Soothing You Back to Sleep

What is your sleep pattern like during this time?  Many people are anxious and unable to sleep for the whole night.  Your brain is stressed and on high alert for danger, keeping you awake.

tranquility time retreats

Why not settle down for the evening with the soothing voice of Susan Royle?

Her meditations will allow your brain to switch off and begin the relaxation process.  What’s more, the moreoften you use your meditation the more benefit you will get.  Take a look at her web page – Soothing You Back to Sleep and start to the benefits…

You can have a 5 minute, 10 minute or 15 minute meditation – they are charged at £1 per minute, but once downloaded they are yours to use each night.

You can also book one of Susan’s Online Retreats too – read about the experience here – Tranquility Time Retreats

The next online retreat is May 17th and you can book here Zen Time Online


tranquility time retreats

One comment on “Soothing You Back to Sleep

  1. Martin Nurrish says:

    Hi, I’ve been having sleep issues for about 14 months and usually wake about 3am and can’t drop off again.
    Martin Nurrish

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