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Preparing your Dog for your Return to Work

BARK Top Tips for a calm and serene return to work. As everyone is beginning to look forward to an eventual return to the school and office. One thing we need to consider is that our dogs have got used to having us around and a sudden change to their routine can cause problems particularly with separation from their owners.

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What can you do to prepare them for this change?

  1. Start to leave your dog alone for short periods which should be built up over time
  2. Don’t make a big fuss of your dog just before you leave or as soon as you return – try to reward them with attention when they are calm
  3. Encourage your dog to associate separation with positives such as meal times or treats left in a treat toy or their cosy bed
  4. Try to get your dog used to the new routine gradually before a return to work if possible
  5. Introduce your dog to friends or dog-walkers who may be walking them or popping in during the day, in advance to give them a chance to get to know each other.

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