AmbaScarlett Crystal Grid and Distant Reiki Healing

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals, created with focus and intent, to enhance the flow of energy in a certain direction and to bring about healing.  Used with Distant Reiki, each carefully chosen crystal brings with it its own properties for this crisis.  They are listed below:

Amethyst – Used for spiritual purposes and distant healing

Ametrine – A mix of amethyst and citrine and great for gaining mental clarity

Citrine – Gives you a sense of direction in life, helps control emotions and draws in abundance

Haematite – Increases courage, good for the circulation

Kyanite – Benefits the throat and offers stamina and endurance

Malachite – Balances emotions, calming, helps with new beginnings

Orange Calcite – Helps dispel sadness and fear. Brings a brighter future

Quartz – A great amplifier of all the other crystals and an all-round general healer

Smokey Quartz – A good luck stone, Helps with positivity, grounding and energy healing

Tiger’s Eye – Counteracts hypochondria, makes one feel safe and calm, helps with distant healing

Helen’s Crystal Grid and Distant Reiki Healing

Each day at around 9am for 20 minutes, I shall send distant reiki healing in general to the world, the grid will stay in place in my healing room the whole time 24/7 ‘doing its thing’!  However, if anyone wants specific distant reiki for their own healing whether physical or emotional or distant reiki for a friend or relation just let me know.  If you are struggling, mentally or physically, I’d like to hear from you.

All distant reiki will be free of charge at this time.  I will need a name, where the person lives (just the name of the town is sufficient) and a picture of the person always helps me connect.

The recipient doesn’t need to do anything at all, however many people like to sit quietly and be mindful, as you can often feel a change in vibration and energy around you.

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