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Opportunity Knocked for Val Adaway

Val Adaway joined UW Utility Warehouse in 2008 in an effort to help supplement her State Pension.

Val had left a well-paid job as she was finding it increasingly frustrating and having run her own Motor Racing Business for 16 years in the 80’s and 90’s, and then a director of an small engineering company, Val decided she wanted to work for herself again.    val adaway UW Partner

UW seemed to be the answer.  Val did not drive back in those days, but she managed to grow her business and started to enjoy the income and the various incentives (she loved the free holidays, and so much more).  Soon Val qualified for a UW Mini meaning she learnt to drive at 65, and she’s never looked back!    Val loves to help others …. so she adds….

Utility Warehouse is an amazing opportunity for our current economic climate, where many people have lost their job and income.    UW do offer a very flexible opportunity for anyone at any level.

During the pandemic UW have revolutionised the opportunity for their partners.  It has enabled some members to be able to pay the mortgage at the end of the month and keep anxieties at bay and so much more.

UW are fully supportive with a well-managed and updated website, full training and many resources and including your Personal Public Liability Insurance are all available.

Val adds “It is completely risk free with a full refund of your registration fee if you find that it is not for you. “

“I love the opportunity to help others and help yourself at the same time.” She says.

Val Adaway Authorised UW Partner says “When we are constantly being told “You can’t!”.   This is an opportunity to say “Yes I can”.  It does not matter what age, race, colour you might be, there is no discrimination.   It is fun, there is a lot of personal development and you will make new great friends along the way.”

Do you know of anyone that Val could help?  She’s on the look out for individuals that might have lost their job or are struggling for income, especially during the pandemic.


For More Information

UW has a short information opportunity presentation which runs 24/7 every 15 minutes which can be watched in the privacy of your own home

Val Adaway can be contacted on 07853 189194 or



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