What Does Welcome to Thrapston Do?

The ‘Welcome to’ pages…

The ‘Welcome to’ pages all belong to Nene Local Magazine | nene local

The magazine runs all the following pages on Facebook;

  • Welcome to Oundle
  • Welcome to Thrapston
  • Welcome to Raunds
  • Welcome to Rushden Lakes
  • Welcome to Wellingborough
  • Welcome to Northampton

They have a reach of around 50,000 readers.

Nene Local Magazine, like most magazines in the UK is funded by advertising to enable it to continue.  The unique difference is the Facebook pages are not just about the magazine and its contributors but are also community hubs.   It’s a great balance of the promotion of local businesses and helping the community.

Running Welcome to Thrapston (and all the other pages too) certainly keeps us on our toes and we thoroughly enjoy the comments, posts and helping the local community.  We do have to delete any swearing and suchlike but at the same time appreciate the passion that goes into those comments – when people truly care.

During the Pandemic

2020 has seen a change in what we are posting to the pages and also the number of messages we get, so we thought you might find it interesting to see ‘behind the scenes’.

We still share news from the local businesses who advertise with us, as that is part of their package, although as we moved through February and into March we sadly noticed a few of these businesses were having to close albeit temporarily putting a strain on the business owners.  Thankfully, we now see some reopening and are enjoying seeing lots of businesses now start to thrive once again.

We share news from charities, local sports clubs and on seeing the rise in local businesses offering free services to the community we post about that.  All ‘not for profit’ and charity news is shared as much as we can.

Welcome to Thrapston is our busiest page, because it’s also our hometown.  We love being the community hub.

charter fair thrapston

During lockdown we’ve helped with many things

It’s fair to say Amazon and other online companies have been in great demand and we’ve lost count of the number of letters and parcels we have reunited with their rightful owners.

As more people have ventured out and about on their walks, we’ve been sent photos of found keys, phones, child’s toys and more – and found their grateful owners.nene local | second walk

The Nene Local pup and Helen have loved writing about more walks for people to try, and had many messages from people who would otherwise be commuting to work saying how they are loving exploring Thrapston and its surrounding areas – being introduced to new places to walk with our maps and photos.

Welcome to Thrapston usually gets a couple of messages per week, during these last few months we get a two or three per day.  People have needed help with all sorts of issues.  We’ve pointed them towards the church and other volunteer groups as they have launched to help with shopping if they are shielding, we’ve collected prescriptions ourselves to help, and ensured people have been pointed towards the support they need.

It’s been interesting to see that we have an uplift of messages from outside the area, often people wanting to help or surprise a Thrapston family member by finding a shopping service or ordering afternoon tea.

Of course, we always help where we can with animal rescue!  Cats on roofs, lost dogs and even a lost cockatiel – having Welcome to Thrapston means we can get information out and about in a quick way to be able to help.

We’ve had a few messages about how people are enjoying the Watch Parties we’ve shared recently.  One of our partners Inspired to Change Hypnotherapy does a morning motivation and an evening wind down for adults and a lunchtime kid’s meditation too.  The staff at Nene Local Magazine were gaining a positive mental benefit from using these and enjoyed seeing lots of readers also tune in.hypnotherapy | nene local

Get involved

What makes our job here at the magazine worthwhile is helping our local community.

Nene Local Magazine is based in your town, Thrapston.  We’ve always shopped local where we can – Who remembers the Thrapston Wedding Challenge? (Just coming up to five years ago!)

wedding | nene local

We adore walking round the lakes, shopping at the market and on the high street and being part of the Thrapston community.  We’ve clapped on our doorstep.  We’re missing the TADS productions and missing our weekly classes that keep us fit, but 2020 has brought out the best in most Thrapston folk, and we feel privileged to live and work here.

We’d like you tothrapston lakes | nene local

  • Keep sending in your photos from your walks
  • Your old photos of a past time in Thrapston
  • Share your stories with us
  • Tell us what your local group or charity is doing
  • Tell us important news when you see it – local traffic, the lake and algae updates, local crime – we will report on things that Thrapston home owners need to know.


And most of all, remember we’re here to help – especially this year.  In times if difficulty message us with your concerns if you need to.  We’ll help or point you to an organisation or people who can help.

If you’re in business and need a publicity platform, consider Nene Local Magazine.  We are unique in the way we can publicise what you do.








One comment on “What Does Welcome to Thrapston Do?

  1. Susan McGovern says:

    A mention to a local business.
    Thrapston Garage offer a first class service
    Only recently they have completed an mot on my daughters car and removed an incredibly stubborn locking wheel but off of my sons car.
    A special mention goes out to Alex, who makes you feel like the most important customer ever.
    An excellent local business who I cannot recommend enough.