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Attending a Mega Success Summit – Is it for You?

On 20th February 2020 I was invited to Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire to the She-Enjoys ‘Mega’ Success Summit.  Hosted by Vivienne Joy of the She-Enjoys Business Foundation.

I have a number of friends who own their own businesses who had been to one of these before and recommended I attend, but

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

I had not yet taken their advice and booked.  Partly I wondered if it was something I would like?  Would it be all ‘ra ra ra’ about empowering women, would it be too ‘happy clappy’?  Would it be too huggy? I had no idea what to expect.

I knew there was going to be a host of speakers from the USA, Canada and across the UK, they all had amazing credentials and I could see listening to them would be very worthwhile.

I turned up on the day, registered, bought my raffle tickets and then set up a little stall.  As well as owning Nene Local Magazine I also sell Magnetix Wellness Products, and everyone with a product to sell, or book to promote was invited by Viv to set up their products or services for everyone else to see.  So I set up my mini stall along with catalogues.

I met a friend, grabbed a coffee and sat down at a table.  It transpired that on my table there were two of the speakers, Kelly and Sarah, plus a lovely lady called Sue Bellingham, sitting with my myself and Caroline Prout.

The room was filled with around 70 women, some of which I knew, most of them I didn’t.

Vivienne welcomed us all to the event then handed over to Sue Royle,, who runs retreats, to do some relaxation with us and talk about self-care.  Sue runs retreats at Tofte Manor, the Arc Cabin and even in your own home if you’d like,  featuring things like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, mandalas, sound baths, vision boards, jewellery making and more.

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

The rest of the day was made up of further inspiring speakers, lunch, a raffle, plus if you stayed for the evening you got to play on some of the Wicksteed Park rides in the dark! Plus a teatime meal, prosecco, a dance class and loads more fun.

I learned so much from the event, reminders about things I should be doing in my business.  Lessons learned about personal as well as business stuff, plus light bulb moments.  I have a list of things I want to follow up.

The rest of the speaker line up for the day included:

Jess Van der Hoech

Jess runs and told us her story.  Her journey through depression, trauma, abuse, addiction and her survival.  Letting us know why she’d begun The Gap and how it was helping children (since 2018).  It was her first time telling her own story as a speaker.  An amazing woman.

Kristin Cripps is a funny and engaging woman from Canada, one of those people who you cannot help liking and enjoying them speak.  (Never mind the 50 squids and calling the ‘coppers’ – if you were there you’ll laugh at the joke!).  Kristin had us doing a few different activities during her time on stage, they were all simple things to do but were hugely emotional for a lot of attendees, me included.  Kristin is also sending us all a copy of her book – I, for one, cannot wait to read it!

Kelly Walker

The gorgeous Kelly from the USA was on my table, a very charming lady and interesting to talk to.  She is the manifesting queen   I have manifested before, but whether you have, or you haven’t, she was well worth listening too.  Kelly gave us six easy to follow steps for manifesting – all common sense – no spells, gazing at the moon, or anything ‘woowoo’ – check out her website….  Kelly also offered to send us all a mini manifesting online workbook and I am super excited to receive this soon.

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

Yvonne Michele

Yvonne helps business owners overcome the fear of public speaking and she is quite a presence up on that stage!  You might have heard her on the radio or seen her on Britain’s Got Talent as a semi-finalist. had us all singing after she told us her back story and her ‘why’.

Nicola Creen

Meet Nicola at . Nicola shared her story with us and told us how after overcoming her own adversity she now runs a successful modelling agency and mentors children in confidence and life skills.

Sarah Ross Sarah’s story was remarkable to listen to, from her planned suicide, the reasons why, and finding her reason to breathe in helping others.  I shared a group activity with Sarah, from one of the other speakers, after which I look forward to following her path and her rise in success which she truly deserves.  Sarah is the ‘burn out’ queen, follow her to help you spot the signs early and see where to ask for help.

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

With kind permission of Jo Blackwell Photography

The amazingly talented Jo and Dan Blackwell did the photography and videography on the day.

Thank you, Jo, for supplying photos for this article.

The day rounded off with a raffle with some incredible prizes.  Personally, I won a membership to a Canva workshop group (run by Marie Louise, who designed the day’s beautiful brochures and banners), a bespokely made for me hypnotherapy recording, and time on the radio to promote my business.

All in all, it was a fabulous day, for the purposes of transparency my ticket price was gifted to me in return for advertising on Nene Local Magazine, however I can highly recommend the whole event – I’d book the evening too next time though!

I’ve come away with lots of notes, a booklet to read through from Vivienne, with lots of free and paid for workshops  and activities outlined within. Plus, my book to arrive from Kristin and my manifesting mini book from Kelly.  I found the day inspiring, humbling and hugely enjoyable.

To find out about the October summit

October Mega Summit Link now LIVE. First 49 tickets will receive FREE VIP UPGRADE!




Free doTerra Wellness Consultation

I am passionate about supporting people from all walks of life to find a wellness lifestyle that suits them and their family so that they can live life to the full.

My wellness lifestyle – which I share with my family – includes natural solutions to every day challenges including: mood, stress and anxiety management, getting good quality sleep, supporting our digestive and respiratory systems, managing colds and flu symptoms effectively, taking exercise and moving more, and relieving aches and pains.

Over the last 4 years we have used dōTERRA essential oils and products in our family for all the above (and more!). We have first hand experience of how these certified pure therapeutic grade oils have helped us meet our health and wellbeing needs. shehnaaz latif doterra

The science behind dōTERRA oils and their purity and potency, is second to none! And with their co-impact sourcing approach, all those involved in producing dōTERRA essential oils, benefit, as do we as users of the oils. So there are benefits on ‘both sides of the bottle’ which makes each purchase of an oil, special.

I love to share my experiences and my knowledge on the oils so that anyone who wishes to find natural ways to be well can be empowered to do so.

If you would like a free wellness consult, please contact Shehnaaz Latif and to attend my online class:

Artist Screening – Work in Thrapston

WORK screening

Saturday 14 March
7 – 9pm

£5 (includes light refreshments)

Titchmarsh Clubroom
High Street
NN14 3DF

Booking is essential:

Jenny Holt’s film is all about work in Thrapston.

Jenny Holt’s film is all about work in Thrapston.

Join us for a local WORK screening of four new films that explore contemporary working lives, by artists Dryden Goodwin, Jenny Holt, Esther Johnson and Adam Lewis-Jacob. A collaboration between five Midlands visual arts organisations: Animate Projects, QUAD, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Vivid Projects and Junction Arts.

WORK explores ideas and realities of what work means for the way we live today, engaging directly with the experiences of contemporary working lives.

Dryden Goodwin‘s film explores the working lives of home visit healthcare workers.

Jenny Holt‘s film explores the rhythms of labour, rural landscapes and lives in Thrapston, Northamptonshire.

Esther Johnson‘s film explores the impact of different experiences of work and unemployment upon families across generations in post-industrial Bolsover.

Adam Lewis Jacob‘s film explores contemporary workplace activism, workers’ rights, legislation and campaigning.

Please reserve your place here.

Supported by Jerwood Arts and using public funding by Arts Council England.

Jenny Holt’s film is all about work in Thrapston.

And East Northamptonshire will walk 500,000 steps

Residents across East Northamptonshire are being urged to put their best foot forward and join East Northamptonshire Council’s Active Communities and Freedom Leisure on Sunday 8 March from 9am to join in an attempt to walk 500,000 steps in aid of Sport Relief.


Starting at the entrance to the Greenway at Washbrook Rd in Rushden participants will join a guided walk along the Greenway, a designated walking and cycle route to connect the town to nearby greenspaces, to Rushden Lakes and back.Running dog on green grass


Sport Relief, inspires the nation to raise life changing amounts of money and take on some of the world’s most pressing problems through the power of sport. Those taking part can raise funds on a dedicated justgiving page or donate on the day.


The event runs alongside the one year anniversary to the Beat The Street game, which saw people across the district walk 73,000 miles over six weeks from 27 March tapping beat boxes and earning points to win prizes.


Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Cllr Steven North, said:

“Sport Relief is a great annual event that encourages people to get up and active in aid of an importance cause.


“I would encourage everyone to come along and join us for this event. The Greenway provides a peaceful and scenic route from the town to Rushden Lakes, and you can see an array of nature along the way.”


Active Communities Manager at Freedom Leisure, Johnathan Rudland, added:

“We are passionate about encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get outside and get active, and this event provides a perfect opportunity to get explore the Greenway and raise money for Sport Relief. The walk will be led by our team who will be on hand to provide support and encouragement along the way.”

Morrisons will be providing water and fruit for participants of the event.


All participants are advised to secure their space by registering before the event via Eventbrite. For more information about the event, to sign up on Eventbrite and donate on the Justgiving page visit:

Scotts of Thrapston celebrates 100 years of achievement

A Northamptonshire timber product manufacturer has plenty to celebrate as 2020 marks its centenary.

Family business Scotts of Thrapston has a proud reputation of turning timber into a range of products. The company is well known for its summerhouses, stables, American barns, garages, car barns, pavilions, roof trusses, joinery, engineered flooring and education buildings.

scotts of thrapston

James Scott Founder

The company was founded in 1920 by James Scott, and had humble beginnings delivering tools and services to local farmers. The mantle then passed to Douglas Scott and the business is now run by the third and fourth generations, chairman David Scott and his son James, managing director.

David said: “Since my grandfather’s time, we have embraced modern technology to become the company we are today, creating attractive, innovative products and building a reputation that we are extremely proud of.


“We are a company engrained with a passion for the beauty of wood and have seen our product portfolio grow and develop over the decades.”


The business started out producing products such as wheelbarrows and ladders and offered a selection of agricultural buildings, including poultry houses.

Nowadays, that product range has grown and consolidated, seeing Scotts become the leading stable manufacturer in the UK, supplying products into the racing, show jumping, dressage and eventing worlds.

For nearly seven decades, the business has been at the forefront of summerhouse manufacture and produces a range of ethically sourced hardwood summerhouses, which was launched last year. The company is proud to be one of the longest exhibiting trade stands at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, first appearing in the mid-1960s.


Scotts also has a strong timber engineering business and enjoys a solid reputation with housebuilders, from volume to self-builders.

scotts of thrapston

James and David Scott

James Scott added: “We understand timber, we are used to working with it. The continuation of merging new technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce products that stand the test of time will help the business not only survive but thrive into the next 100 years.”


As part of the centenary activities, the company has also carried out a corporate identity refresh to consolidate its digital presence, including updating its logo and branding to reflect the fact that the company is engrained with a passion for wood.


How I became Virtually Pain Free after Thirty Years

How magnets changed my life!

I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I was totally pain free.  Shoulders, and hips everything would hurt at one point or another. I didn’t realise it was all related, and if I fixed the main cause it would all calm down.

Osteopaths, chiropractors, physios and acupuncturists had all tried to help me to no avail.  Their treatments all had a good effect initially, but it soon wore off.  As I’d not tracked down the actual cause.

Each therapist would say that I needed to strengthen my core, and work on all the muscles in my back to make it stronger. However, in order to do that I needed to exercise, and when I exercised it all began to hurt again and so I had to stop exercising – it was a vicious circle.skull

A few years ago, I demanded an MRI scan to see if that would shed any light on the situation.  This scan showed that the vertebrae between my shoulder blades (T5) was shaped like a Trivial Pursuits wedge – not what you need!  At least the MRI scan showed what was the root cause and I hoped that this information would help me.

Each time I exercised, the muscles would all get ready to protect this weird vertebrae and ensure it behaved itself, meaning that if I so much as twisted slightly the muscles would all start to spasm, either in my shoulders, back or hips…and off I’d go to the osteopath again so he could calm everything down.

However, for the last couple of years I’ve been doing a weekly yoga class, next I added a weekly Zumba Gold class (low impact Zumba) and more recently I’ve added a weekly Clubbercise class (now we’re getting out of puff!) and also a weekly Zumba class (the ‘proper’ one!) straight after the Gold class……how??seat cushion

How have I added all this exercise into my life and not been spending a fortune with the osteopath? Magnets that’s how!  I’ve discovered Magnetix Wellness Products and now sell them myself. I wear the flexi bracelets every day. The real difference has come though with using the magnetic pad (p63 in the catalogue) it has a colourful reversible cover and is meant to be a seating pad…  I’ve been using it in cushion

After each of my evening exercise classes, I have my hot shower with some essential oils, and once in bed I lie on my magnetic pad and drift off to sleep keeping the pad below my shoulders all night.  Any aches and pains I would have suffered after exercise, and I’m now doing high impact stuff never materialise.  Of course, I ache, but ache like you should do when you’re exercising and getting fitter, not the huge pains I was getting that would affect my breathing, or the hips pains that would affect my sleeping, sitting and walking…. All gone!

It has truly changed my life, I am loving doing the dancing, and feeling myself getting fitter.  I also know that the more I do, the more my muscles will be protecting that pesky wedge-shaped vertebrae day by day.  After almost daily pains for over 30 years, this is such a huge relief.


I don’t look like this yet, I’m more Pilsbury Dough Boy but I live in hope now I can exercise freely…

Magnetix Wellness Products have a huge range of healing jewellery, and other products – for you, and your family, its gentle enough to use on children and pets.

For More Information


Nene Local Editor – Helen Dawson


Helping you get on the Property Ladder in Thrapston – Come to the Open Day

Say hello to a new home in The Nurseries, Thrapston, Northamptonshire NN14 4SH

At the open day, for sale there will be 2 & 3 bed homes on a Shared Ownership basis.  Helping you buy your home.


open day shared ownership thrapston

The three bedroomed properties boast an array of features, see a selection of photos below;

The two bedroomed property looks like this :

On Saturday 8th February come along to the site between 10am and 1pm to find out more…

To find the site:

  1. Drive into the David Wilson site called ‘The Nurseries’ on Market Road in Thrapston
  2. Drive straight ahead until you come to a cross roads.  Turn right.  (There will be building work going on straight ahead and the site offices on the left so the only option is to turn right).
  3. Follow the road round, it bends to the left.
  4. Sandpiper Road is the second turning on the left.
  5. The six houses are the first 6 you come to on the left down Sandpiper Road. You will see the Hello Homes signs in the windows and there is parking there and on the surrounding roads.

Follow Hello Homes online: