Tranquillity gains Coverage in Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine

Relaxation and Tranquillity Expert  gains Coverage in Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine

Susan Royle of Tranquillity Time Retreats is the expert in calming relaxation.  In challenging times her business of retreats for busy women held at places such as Tofte Manor and the Arc Cabin has gone from strength to strength.

As venues closed due to Covid 19, Susan began to run her retreats online using the Zoom platform.  The regular relaxing get-togethers offer different sorts of specialisms from sleep to creativity.

Using Zoom, everyone can speak and interact with one another – as humans we crave human contact, which can be missing at the moment in many lives. time for tranquility retreats

Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine actively sought Tranquillity Time Retreats to show how local businesses had embraced lockdown and continued to thrive in adverse circumstances.  The secret of Tranquillity Time’s success is how much her retreats, whatever the subject, is their benefit to our mental health.

Nene Local Magazine has attended one of Susan’s creativity retreats, and written about the experience here

The next retreat from Tranquillity Time is one based around better sleep, so clam your self and give your mental health a lift by booking today.

time for tranquility retreats

Find out more here;

Soothing You to Sleep Online Retreat

Soothing you and your body taking time and space to rest and revitalise. Permission to pause, as we deepen our breath, slow down and relax our body and mind through deep meditation. To the melodic sound of Koshi Chimes, to unwind, unravel and be kind to yourself.


Date: 29th May

Duration: 2 hours – 7pm – 9pm

Price: £40.00 per person


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