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Ignite Business Speaker Event – Grow Your Business

Ignite Business Speaker Event

Do You Want to Grow Your Business?


Ignite events bring together top national and international business speakers and local businesses together for a day of learning, personal growth, networking and collaborations.  At the end of each event, attendees will be armed with information and ideas they can apply straightaway to their own business.

What’s more, for any interested businessperson, there’s an opportunity to promote the business with a short speaker slot.

Speakers and attendees will feel invigorated, inspired, excited, motivated, buzzing and eager to take the next steps to make your business the success they dream it to be.


More About Ignite


Integrity; Honesty; Loyalty; Kindness



To provide all business owners with the tools, motivation and inspiration to grow their business through interactive and collaborative events.



Ignite is …

  • Different: Ignite focusses the mind
  • Positive
  • Empowering
  • Inspirational


Speakers List

  • Numerology in Business with Samantha Sutherland – A bit different this one! Nothing to do with accounts!
  • Your Colour Profile in business with Martyn Spendlove – Are you red, yellow, green or blue colour preference?
  • How to delegate effectively with Andrew Pain – Get the job done on time and to the standard you want
  • Influential Conversations with Helen Ponting – how to structure and deliver an influential conversation
  • Dispute Resolution with Donna Clark – How to prevent or resolve HR issues with a conversation instead of a courtroom
  • Business MOTs (Moments of Truth) with Lindsey Marriott – Your customers’ journey; how to map it, measure it & identify the touchpoints
  • Plus more to come


Next Event

Let us re-ignite your spark on Friday 10th September 2021, at Wicksteed Park, Kettering.

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About the organiser

Kathryn Slack is the founder and host of the Ignite Business Speaker Events and a Communication Coach.


Kathryn has over 30 years of corporate experience, most latterly as a Project Manager.  Over 30 years she has worked with big names such as Primark, Heinz, Kelloggs, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, EE, Mars and so many more across so many business sectors.


Kathryn started her own business at the end of 2017 and specialised in improving people’s public speaking, presentation skills, and their networking pitch.  She also helps business owners put together that powerful presentation or gripping speech.  To see someone go from Raw to Refined, Terrified to Terrific gives Kathryn her joy and inspires her to carry on.


Kathryn noticed there were lots of networking meetings in her local area but there were no events bringing businesses together to listen and learn from each other and business experts in a less formal environment. There were training courses but these didn’t quite hit the spot.

kathryn slack

She developed Ignite!


The whole ethos of Ignite is to Inspire, Collaborate, Motivate and Educate.  Only by bringing businesses together can this be achieved. Only by giving businesses inspiration, motivation and the opportunity to collaborate can they grow and be the success they’re aspiring to be.


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