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Keeping Safe with your Dog Outdoors

During social distancing what should we be doing with our dogs?  We are of course all allowed one walk per day with them, if your dog is used to two walks per day, just do one longer one.

The reason for this, is to cut your risk of coming into contact with anyone who is infected.  Look at this way, one walk instead of two halves your risk of meeting an infected person.

Consider keeping your dog a short lead.  Firstly, if your dog gets spooked and runs off for any reason, there will not be the resources to go and look for them, people will need to stay indoors and cannot be roaming the streets together hunting for a missing dog.   Another reason to keep them close to you, is so they do not have contact with anyone.  Most people like to bend down and pet your dog, you do not know if they have the virus, or if they have virus on their hands.  I imagine that the virus would be able to live for quite some time on a dog’s fur, so wise to just keep them away from well-meaning strangers.  dog walking

While thinking of the virus living on dog’s fur, wipe their feet when you get home, so they don’t walk anything into the house.

Dogs cannot catch the virus or be carriers in the truest senses of the word, but the virus may well live on their fur for a while.

When you’ve done your one daily walk and your dog is pestering for more action, if you have a garden have a run around in the fresh air, my garden is quite small so I throw a ball against the wall, so she chases it towards the wall then chases wherever it bounces.  No garden?  No problem!  Hide some treats around the house and play ‘Find it’.  Why not use three cups and put a treat under one, get the dog to sniff it out.  Try googling ‘Indoor Games with your Dog’ Mental stimulation is really good for your dog, and you’ll be amazed how much it tires them out too!

On a final note about walks, please keep even more aware of your surroundings than normal.  A broken ankle from falling in a rabbit hole now has all sorts of knock on effects, from taking up space and time in a hospital to you having to sit in A&E amidst all sorts of people with various ailments.

Stay safe and enjoy being at home with your dog, as they will be loving all the extra attention.

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