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10 Step to Feel Younger from Revive Me Style

Chantelle Morgan from Revive Me Style shares her top ten tips to feel younger this season!

1: Drink at least 2 litres of water a day

Drink it at room temperature or even warm because ice cold drinks chill your stomach, make it absorb nutrients less efficiently. Cut down on caffeine which raise levels of cortisol and insulin in the blood, accelerating aging.drink more water

2: Keep Hair in Top Condition with a Energized look

There is nothing more aging than coarse, rebellious, out of control hair. Shiny healthy hair will freshen your look, so search out the best products and treat yourself

Tip: A fabulous hair colour will make your look more flattering and can take years off your appearance. Some shades can simply drain your skin complexion. Whereas a richer shade can be give you a more energising look.

3: Invest in a Great Pair of Jeans

Spending a little time and money on choosing the perfect cut. They are a sure way of looking younger, provided you have an up to date pair. When choosing the denim jeans pick the ones with stretch as its more comfortable and they keep their shape better

Tip: Wear them with heels to slim your legs and to dress them up in the evening. Then darker the denim the slimmer you will look.

4: Accessories

Up to date accessories to make you look and feel younger and give your wardrobe a real boost. Adding a new scarf in a colour that really suits your complexion you will easily modernize your overall look.

5: Healthy Glow

Tinted moisturiser can raise your skin tone by one or two shades, without wearing full on makeup. It can add this to your daily routine and can give you a healthy glow

6: Invest in a Daily Facial Exercise

Practicing daily face exercises will tone your muscles both in your face and neck and will improve general circulation, which is vital for a healthy glow to your skin

7: Wear Clothes that Fitclothes that fit

Do not wear clothes that are oversized or anything too tight. Remember the rules for your body shape and make sure the clothes you wear are appropriate for your age and that occasion.

8: Healthy Nails

Short, simple manicured nails are so easy to maintain on from home and they can be achieved on a budget

9: Increase your Intake of Essential Fatty Acids = (EFA’s)

Water retention that makes us appear older than our year. (EFA’s) found in seeds and their cold- pressed oils will not only help this problem, but at them same time will help other ageing problems such as dry skin and a puffy face.

10: Walk, Talk and Hold yourself Younger

Put a skip in your step instead of dragging your feet. By stepping up the gear and walk faster. Hold your head high and express your enthusiasm for life. If you think younger and act younger there is no doubt that we will begin to look younger too


Chantelle Morgan is a Style and Confidence Coach

She supports women to increase their confidence though the style of clothes by identify their season and WOW colours, style personalities, personal shopping and more that will complement their body shape. She also helps women to rock in confidence by learning to love their body and accept themselves for who they really are and achieving their goal and dreams they desire to have in their future.

If you need support in finding your own Personal Style though your clothes and want to increase your confidence and body image, Get in touch with Chantelle/

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