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Nene Local Christmas Gift Guide

Here is Nene Local’s guide to Christmas gifts… We’ll be adding more items as we find them, so do pop back.  As Christmas 2020 will be like no other, we’re including an online ‘where to buy’ for anyone who wants to do all their shopping from the safety and comfort of home.

Tirastan Art

Pet portraits are an ideal Christmas present for friends and family, but I realise that trying to get that perfect photo in secret can me problematic! The ideal solution is a gift voucher, available at three levels, it gives the recipient time to find or take that perfect snap ready to be immortalised in pastel, and something to look forward to after Christmas.

Tira Stanford – Tirastan-art – Email@ – Tel: 07734816243

WHERE TO BUY your gift vouchers

tira-stan graffix - gold-voucher

pet protraits for christmas

Help & Safety at Work – HASAW

For a novel Christmas gift idea for the person who has everything… how about the gift of safety!  You can buy extinguishers and fire blankets in Thrapston from HASAW!  Place your order with the team and pick up from their office on Market Road, Thrapston.  They’ll even give you a quick lesson in how to use them correctly.  Every kitchen needs its safety equipment….

WHERE TO BUY call 01832 735874 – Help and Safety at Work Ltd –  –  Market Road, Thrapston

fire safety hasaw

Ottilie Home and Gifts – Acorn Bird Feeder

We love the quirky Acorn Bird Feeder, £12 from Ottilie Home and Gift

Turn the hanging ring at the top to remove the top, fill with raw peanuts or other bird feed (make sure it’s filled with feed that won’t fall through the holes like seeds though!), reattach top and screw in firmly, then use that ring to hang the feeder in your garden. –


Acorn Bird Feeder is also available in Healthy Pet Supplies, Huntingdon Road, Thrapston

Let’s Get-Nourished Together

It’s well documented that getting all our vitamins and minerals and being in tip-top condition helps with our immunity and who wouldn’t want a great immune system at the moment!get nourished

I was approached by Nourished to take a look at their bespoke vitamin stacks.  To begin your Nourished journey you need to go online to and take their quiz.

get nourished

By answering a few questions on your age, gender, lifestyle and diet choices the team asses your needs and make a vitamin stack just for you.  They use technology that would be at home in a Star Trek replicator – producing your products with the aid of a digital printer.  They are vegan and eco-friendly.  At Nourished they hold over eight patents across their 3D printing techniques and ingredient encapsulation methods, the pioneers have developed all these entirely inhouse in the facility in Birmingham.

get nourished

After my little quiz, I placed my order.  For full disclosure I was given a code to get my pack for free to try out.  Every step of the way I had an email; your Nourished stacks have been printed, your nourished stacks are on their way, you’ve unlocked Nourish rewards – each email is informative and not intrusive, although you can opt out of course.

My Nourished stacks for the month turned up very quickly and looked lovely and inviting.  They would make an interesting gift for someone too.  The website claims ‘delicious’ I’d say pleasant to eat rather than delicious to be honest.get nourished

In my stack I have;

  • Selenium
  • A probiotic
  • Ginger Extract
  • Cordyceps
  • Beta Glucan
  • Maca Powder
  • White Kidney Bean Extract

And they all depended on my answers in the online quiz of course.  You get a leaflet letting you know what each one will accomplish for you.

I’ve only just started the stacks so can’t comment yet on whether I feel any different on them.

For more information go to

get nourished





Empaths and the Challenges of a Zoom Meeting

The term empath comes from empathy, which is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of your own perspective.  To be an empath goes a little further than this though.

Empaths are highly attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme. They take on negativity such as anger or anxiety, which can be exhausting for them. If they are around peace and love, though, their bodies take these on and flourish.

For me personally, when I practised as a holistic therapist offering reiki and reflexology, I had to be extremely mindful of cutting the ties with clients as they left.  Not doing so could leave me with their energies, good bad, high or low and result in Compassion Fatigue – which is often felt by therapists, hairdressers, counsellors etc.helen dawson healer

There are different types of empaths and Heyoka Empath’s have the ability to subconsciously feel other people’s emotions. They often have psychic-like abilities when it comes to people’s feelings and emotions. They are great people to confide in, and they are wonderful at giving advice too.

I first really realised I was an empath in my early 20’s, I owned my own house and mum had a key, she would sometimes pop over when I wasn’t there, do a bit of cleaning or gardening to help me out.  The minute I returned home, on walking into my empty house my mood would change – I realised after a short time that my mood was switching to match that of my mum, who had been there hours before.  Mum was known for strong feelings, in whatever direction, I was picking them up.helen dawson healer

I’m fairly certain that as a young child I would pick up on these things too, from her and my friends also, I was too young to understand and ended up just being fed up of feeling different to everyone else.

It has its upside, if a ‘friend in need’ is suffering in silence, I can pick up on it and tease the feelings out them to help, without them knowing what I’m doing.  In my day job with Busy Women Networking I experience the success of the members almost as vividly as they do, which is why I love to help them succeed.  Obviously, there are downsides too, and this is why I write today….

2020, it’s certainly been a challenge to us all!  At the start there was a lot of anxiety in everyone. I work from home and don’t travel abroad for holidays so much of my day to day life stayed the same.  The lovely summer sun was great for gardening, and once we are allowed to, spending time in the countryside aboard our boat was lovely.  My anxiety levels and clenching of neck and jaw were sky high though – simply because I was picking up the mood, not only from friends but the general population too.

Again, once the feeling and the reasons are identified then the empath can effectively shield from it in certain ways.  Just recently I had begun to feel very down, unlike any feelings I had had before, I wondered whether it was depression.  I posted on Facebook asking for some suggestions on how to ‘bounce back’.  Suggestions ranged from chatting to friends to hugging a tree – I am quite open to all sorts of suggestions, although must add, I got really bitten by midges when I walked in the woods!

After much deliberation I have concluded it’s Zoom!  Zoom is my doom…

I’ve realised how much I enjoy and actually need interaction with people, socially and when working too.  I pick up emotions, I read you subconsciously and this is pretty much impossible when I can only see a 5cm picture of you on my screen.  Zoom is fantastic for all our meetings, but the little nuances, facial twitches, partial smiles and frowns are missed by the technology – I’m no longer connecting with you all as much as I was and a little black cloud was following me around because of this.

I will add, now I’ve defined what it is the black cloud has moved on somewhat, as I can ensure now that I have some real person interaction.

Let’s hope that soon we can start to meet and run our businesses again in person, so for empaths everywhere, it’s not so much of a challenge.





Firms Join Forces to Deliver Profit Masterclass

A team of expert business coaches joined forces with a Northamptonshire accountancy practice to deliver the first in a series of free masterclasses to help local businesses emerge stronger from the Coronavirus pandemic.


ActionCOACH business growth specialist Jo Sahunta and expert accountant, Nishi Patel of Northants Accounting, partnered up and ran the ‘Masterclass to Massive Profits’ session to provide additional support to the clients of Northants Accounting.

The interactive workshop was the first ‘in person’ event run by ActionCOACH since the start of lockdown and numbers were restricted to allow for social distancing measures to be adhered to.


The workshop, designed for 15 people, concentrated on the five key areas business owners should address to increase their profits. Attendees were also shown strategies to improve the running of their business and identify areas where efficiencies could be made.

Nishi and Jo have joined forces to create these workshops to offer free help to local businesses and would love to see more local firms attend.

ActionCOACH business growth specialist Jo Sahunta and expert accountant, Nishi Patel of Northants Accounting, partnered up and ran the ‘Masterclass to Massive Profits’ session


Jo said: “As a business

ActionCOACH business growth specialist Jo Sahunta and expert accountant, Nishi Patel of Northants Accounting, partnered up and ran the ‘Masterclass to Massive Profits’ session

coach, I’m passionate about helping business owners to improve their business and work life balance and it was great to see so many engaged and motivated business owners. The feedback we’ve received was really positive and we’re looking forward to holding more workshops in the coming months.”


Northants Accounting managing director Nishi Patel added: “Good businesses aren’t built by chance; they take deliberate planning and execution by business owners who know where they want to be. This series of workshops will help our clients create businesses that support their personal goals in life.”


Among the attendees was Tom Saevarsson of TS Electrical. He said: “The workshop was well focussed and very informative and gave me a great insight into how I should focus on my business.”


The team at Northants Accounting and ActionCOACH will be running monthly workshops designed for Business owners. Anyone who is interested in attending future workshops should email


For further information about ActionCOACH visit or Jo’s LinkedIn page at

WhatsApp Groups for Busy Women Members

Are you in the WhatsApp group ?

I was going to do this as a LIVE in our Facebook group – then realised that after a filling at the dentist I might not be talking well enough!  As I sit here dribbling my coffee…….

What’s the WhatApp group for?

If we point each other to our posts, and each comment on each other’s (you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours) then we will help to grow each other’s engagement and reach.

I’ve been using the Kettering one, as I am a member there, and they are a little bit ahead of us here at Oundle and Market Harborough, in getting going.  I’ve already had 2 LinkedIn enquiries from shared posts!  Before this I rarely used LinkedIn as I never got anything from it…… something to think about….

The groups work for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook – but the easiest one to do is LinkedIn, also we’re probably all a bit guilty of not using LinkedIn to its fullest, so this is an easy fix to grow your profile.

How do I join in?

Send me your mobile number and I will add you to your BWN WhatsApp group.

What Next?

Just use the group for this purpose, not a chat, so we don’t get a gazillion notifications.  My advice is to turn the ‘ping’ off and just have the red number as your silent notification.

whatsapp for BWN members

Firstly, post to LinkedIn (or other platform) – If you need help in what to post or how then let me know and I can point you towards a few LinkedIn experts to help you.

Once you’ve done your post and it’s live, go to the top right hand corner and you will see three dots, if you click on these, you get a little drop down menu, scroll down to SHARE then click COPY LINK.

Next open WhatsApp and place the link in the group, with a ‘please share or comment on my post today’ etc…  It’s helpful if you do this in the morning, and ideal for you to do it every morning!

Where does the Magic happen?

The next thing to do is help everyone else, either in the morning, or if you’re busy this stage is literally OK to do anytime, grab a cuppa in the afternoon and start commenting….

Click on someone else’s link and it should open on their post. Please react with a ‘like, love, etc’ and make a comment, you don’t need War & Peace but try for more than 5 words in your comment, you can tag the person and if feeling extra snazzy – then add an emoji, it all helps!  You can even share too if you wish.

If everyone comments on everyone else’s posts, we really do get our engagement and reach going up and up……


Let me know if I can offer assistance in any way, I’m happy to look at your profile and give my honest feedback if you want a bit of an ‘audit’ or happy to put you in touch with any of the social media professionals I know too….


Send me your mobile number if you’re not yet in a group if you’d like to take part

If you have come across this post and you’re not a Busy Women Networking member, drop me a message and I can give you more information.


Downloadable Resources for Half Term Fun

Make the most of October Half  Term with new Nature’s School downloadable resources for families


Are you looking for free educational, inspiring, and fun activities for your family this Autumn? The environmental charity PECT has expanded its range of learning resources in time for the October half term, to help enhance children’s understanding of the world around them.

The charity’s autumn-themed Nature’s School resources aim to bring families together and enable them to discover more about the environment. The resource activities include everything from guides to making a Leaf Lantern, Mini Beast Hotel, Pumpkin Decorating, Tree Seed I-Spy and many more.


“Many areas of the country are currently in lockdown, nationwide restrictions are in place, and everyone is looking for alternative ways to entertain and educate their children,” explains PECT’s Environmental Education Lead Heidi Latronico-Ferris. “Here at PECT we are doing our bit to help children and their families try to make sense of it all.”

downloadable resources for home schooling and activities

She continues: “Our local environment is sometimes an unexplored natural resource, often overlooked for its wealth of possibilities, and not always appreciated or looked after as it should be. Take this time to turn that around and discover natural wonders, learn from Nature’s School, and in return protect it for future generations.”


Nature’s School is not just for families – schools, charities and other organisations can also benefit from this resource and use it to create new ways of delivering the curriculum and learning objectives.


To access the resources, simply visit or find PECT on Facebook @SustainablePECT.



Planning Applications: 07 October 2020 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:




(10 November 2020) (ART15) Erection of new rugby club house with four playing pitches and provision of new access road from existing roundabout, including creation of new pedestrian crossing and 3m wide shared footway and cycleway on adjacent highway (Resubmission of 19/01974/FUL) Land East Of A6 And Roundabout At Bedford Road Rushden

Applicant: Rushden Town Council




(10 November 2020) (LB) Internal alterations to dwelling (Re-configure the entrance hall and landing; Re-position the stairs; Enlarge the entrance into the sitting room; Reform the step into the dining room; Remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room to form a family room) 4 Fuller Close Aldwincle

Applicant: Mr And Mrs Paul Williams




Two storey side and single storey rear extension | 2 Hillcrest Close Thrapston Kettering Northamptonshire NN14 4TB




(10 November 2020) (LB) Change of use of barn to residential together with associated alterations and repairs,

demolition of garden store (resubmission of 20/00547/LBC) The Old Rectory Winwick Road Thurning

Applicant: Mr Leslie Edwards




(10 November 2020) (CA) Change of use of barn to residential; demolition of garden store and erection of new

detached  garage (Resubmission of 20/00546/FUL) The Old Rectory Winwick Road Thurning

Applicant: Mr Leslie Edwards




(10 November 2020) (CA) Addition of first floor to single storey dwelling 16 Polopit Titchmarsh

Applicant: MS J Jackson




(10 November 2020) (CA) Relocation of boiler to comply with gas safety regulations Move the existing boiler from the ground floor utility to a first floor bedroom cupboard. The flue will move from elevation D to elevation B on the site plan. 17 Chapel Street Titchmarsh

Applicant: Amy Young




(10 November 2020) (CA) Erection of block of 6 flats with associated vehicular access, parking and landscaping

Land Between Louisa Lilley Almshouses And St Peters Way Irthlingborough

Applicant: RESHAM PLC




(10 November 2020) (CA) Alterations to and conversion of existing stone barn into a residential annexe; Re-roofing of a ‘folly’ 26 High Street Easton On The Hill

Applicant: Ms L Young




(10 November 2020) (CA) Conversion of Grade II Listed farm building and attached cottage to create a single dwelling (Class C3); demolition of a modern extension to the barn and an outbuilding; and construction of a combined garage and carport Home Farm Cottages Lower Street


Applicant: Tata Steel (UK) Ltd




(10 November 2020) (LB) External and internal alterations to Grade II Listed buildings to allow for their  conversion into residential dwelling; demolition of modern extension and a curtilage listed building; and construction of a combined garage and carport Home Farm Cottages Lower Street Twywell

Applicant: Tata Steel (UK) Ltd




(10 November 2020) (ART15) Erection of maintenance unit, wash bay and further ancillary items for vehicle storage and refurbishment, including resurfacing works and the provision of car and HGV parking. Rockingham Motor Speedway Mitchell Road Corby

Applicant: Wright




(10 November 2020) (LB) Relocation of boiler to comply with gas safety regulations 17 Chapel Street Titchmarsh

Applicant: Amy Young