Local Zoo Helped by Young Cyclists

Local Children help Hamerton Park Zoo

A group of young friends from Thrapston have been so touched by news stories that during the Coronavirus lockdown, zoos are finding it challenging to raise the funds they need to keep the animals fed, entertained and looked after, that they are stepping up to help.
The intrepid eleven from six families, who range in age from very nearly nine to three, are getting on their bikes for 10 days to raise money for their local animal park Hamerton Zoo, near Sawtry.
The ten boys and one girl, who have all been friends since babies, aimed to clock up 300 miles between them and wanted to raise £300.

The children,unable to cycle together at the moment

The children, unable to cycle together at the moment

A few days in, they have already exceeded their sponsorship target five times over and are now setting their sights even higher.
Lisa Hughes, mum to Euan, aged 8, who suggested the fundraising idea to his friends, said: “We are so proud of them for wanting to help their local animal park through these tough times. They’ve all visited there many times and were concerned to hear it is struggling to attract the funding to keep it going without the money from visitors.
“They’ve all loved being out on their bikes during lockdown for their daily exercise and so it seemed a good opportunity to help raise some funds.
“People have been so generous, and it is really spurring them on knowing they have so much support.”

After just three days they had clocked up 236 miles already between them with bike rides to Rushden Lakes and back and many times around the gravel pits!
If anyone would like to make a donation to help them on their way, you can do so via



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