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Using a Dowsing Crystal – with Susan Royle

We asked Sue Royle from Tranquility Time Retreats about dowsing.

Choosing your Crystal

Let your crystal choose you.  It’s best to shop in person rather than online if buying for yourself but receiving one as a gift is excellent!   If you’re shopping, ask the shop if you can hold each crystal pendulum.  Hold it gently by entwining the chain/string/ribbon that it’s held on around your fingers.  Does it feel nice?  Does it spin or rock from side to side, or is it totally still?

It might be that you choose a pretty colour with your eyes but once you’ve held a few then you change your mind, choose slowly and wisely – your dowsing crystal will choose you.  There’s lots of choice, from rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and many, many more – you might not find the right one for you on your first shopping trip.

Cleansing your Crystal

You can cleanse a dowsing crystal in the same way you cleanse all your other crystals; placing under the moonlight of the full moon, rinsing in a fast flowing stream, leaving in sand, using a smudge stick etc..

dowsing with sue royle

Using your Crystal

Once you’ve cleansed your crystal you can start to use it, hold the chain lightly in your nondominant hand, and wait for the crystal to hold still.  Ask it a question to which you know the answer, such as ‘Is my name Sue?’  Your dowsing crystal may turn clockwise, anti-clockwise, of swing from side to side – continue to ask it questions and note down what happens.  This will let you ascertain what it does for a YES and what it does for a NO.  Use your pendulum often and get to know how it likes you to phrase a question to get the best results.

What can you do?

Now the fun can start!  You can ask your pendulum anything you like!  Use it to find lost items by asking yes or no answerable questions, use it to ask life questions and see what you think to the answers it gives you.  Use it to hover over your essential oils to see which ones you need that day.  The list is endless!  Use your dowsing pendulum wisely.


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dowsing with sue royle

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