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The Henry Allen Trust are doing an interview sent to us by Helen at Nene Local Magazine who is seeing how local businesses and charities have been fairing during the pandemic ….

Nene Local – So tell us what you do at the Henry Allen Trust?

The Henry Allen Trust is a registered charity who provide support to children and families battling childhood cancer. Henry was just 2 when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk MYCN amplified Neuroblastoma. Henry’s last wish was to help other children and their families battling childhood cancer. Team Henry support children and their families battling childhood cancer by providing information and advice, emotional and financial support and granting treats and wishes, creating magical memories. Team Henry support hospitals and hospices by providing care packs and support along with working alongside hospitals to improve their policies and procedures in paediatric oncology.

the henry allen trust

Dawn Allen and Deborah Stockwell-Riddy out delivering isolation packages plus the BWN Christmas networking event.

Nene Local – Has your charity survived the pandemic?

Team Henry and our supporters have been amazing throughout the pandemic, ensuring The Henry Allen Trust survives and can continue our vital work.

Nene Local – Have you changed what you do – tell us how?

Due to the Pandemic, Team Henry have had to cancel fundraising events, including our biggest annual event, THAT Family Fun Day. We have an amazing team of runners, who have had their races cancelled and because of this, sponsorship has also declined. We have had to find new ways to fundraise and have taken our fundraising virtually. We have set up virtual challenges, including Just Do It June, to celebrate Henry’s 11th birthday we asked our supporters to complete a different challenge every day or if they were feeling adventurous, Run, Walk or cycle 111 miles throughout June. They could do this to spread awareness or for sponsorship. The uptake was amazing, and we loved seeing everyone’s videos and pictures of them completing the challenges. There has also been a virtual quiz night held for us and a virtual combatathon too. Both events raised much needed funds for the trust with the Quiz raising almost £800 and the combatathon raising over £715.

Nene Local – Have you learned any new skills during lockdown?

Throughout the pandemic we have taken all our meetings online, mostly via Zoom which has been a new learning experience for us, like many others have too. Team Henry have also had to alter the way we deliver to hospitals and all our families ensuring we are following and adhering to all government guidance.

Nene local – Are these going to benefit your charity?

Learning new skills is always a benefit and we can use these skills to help improve our working practices going forward.

Nene Local – Have you learned any personal lessons in lockdown?

That no matter what challenges we face, we can adapt and continue supporting families, hospitals and hospices.

Nene Local – What changes (if any?) will you be making to your life or charity as things get back to normal?

Anything that will ensure Henry’s legacy continues and Team Henry can continue supporting families and children battling childhood cancer as well as the hospitals and hospices.

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