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New Local Charity – Ailsa’s Aim

We are delighted to introduce our new charity, Ailsa’s Aim.  Founding trustees, Sara and Niven Whatley, say;

“The object of Ailsa’s Aim is to relieve the needs of persons in England and Wales who suffer from cancer or gestational diabetes or have experienced premature and problematic childbirth and their families and carers; in particular, but not exclusively, by the provision of support, items and services and signposting to other relevant and appropriate services.”

What we actually do is to create, source and deliver some of life’s little personal comforts to those in need, ailment and distress, and to offer ‘a ray of sunshine’ into people’s lives. For this reason, our slogan is “Putting You First.”

Our campaigns have so far included: giving comfort and cosmetic care bags to parents of children in Special Care; providing Christmas presents and treats to children on Children’s Wards in hospitals; sending Fathers’ Day gifts to Dads in SCBU; providing care bags to NHS and Key Workers during the Covid-19 Pandemic; providing and filling snack stands to hospitals; installing Baby Changing facilities in Cancer wards; running auctions and events for donations to research into cancer treatments.

In 2018, having struggled for 6 years to conceived, we were finally successful with IVF treatment, however the pregnancy was traumatic and at the premature birth of our daughter, we discovered that Sara had 3 very advanced and rare forms of cancer and would need intense chemotherapy and that Ailsa would also need Special Care.

Nevertheless, thanks to Sara’s and Ailsa’s strength and determination and the skill, care and expertise of the NHS, Ailsa has grown into a healthy and happy toddler and Sara has recovered incredibly well and is in full remission.

We began running Ailsa’s Aim as a charitable cause to repay those who have helped us and to support and offer care packs to others who are going through or helping with medical issues similar to those we ourselves have faced.

Through Ailsa’s Aim we raise funds and awareness and to provide care packs to people from all aspects of our journey, as well as to the carers and staff who work tirelessly to make sure that we can enjoy the time we have together.

We have already completed a series of successful campaigns professionals in Kettering General, Northampton General, Charing Cross, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, CARE community services, Ovacome and the Imperial Health Charity.

We are now in a position to seek donations, volunteer assistance and new liaisons with support organisations, both local and national, so that we can continue to build on the early work we have done.

We are run entirely on donations and our own personal efforts and input, so any support which people can afford us will always be gratefully accepted.

There are several ways to donate to or support our cause, depending on your preferences.

Please contact Sara on 07919536833, on Facebook @ailsasaim, or via email to enquire.


2 comments on “New Local Charity – Ailsa’s Aim

  1. This is a beautiful piece. Thank you

  2. Mary says:

    You are a brilliant example of giving back… And we will continue to support you as you spread a Ray of sunshine to those who need it most