Bounce Your Way to Fitness in the New Year

Stuck for what to get a loved one for Christmas?  As you know, I love to discover more ways to be healthy and I’ve recently taken up …. Bouncing!!!rebounding benefits nene local

Yep like Joey the Kangaroo I’ve been bouncing around, on my rebounder.

Why I hear you cry?  Why not just run around the park? I’ll give you some great reasons below and maybe you’ll want to bounce yourself….

What is rebounding? A rebounder is a small mini trampoline, around one meter in dimeter, sometimes with handles to steady you and sometimes without, they are ideal for home use and can store away nicely.  Use in the house or garden in the summer.

The Benefits

  1. Rebounding is god for your digestion and ….err.. elimination! Helping you feel less bloated.
  2. Stimulates your metabolism – so you burn more calories, even when your are at rest
  3. Rebounding can help lower cholesterol
  4. Helping a stagnant lymphatic system, rebounding can help with cellulite
  5. Helps prevent emotional eating, rebounding actually can help you feel happier and less likely to reach for the biscuits
  6. It can help you increase your stamina for other exercises and chores
  7. Helps lower your blood sugar and helps insulin work better
  8. It burns loads of calories!!!
  9. Rebounding can help slim your tummy
  10. It pairs will with HIIT training, I’m doing this – Warm up, then 1 minute ‘go for it’ then 2 minutes less energetic then repeat. Doing the HIIT for 1minutes each morning and evening at the moment, I’ll get to 30 minutes each time.
  11. As well as helping drain the lymphatic system (immune system) it is also anti-inflammatory
  12. Increases self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself
  13. Strengthens the heart
  14. Helps oxygenate the body
  15. Gives your body a G Force – thereby strengthening muscles
  16. Increases lung capacity
  17. Lowers blood pressure
  18. Increases endurance
  19. Improves the immune system
  20. Improves the effects of other exercises you may do
  21. Reduces your risk of chronic disease
  22. Improves sleep quality
  23. Fights fatigue
  24. Reduces risk of developing dementia
  25. Reduces the risk of falls and improves balance
  26. Improves the memory
  27. Improves posture
  28. Easy on the joints
  29. FUN!!


The ideal is to rebound for around 15-30 minutes each morning and evening, easier said than done as it does wear you out!!


For more information on the benefits of rebounding click the link

rebounding benefits nene local






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