Feeling Hot, Hot Hot. Ways to Keep your Cool this Week

As I type I am literally sitting in a cave-like lounge.  Curtains drawn and anything electrical that I can do without is off.  Temperatures are about to soar today and tomorrow so keeping cool is a must.  nene local | hot days

Here are Nene Local’s top tips;

1. Switch off anything electrical you don’t need to use today.  You’d be amazed at the amount of heat generated even on standby.  We’re washing up by hand this week, as we felt the heat coming from the dishwasher and going into the kitchen!

2.  Keep windows closed!!  Yes this may sound counter intuitive but if the temperature outside is 34 degrees then you’re just letting hot air IN!  Check where the sun is, keep windows on the sunny side of the house shut tight, but later in the day open the ones on the shady side of the house.nene local | hot days

3. Draw the curtains.  Check yourself, feel the temperature in the room then put your hand in the gap between the closed curtain and the window – HOT!nene local | hot days

4. Drink plenty.  Many of us are feeling lethargic and will often forget to drink – add lemon or mint to flavour the water and keep it in the fridge if you like it cold – don’t gulp it down and get a ‘freezer’ headace though!

5.  Keep strenuous activity to the early morning or late evening, and if you’re able to and work allows use the hottest part of the day to relax or at least go more slowly.

6. Put water out for wildlife.  Keep pets indoors in the cool.

nene local | hot days

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