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Covid Constitutional – A Walk for Photographers from the A605 Lay-by

When I posted the cover photo on the Welcome to Thrapston Facebook page of this stream and bridge it caused quite a stir, people asking where it was.  Read on to see how you can walk to this little stream to take a look.

Photo courtesy of Kris Newman

Photo courtesy of Kris Newman, taken earlier in the year in flood.

the little stream thrapston lakes

April sunshine

The length of the walk is just under two miles, a bit muddy today but fairly flat ground and OK for small children.  Take your camera along, as this is a stunning little walk to grab some great nature and wildlife photos.

Most of my walks have been circular, but this one is a ‘there and back again’ walk, starting at the lay-by on the A605 just as you leave Thrapston going toward Oundle.

todays map

There is a dog poop bin on the edge of the lay-by, denoting where the gate is, walk through the gateway and go down-hill, towards the sailing lake which you can clearly see through the trees at this time of year.todays map

This is pretty much a straight path through the farmers field, it is a public right of way but please respect any crops or livestock by keeping to the path and not leaving any litter or dog poop.the farmers field thrapston the farmers field thrapston

Through the next gateway and carry straight down into the wooded path.

the farmers field thrapston

After a while, you will see one footpath carry straight on, into what appears to be quite heavily shrubbed and wooded area, we will come back to this, you need to veer off to the right (keeping the lake on your left) to see the stream with mini bridge over it, very picturesque and good for a paddle.

Once you have enjoyed the stream turn back on yourself, walking now with the lake on your right-hand side, and once you come to the path I told you to ignore, turn right along that path.   This path does not go anywhere – but there are ample photography spots along its length.  It is a spur of land that juts out into the lake, fabulous for birdwatching.

Walk to the end and then return.  You will walk back the way you came, across the famers field to the A605.  This is a really simple walk, for fresh air and some breath-taking views, don’t forget your camera!

Come on Mum! Hurry up.

Come on Mum! Hurry up.

We hope you enjoyed the walk and have maybe seen parts of Thrapston you are unfamiliar with?  Pop a note in the comments below and tell us if you enjoyed it and if you saw any wildlife along the way.  Post your walk photos to Welcome to Thrapston too!

thrapston lakes

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