Protecting Thrapston Sailing Lake

Yesterday on the Welcome to Thrapston Facebook page there were lots of messages about the new gates being put in around the Middle Nene Sailing Club lake.  Understandably there was a lot of speculation and concern about why they were being installed.

Today I have walked the lake, as you are still able to walk all the way round to investigate where the new gates were, and I have messaged the Sailing Club to understand why they are now in place.

Two gates have been installed.  One by Bob’s Bench and the other fairly near to where the path from the A605 layby meets the lake.

At this point in time the Middle Nene Sailing Club have stated they have no intention of closing off the walk around the lake.  The gates will be used, however, to protect the lake, mainly in the winter when flooding occurs and bank erosion can happen, they reserve the right to close off that section of the path to protect the lake from further damage.  These closures would be in times of heavy rain and flood and so generally people would not want to walk all the way round then anyway.

The sailing club’s car park and boat park are both clearly marked and are strictly private as they always have been.

sailing lake thrapston nene local

I have taken the time photograph the signage at the lake as a reminder for all those who use the space.  The sailing club lake is private property and the public are allowed to use the walks if we abide by the rules.

sailing lake thrapston nene local

These rules have been in place for years

sailing lake thrapston nene local

Follow the 2020 rules on this private property and we all get to keep using it.

In this odd time of social distancing and meeting in outdoor spaces, it is inevitable that the walks are being used more than normal.  Please enjoy the views, the fresh air and nature while respecting the rules.  The lakes are not the place for BBQs and parties.  Just enjoy the peace and tranquility.

sailing lake thrapston nene local

What’s wrong with this picture?

BBQs and fires can destroy nature

BBQs and fires can destroy nature


BBQs and fires can destroy nature

Litter can destroy nature – Photo credit

So in summation, nothing has really changed but please everyone respect this private property so we can always enjoy it together.


2 comments on “Protecting Thrapston Sailing Lake

  1. Sue Eden says:

    Last weekend the small riverside green in Denford was swamped with picnickers who left 5 bin bags of litter and 3 burnt areas from bbq s.
    We know where we live is beautiful but resent visitors spoiling it as happens frequently in fine weather

  2. David birkenhead says:

    Intention to not the moment..mmm…landed gentry…