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Save the Glebe Land – Should You Care?

You may have seen social media posts about ‘the Glebe Land’ and wondered what this was or even where it was.

save the glebe land

Picture courtesy of Wayne Bettles

The Glebe Land belongs to the diocese of Peterborough, i.e. the church and they are planning on selling this land for development purposes in order to raise funds.  The plans for the land seem to be industrial, therefore around 114 acres of additional warehousing, joining Titchmarsh to Thrapston, and joining the warehousing already in place at Halden’s Parkway.

The 114 acres are outlined in red here.

The 114 acres are outlined in red here.

This is from the warehousing as it is now, long the A605 till past the layby, stretching across to Titchmarsh.  If anyone has difficulty in picturing how large an area this is, resident Julia Fletcher has done a handy diagram placing the red area over the Rushden Lakes complex… it’s a very large area!

larger than Rushden Lakes complex

Nene Local Magazine, being based in Thrapston is quite horrified at the prospect.  We love the countryside and believe all nature and outdoor spaces need to be protected.

Various people have contacted the Bishop and his team and got a standard response.  The response can be read in the Save the Glebe Land group

save the glebe land

Thrapston Town Council, individual East Northants councillors and our MP have all sent letters to the diocese expressing their concerns.

save the glebe land

What could it mean?

More warehousing will mean more traffic on the A605.  The A605 cannot be widened to accommodate this through Thrapston, as warehousing abuts the road to one side and housing the other.  Residents of Warwick Gardens, Kenilworth Gardens, Lancaster Drive and Monmouth Close in our opinion will be mostly affected by the traffic noise.

Added pollution of fumes, light pollution and further noise pollution will affect Thrapston and Titchmarsh as warehousing is generally a 24-hour operation.

The land presently, is home to a huge amount of wildlife as well as being prime agricultural land.  The land keeps Thrapston and Titchmarsh two separate idylls that are rural, beautiful places t live.

The warehousing won’t even create many extra local jobs, as warehousing is mainly computerised and even the largest of warehouses have a very small staff.

…and of course, for those who can hear it there is the ‘Thrapston Hum’ the nickname given to the oscillating noise (that is at such a frequency only some residents can hear it) that emanates, allegedly, from the Morrison’s plant.  We risk this noise being replicated in new warehouses and/or new buildings funnelling the noise and making it worse or changing its direction.

If you care about nature, the countryside and your town, we suggest you add your voice to help save the Glebe Land by joining this group –


The Thrapston HUM

Are you affected by the oscillating noise coming from Halden’s Parkway?  It’s generally more noticeable on warmer evenings.  It’s at a certain frequency and residents affected are quite literally driven to distraction by the noise – yet some people cannot hear it at all.

If you are affected, report your noise complaint to ENDC, so far they have received 200+ complaints – we are unsure how many they need to in order to investigate further.

To report a noise complaint – but you must follow this up by making a formal complaint to ENDC.



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