How I became Virtually Pain Free after Thirty Years

How magnets changed my life!

I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I was totally pain free.  Shoulders, and hips everything would hurt at one point or another. I didn’t realise it was all related, and if I fixed the main cause it would all calm down.

Osteopaths, chiropractors, physios and acupuncturists had all tried to help me to no avail.  Their treatments all had a good effect initially, but it soon wore off.  As I’d not tracked down the actual cause.

Each therapist would say that I needed to strengthen my core, and work on all the muscles in my back to make it stronger. However, in order to do that I needed to exercise, and when I exercised it all began to hurt again and so I had to stop exercising – it was a vicious circle.skull

A few years ago, I demanded an MRI scan to see if that would shed any light on the situation.  This scan showed that the vertebrae between my shoulder blades (T5) was shaped like a Trivial Pursuits wedge – not what you need!  At least the MRI scan showed what was the root cause and I hoped that this information would help me.

Each time I exercised, the muscles would all get ready to protect this weird vertebrae and ensure it behaved itself, meaning that if I so much as twisted slightly the muscles would all start to spasm, either in my shoulders, back or hips…and off I’d go to the osteopath again so he could calm everything down.

However, for the last couple of years I’ve been doing a weekly yoga class, next I added a weekly Zumba Gold class (low impact Zumba) and more recently I’ve added a weekly Clubbercise class (now we’re getting out of puff!) and also a weekly Zumba class (the ‘proper’ one!) straight after the Gold class……how??seat cushion

How have I added all this exercise into my life and not been spending a fortune with the osteopath? Magnets that’s how!  I’ve discovered Magnetix Wellness Products and now sell them myself. I wear the flexi bracelets every day. The real difference has come though with using the magnetic pad (p63 in the catalogue) it has a colourful reversible cover and is meant to be a seating pad…  I’ve been using it in cushion

After each of my evening exercise classes, I have my hot shower with some essential oils, and once in bed I lie on my magnetic pad and drift off to sleep keeping the pad below my shoulders all night.  Any aches and pains I would have suffered after exercise, and I’m now doing high impact stuff never materialise.  Of course, I ache, but ache like you should do when you’re exercising and getting fitter, not the huge pains I was getting that would affect my breathing, or the hips pains that would affect my sleeping, sitting and walking…. All gone!

It has truly changed my life, I am loving doing the dancing, and feeling myself getting fitter.  I also know that the more I do, the more my muscles will be protecting that pesky wedge-shaped vertebrae day by day.  After almost daily pains for over 30 years, this is such a huge relief.


I don’t look like this yet, I’m more Pilsbury Dough Boy but I live in hope now I can exercise freely…

Magnetix Wellness Products have a huge range of healing jewellery, and other products – for you, and your family, its gentle enough to use on children and pets.

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