years ago, to open its new building known as The Cedar Hub, which provides an art studio and after-school space.

Scotts of Thrapston, specialists in the manufacture and installation of bespoke timber-framed buildings, was appointed as the Principal Designer and Main Contractor for the project.

Mr Scott said: “We are always proud of the buildings that we create, but it certainly added an extra dimension to be able to open such a beautiful building in the very school where I spent so many happy years.

“It was wonderful to see our building in situ and the reaction from the staff, parents and pupils was marvellous, they are all delighted with their new facility.”

The carbon-efficient timber-framed building features an open plan design which allows plenty of natural light to flood in, creating the perfect space for teaching art and design technology.

Features of the new building include solar panels, separate clean up areas for art activities and internal glazed screen partitions, which are used to divide the internal space but also maintain an open plan feel.

Ali Hurst, Bursar at St Peter’s School, said: “Both staff and pupils are thrilled by the new Cedar Hub as it provides a creative and stimulating environment for art and design projects.

“Scotts has a pedigree in bespoke timber-framed buildings which made them our preferred choice. They have worked flexibly to deliver a design solution which enhances our school and blends the new building perfectly within the boundary of our listed school grounds.”

Building work on the 140m² building and external canopies lasted 20 weeks. Scotts’ in-house architect, Bryn Lee said: “We worked closely with the school to meet their brief, as sustainability and appearance were important.

“We had to work within a restricted time frame during the school holidays. However, our turnkey approach, in which we design, manufacture, engineer and install the building, meant that we could tailor the build programme to suit.”

Scotts of Thrapston has been manufacturing and distributing high quality timber products for 99 years and has been constructing bespoke award-winning educational buildings for many years. For more information visit

Register to Vote – Annual Canvass Reminder

All East Northamptonshire residents have been sent a form checking who is registered to vote at their address.


The Household Enquiry Form (HEF) will come from East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) and is sent to every home across the district. It’s addressed to the occupier and will contain the details of all those in the household who are registered to vote. Residents are being asked to confirm that these details are correct.


Confirming details are correct takes less than five minutes and can be done via text, telephone or post. But the quickest and easiest way to confirm or update your household’s details is to visit:


If the details on the form are wrong, for example, someone has moved away or moved in, you need to let ENC know by either going online or completing the form and returning it by post in the pre-paid envelope. The envelope will be addressed to a London address, rather than East Northamptonshire Council.


The HEF is vital for local authorities to keep their electoral registers up-to-date, but not providing correct details could affect you too. Not being registered can affect your applications for loans, mortgages and even mobile phone contracts. You will also lose the right to have your say at the ballot box.


The information requested on the HEF is required by law and not responding or providing false information on the form can result in a £1000 fine.


A canvasser will visit the homes of residents who do not reply to collect the information on your doorstep during August.


Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council said: “Residents should not ignore the form when it lands on their doormat, as the annual canvass is an essential part of local democracy. So avoid a knock on the door when you are settling down in front of the TV and complete your HEF straightaway – it’ll take less than five minutes.”


For more information about the electoral register visit

New Group will Help Corby to be Dementia-Friendly

Corby businesses can learn how to become more dementia friendly and inclusive thanks to  the support of a new steering group.


Launched last week, the Corby Dementia Community Steering Group is the brainchild of solicitor Isobel Mann, a wills, trusts and probate specialist at local law firm Bray & Bray.


Working with Isobel in the new group are representatives from Dementia UK, Corby Neighbourhood Policing, Northamptonshire Carers, The Core at Corby Cube, Made in Corby, Home Instead, Lakelands Hospice and Northamptonshire author, Cassandra Farren, who recently published her book ‘I’ve Lost My Mum’, which is an account of her journey with her mum’s dementia.


“The group has been created with the specific aim of enabling local people with dementia to live well in Corby and continue doing the everyday things that we take for granted,” explains Isobel, a specialist in elderly client law, regional director for Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) for the East Midlands region and a fully accredited member of STEP.


“According to the Alzheimer’s Society, two-thirds of people with dementia still live in the community and 10 percent of those go out less than once a month.


“Whilst there are several events in Corby about dementia and for people living with the disease, I believe more cohesion between them would really boost their benefit for the local community, and enable Corby to become a truly dementia-friendly community. So the idea of a steering group was born, and the Corby Dementia Community Steering Group quickly took shape and launched last week.”


Isobel hosted an event to mark the group’s official launch at Bray & Bray’s offices at the Corby Enterprise Centre, with representatives from the other local organisations already involved amongst the guests.

Isobel Mann

Isobel Mann

Isobel is keen for the group to continue to grow by bringing together as many local organisations as possible, as she explains: “A dementia-friendly community is classed as a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported, so I am hoping more local organisations will join the group so that together we can help Corby become a genuinely dementia-friendly community.


“Though there are services working to support people with dementia in Northamptonshire, much more needs to be done, particularly in Corby, to ensure everyone shares responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel valued and able to contribute to their community,” she says.


“With the right support and adjustments, many people with dementia can stay independent and continue to contribute to their community, as proved by the Channel 4 series, The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, which follows the UK’s first ever restaurant staffed by people living with dementia.”


Commenting on the group, Cassandra Farren said: “Having cared for my mum, who has advanced Alzheimer’s, I have seen first hand how challenging dementia can be. It is imperative that anyone who is living with dementia continues to feel supported, respected and understood.  I believe setting up dementia friendly communities will help towards achieving this.”


Isobel adds: “The private client team at Bray & Bray is passionate about supporting people living with dementia, with many of us being Dementia Friends or Dementia Champions. The steering group will enable us to further enhance and tailor our service offering to clients and families affected by dementia and enable us to signpost people to the right services where needed.”


The Group’s next meeting is at Bray & Bray’s offices, Corby Enterprise Centre on Wednesday 7 August.


“The event will be a chance for everyone to share what they are doing to be dementia-friendly, and offer some guidance on the steps to take to be awarded dementia-friendly certification,” explains Isobel. “We will also decide on two specific community projects for the year.”


Other organisations involved in the new group include Gardner Webb Accounting, Telford Mann Pensions & Investments, Age Care Advice and The Care Advice Centre.


Any organisations wishing to attend or find out more should contact Isobel Mann:

Planning Applications: 11 July 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/01025/VAR (3/8/2019) (LB/CA) (Info)

Variation of Conditions 4 and 6 pursuant to 18/01818/FUL for amendments (relating to highways and surfacing) In order to allow works at the Manor site to commence in advance of Highway related works, which are subject to a separate s278 approval process under the Highway Act. To remove the wording ‘Prior to the commencement of the development hereby permitted’. Proposed wording: 4. Details of the proposed passing places along Harley Way shall be submitted for approval in writing by the Local Planning Authority in consultation with the Local Highway Authority. These shall be constructed in accordance with the approved plans prior to the first use of the development. 6. Details of the hard bound surfacing of the vehicular access onto Harley Way to serve the new car park shall be submitted to and shall be approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Prior to the first use of the new facilities, the access improvements and car parking arrangements for the site shall be put in place and subsequently retained in perpetuity at Lyveden Manor Harley Way Oundle PE8 5AT



19/00869/FUL  (3/8/2019) (LB/CA) (Info) (Part3)

Installation of Sewerage Treatment Plant to serve the Ashton Wold properties with new equipment to replace the current reed beds system which potentially falls short of upcoming changes to Environment Agency standards. Additionally a (private) access track will be constructed to allow access to the plant for maintenance and repair at OP9286 TL0787 Ashton Wold Ashton


19/00841/FUL  (3/8/2019) (Info) (LB/CA)

Replacement 3.6 x 5.72m single storey wooden field shelter/shed with pitched roof at Daisy Barn Chapel Farm Barns The Green Ashton PE8 5LD



19/01049/FUL (27/7/2019) (Info)

Two storey rear extension and erection of detached car port at 67 Main Road Collyweston




18/01088/FUL (3/8/2019) (Info) (LB/CA)

Erection of Marquee from 1st April to 31st October (rigid aluminium frame to be left in situ) at Deene Hall Deene Park Deene   NN17 3EW


19/00846/FUL (3/8/2019) (LB/CA) (Info)

Seasonal Wedding Structure at Deene Hall, Deene at Deene Hall Deene Park Deene NN17 3EW



19/00903/FUL  (3/8/2019) (Info) (LB/CA)

Replace existing glasshouse and associated works at Beaumont House High Street Duddington PE9 3QE



19/01053/FUL (LB/CA) (Info) (19/01054/LBC  (3/8/2019) LBRegs) (Info)

Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and replacement with new; internal alterations to allow for larger kitchen/ dining area and utility room; conversion of the garage at 10 Main Street Fotheringhay



Great Addington

19/01035/FUL  (27/07/19) (Info)

Proposed extension, new garage and garage conversion (re-submission of approved application 18/02421/FUL) at The Rectory Woodford Road Great Addington NN14 4BS



(Info) 19/01002/FUL (27/7/2019)

Glazed link extension (works related to planning permission 11/01193/FUL) at Shortwood Farm Shotley Harringworth

NN17 3AG


Higham Ferrers

19/01010/FUL (3/8/2019)

(LB/CA) (Info)

Change of Use of part first floor retail to a one bedroom residential flat at 30 High Street Higham Ferrers NN10 8BL



19/01077/FUL (3/8/2019) (LB/CA) (Info)

Proposed Extension & Conversion of Retail to Residential (6No Flats) (13 – 19 High Street) including access, parking & amenity space at

13‑19 High Street Irthlingborough


19/01016/FUL  (3/8/2019)

(LB/CA) (Info)

Erection of outbuilding to be used for storage and as summerhouse at 3 Spinney Road Irthlingborough NN9 5RY



19/01060/VAR (27/7/2019)


Variation to condition 3 to allow for revised layout pursuant to planning permission 19/00601/FUL dated 28.3.19 Single storey rear extension; alterations to front elevation; replacement windows, doors, roof material, guttering and fascias; full render of property. – revised planning application to the original 18/01848/FUL which has been approved at 89A Lowick Road Islip NN14 3JY



19/01021/FUL  (3/8/2019) (Part3) (Info)

Single storey timber orangery and porch at Luddington Farm Winwick Road Thurning  PE8 5BF



19/01079/LBC  (3/8/2019) (LBRegs) (Info)

Replacement of the timber casement windows at the back of the property to Timber casement windows. at 79 Benefield Road Oundle PE8 4EU



19/01070/VAR  (27/7/19) (Info)

Variation of a condition 13 to allow for revised drawings pursuant to application 16/00903/FUL Construction of 2 x 3 bed houses at Sub Station Site Midland Road Raunds



19/01036/FUL  (27/7/19) (Info)

Erection of Conservatory at 12 Northfield Avenue Ringstead   NN14 4DX



19/01055/OUT  (27/7/2019) (Info)

Outline: Residential development for up to eight dwellings and vehicular access (all matters reserved) at Vacant Land Formerly 10 Higham Road Rushden


19/00970/FUL  (3/8/2019) (Part3) (Info)

Erection of 6 wooden permanent moorings along the River Nene at SP93680 68435 Rushden Lakes Rushden


19/01092/FUL  (3 August 2019) (Part3) (Info)

Hybrid application comprising: A full application for the erection of retail units, restaurant units, office floor space, physiotherapy/leisure floor space, ancillary storage floor space, (with associated site clearance, earthworks, site levelling and formation of banks) together with proposals for access, footpaths, parking and servicing space, hard and soft landscaping, drainage works, attenuation ponds and other associated works and an outline application for the erection of employment units with some matters reserved (layout, scale, appearance). Plus construction of a new link road between Ditchford Road and Rushden Lakes (with associated site clearance and earthworks) alongside junction works, footpaths, cycleways, lighting, hard and soft landscaping and associated works (Resubmission of 18/01197/FUL) at Land West Of Rushden Lakes Ditchford Lane Rushden


19/01033/FUL  (27/7/ 2019) (Info)

Demolition of existing warehouse and the erection of a pair of, two storey, semi-detached, dwellings. at Tyre Depot 24 Shirley Road Rushden  NN10 6BY


19/01020/FUL  (27/7/2019) (Info)

To install a two storey Portakabin building linked into Pharmaron’s existing unit at Pharmaron UK Pegasus Way Rushden  NN10 6ER


19/01024/OUT (Part3) (Info)   (3/8/2019)

Outline application: Demolition of commercial buildings and 156 Wellingborough Road Rushden; and residential development of up to 11 dwellings (all matters reserved) (Resubmission of 16/01343/OUT) at Mike Wells Cars Montague Street Rushden  NN10 9TS



19/01051/FUL  (27/7/2019) (Info)

Change of use of residential accommodation to commercial use at The Stanwick Hotel West Street Stanwick  NN9 6QY



19/00926/FUL  (3/8/2019) (LB/CA) (Info)

Internal alterations to main house to include ensuite and walk in wardrobe in master bedroom on first floor; insertion of lantern to existing kitchen roof and opening up between kitchen and dining room; extension of existing utility room; removal of chimney and insertion of bifolding doors;  convert garage to habitable room; construction of new stone wall to front to match adjacent properties; erect oak framed timber carport and workshop (domestic use) to front garden; extension to separate outbuildings to provide annex accommodation; addition of solar panels to flat roof of rear building; all windows to be replaced with new timber windows at 39 High Street Titchmarsh NN14 3DF



19/01042/FUL  (27/7/ 2019) (Info)

Proposed porch at 1 Bosworth Close Warmington  PE8 6WF



19/01065/FUL  (3/8/2019) (LB/CA) (Info)

Conservatory Extension at 99A High Street Woodford  NN14 4HE



19/01057/FUL  (3/8/2019)

(LB/CA) (Info) Single storey rear extension and new oil tank at Hill House Oundle Road Woodnewton  PE8 5EG



19/01094/FUL  (3/8/2019) (LB/CA)

Recover the roofs to the north and south chapels in terne coated stainless steel at St Mary Magdalene Parish Church Main Street Yarwell PE8 6PR