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Book your Self Care Space with Tranquility Time

I’m booked in at The Self Care Space next Monday, based in Sharnbrook, take a turn which says ‘art gallery’ and find a little oasis of calm; artists, a café where you can play games, therapists and more….plus….

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The Self Care Space brought to you by Tranquility Time Retreats

The space is a cosy room for guided meditations, yoga, workshops and more.  Currently open for one on one sessions and household/bubble groups of five or less, and as Covid allows the space will be opened to small groups multi household then larger ones.The Self Care Space brought to you by Tranquility Time Retreats

The space is so welcoming and calm, the whole area is exactly where I feel at home.  Outside lots to look at and explore – random Objet D’art hidden amongst the trees and bushes. As the summer arrives it has become an explosion of colour and scents.   I’m sure it’s a place where fairies may reside, why not go and see for yourself…

You can book 45 minute or 90 minute sessions and tailor them to your needs from the ‘menu’ which includes; massage, yoga of varying types, meditation, guided relaxation and more…. along with angel card mini readings to finish your session, plus there’s often a little gift for you too…..Call Sue Royle and book your slot with her….

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Telephone: 07738 095089



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