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‘So-called’ Thrapston Hum Annoys Residents for over Four Years

Update on the Thrapston Hum


It’s not gone away, the Thrapston Hum is still affecting residents, despite it being first reported in 2016.  FOUR years later, and with over 200 complaints logged ENC still dispute there is an issue – why is this?

A brief search on Google revealed these mentions of the Thrapston Hum, this list is not exhaustive:

  1. Post on Welcome to Thrapston Facebook page – May 2016


  1. “Cllr Carter advised that East Northamptonshire Council are aware of the “hum” coming from the top of the town on the warehouse estate. It is thought that it may come from the Morrisons refrigeration.” – source Minutes of the Meeting of the Full Town Council held on Tuesday 24th July 2018 at 7.15pm at the Town Council Office



  1. Post on Welcome to Thrapston Facebook page April 2018


  1. Thrapston and Titchmarsh Noise reduction – Petition on 2019


  1. “Can anyone else hear a low frequency oscillating hum?” September 10th 2020 comment on Titchmarsh Village Facebook page


The hum is an oscillating noise, very different to the hum from traffic on surrounding roads.  On quiet, still nights it is a constant droning noise unlike traffic.  Akin to the cat scarrer devices, it is at a pitch or frequency only heard by some people.  Those who can hear it cannot get to sleep because of it, and their mental health is being affected.


Many residents have tried to complain and get things changed to no avail.  Noise abatement have been involved plus the EN council.  Nothing is rectified.

Currently there are outline plans in place to extend the warehousing by another 114 acres, along the A605, this gives a feeling of dread amongst residents who fear the Thrapston Hum will only get worse.

If you are affected you can report the noise at ensure you make a formal complaint.


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