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Let’s Get-Nourished Together

It’s well documented that getting all our vitamins and minerals and being in tip-top condition helps with our immunity and who wouldn’t want a great immune system at the moment!get nourished

I was approached by Nourished to take a look at their bespoke vitamin stacks.  To begin your Nourished journey you need to go online to and take their quiz.

get nourished

By answering a few questions on your age, gender, lifestyle and diet choices the team asses your needs and make a vitamin stack just for you.  They use technology that would be at home in a Star Trek replicator – producing your products with the aid of a digital printer.  They are vegan and eco-friendly.  At Nourished they hold over eight patents across their 3D printing techniques and ingredient encapsulation methods, the pioneers have developed all these entirely inhouse in the facility in Birmingham.

get nourished

After my little quiz, I placed my order.  For full disclosure I was given a code to get my pack for free to try out.  Every step of the way I had an email; your Nourished stacks have been printed, your nourished stacks are on their way, you’ve unlocked Nourish rewards – each email is informative and not intrusive, although you can opt out of course.

My Nourished stacks for the month turned up very quickly and looked lovely and inviting.  They would make an interesting gift for someone too.  The website claims ‘delicious’ I’d say pleasant to eat rather than delicious to be honest.get nourished

In my stack I have;

  • Selenium
  • A probiotic
  • Ginger Extract
  • Cordyceps
  • Beta Glucan
  • Maca Powder
  • White Kidney Bean Extract

And they all depended on my answers in the online quiz of course.  You get a leaflet letting you know what each one will accomplish for you.

I’ve only just started the stacks so can’t comment yet on whether I feel any different on them.

For more information go to

get nourished





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