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BeautyFit Training is doing an interview sent to us by Helen at Nene Local Magazine who is seeing how local businesses and charities have been fairing during the pandemic ….


I’m Lizzie Coleman and I’m a freelance trainer and educator for the beauty industry.  My business is BeautyFit Training.

lizzie coleman BeautyFit Trainin

Lizzie Coleman – BeautyFit Trainin


Nene Local – What do you do Lizzie?

I help beauty therapists and salon owners to reach their true potential through training, skills and knowledge.  I run training courses to FIT your beauty business needs.

I also offer bespoke consultation service, for any business owner or individual who has a vision for their business and needs a help in the right direction.


Nene Local – Has your business survived the pandemic?

Only just!!  I had lots of training booked in for the first part of this year, which then all got cancelled.  Now businesses are beginning to reopen I’m hoping that they’ll start to rebook or notice gaps in their service/treatment menus and will want training.


Nene Local – Have you changed what you do?

Yes.  I have adapted my courses so that people can learn the theory part at home supported by as many Zoom calls as they like, from me.  Once it is safe to do so, they will then be able to book on to a practical workshop to gain the practical skills and accreditation.


Nene Local – Have you learned any new skills during lockdown?

I’ve certainly had to embrace technology.  Although I did ok before I’ve really had to get to grips with it, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, it’s all been a fast learning curve!!


Nene Local – Are these going to benefit your business?

Most definitely.  I signed up to Samantha Cameron’s Keep Social Simple course, which was brilliant as it gave me the confidence to post things on social media and has helped me embrace it more, so I will definitely be using Social Media a lot more now.


Nene Local – Have you learned any personal lessons during lockdown?

I’ve learnt that it’s ok to have time for and to yourself and not to worry what other people are doing.


Nene Local – What changes (if any) will you be making to your life or business as things get back to normal? 

During lockdown I started going for daily walks (when the weather is good) and I did a bit of meditation and yoga every morning.  These certainly put my mind in a positive frame and I found that it helped me deal with things much better, so I will try to continue this


Tell us how to contact you

FB:  BeautyFit Training UK / @beautyfittuk

Instagram:  beautyfittraining



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