Thrapston Sailing Lake – Permissible Footpath NOT a Public Footpath

Signs have appeared on MNSC land saying ‘NO CYLCING’ so Nene Local Magazine went to cycling thrapston lake

We met someone from the club who was putting up the Blue Green Algae signs (See Welcome to  Thrapston Facebook page for more on this)  and I asked him about the signs about cycling, as we’d been messaged about them overnight.

I can confirm that at the moment there is to be NO cycling round the lake.  You cannot go all the way round, but can get to Bobs Bench fence in a clockwise direction or to the Oundle end of the lake using the town walk going anticlockwise.

no cycling thrapston lake

The footpath is too narrow for cyclists to pass at a safe distance, and with more walkers out and about there have been a few near misses with cyclists going perhaps quicker round the lake than they really should.

no cycling thrapston lake

no cycling thrapston lake

Walkers naturally go at a slower pace and can wait in wider areas for others to pass.

The signs are clear – no cycling all the way round the lake at this present time.

no cycling thrapston lake

As we’ve said before, the lake and most of its footpaths are privately owned by MNSC, please respect ALL their rules.

The path is not a public right of way, the path is a permissible footpath – MNSC give us all their permission to use it.  For that, the majority of residents are extremely grateful and look after the area.

sailing lake thrapston nene local

Lackof respect –  Shocking use of private land

The Sailing Club volunteers are having to pick up more litter, clean up after picnics and BBQs.  The grassy bays around the lake are for club members for fishing.

sailing lake thrapston nene local

These rules have been in place for years

If we all behave respectfully, they will let us continue to enjoy the area for many years to come.

sailing lake thrapston nene local

Followthe rules on this private property and we all get to keep using it.

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