Nene Local Speaks to New Business – Digby Dog Days

Nene Local Magazine asked Charley Digby about opening her new business during the pandemic.

She says “I would like to introduce you to my new and exciting business “Digby Dog Days”.

Digby Dog Days | Nene Local

My name is Charley Digby, Digby dog days offers Individual and group walks in and around the Northamptonshire/Cambridgeshire countryside.

I also offer secure walks in our grass paddock based in the village of Thurning where we live on our farm.

I will provide not only walks but home visits/pop ins, allocated puppy socialisation walks, I’ll begin basic training commands with your puppy (sit,stay,heal) and can even offer fun beach trips!

I am fully insured and DSB checked. Transport is provided in my fully air conditioned van with secure dog cages.

Digby Dog Days started because of my genuine passion for dogs from a very young age. I have been brought up around dogs and they have always been part of our family, so I have a huge understanding on how strong that bond can be.

Our pets mean so much to us always bringing such joy and happiness to our lives. Working within a veterinary environment has also expanded my knowledge and allowed me to care for animals when they’re at their most vulnerable which has only created an even stronger passion.

I understand that sometimes life commitments take over and we cannot always be with our precious family “dog” member, this is where my idea for “Digby Dog Days” was born.  I can offer the love and affection, plus exercise and fulfill all the dogs needs that you would be normally be doing yourself.

I am able to provide professional and friendly care for your dog(s) for those times you are unable to be there. My true aim is to create a service that is completely safe and full of happy carefree dog days as I know just how special they are to us all.


Digby Dog Days | Nene Local

For More Information

Charley Digby

Telephone: 07926 295882



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