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Freedom from Labels at Last

I sigh with relief, I truly hate scratchy labels in things!

Contemporary bra company, Wear My Freedom has made the Freedom Bra.  One of the UK’s first wire-free bras that provides genuine support and lift for D+ cup. The Freedom Bra provides noticeably enhanced lift for wearers in comparison to competitors, thanks to its combination of four-way stretch fabric and M-TEC foam cups. The weight-distribution within the bra has been engineered by D+ cup specialists for both comfort and support.  I always prefer an underwired bra but know that they’re not the best things to wear, having tried on the Freedom bra I found it extremely comfortable.  Mine is black and I love the rose gold coloured detailing.

I also hate scratchy labels and cut them out of most of my clothes – often then wondering how to care for things as the label has been thrown away!  The labels in the Freedom bra have been scrapped, and care instructions are instead printed on the hook & eye. The bra’s wider under band smooths as it lifts and its seam-free design means no cup lines, so it is completely hidden when worn under a t-shirt. Priced at £55.00.


Freedom Bra

Small and Wild Tea for Children and Children at Heart

I’m a big fan of herbal and fruit teas, but they have to be the right ones.  How many times have you smelled delicious raspberry, blackcurrant or strawberry only to realise the tea has no taste at all, or been courted by the marketing of ‘sleep soundly’ or ‘have more energy’ only to discover the herbal concoction tastes like lawn mower clippings.

Too harsh?  Maybe so, but so many big brand fruit teas are just chemical mush or just don’t have the taste to back up the fragrance.

Along came Small & Wild, two mums Kate and Becky, who wanted great tea for their little ones to enjoy.  Well move over tinies – I found them delicious!  Will the tinies get a look in in our house? I very much doubt it.

Lots of tea manufacturers add in licorice herb as a natural sweetener.  I’m afraid I think it’s far too sweet and some how tastes artificial too.  These teas for tinies don’t have that.

I’m currently enjoying Jolly Croc – a blend of strawberry, banana and apple.  The others are;

Snoozy Fox – camomile, lavender and spearmint, this smells divine and I intend to try it tonight

Happy Toucan – rooibos, cinnamon and vanilla

Merry Tiger – mango, pear and raspberry

I can’t wait to try them all!

Also, the makers of Small & Wild, award-winning herbal tea for kids, will be launching a limited run of its popular tea sets for sale this Christmas; featuring a perfectly child-sized, silk-screen printed mug, along with the popular children’s tea, beautifully presented in a gift box.

For more information

Facebook @Smallandwild

Insta @small_and_wild_company

small and wild tea

Improve your Skin with Skin Woof

Skin Woof is an innovative natural supplements business committed to providing premium, yet affordable, scientifically-backed beauty products that deliver lasting results for our customers’ skin from within without any hassle. The current Skin Woof product range consists of Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink, Skin Woof Original Vitamins for Healthy and Radiant Skin, Skin Woof Tan Enhancing Vitamins and Skin Woof Vitamin C Radiance Serum.

skin woof

Skin Woof Premium Natural Vitamins

Skin Woof Premium Natural Vitamins contain minerals and botanicals that add vital ingredients to your diet, resulting in healthy, radiant and beautiful skin.

60 tablets (one month supply) provides the ideal platform for the appearance and overall health of your skin to begin to thrive. Each ingredient in the natural and safe formula has been carefully chosen with the help of dermatologists. As well as containing health boosters such as omega 3 & 6, multivitamins (A, C, D, E & K) and amino acids, Skin Woof Vitamins are rich in collagen to help with skin’s elasticity and hyaluronic acid. Skin Woof Vitamins are available from at £24.95 for 60 capsules or £19.96 for a monthly subscription.

Nene Local thoughts:  I’m trying to vitamins but will need time to see a difference,  there are some typical results here which look very impressive

skin woof

Skin Woof Collagen Drink

Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink delivers a synergistic blend of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other ingredients that work from within to nourish, smooth and firm the skin. The collagen used in the drinks is scientifically researched Peptan Marine Collagen, with 3,000mg per sachet. It contains no sugar, gluten, lactose and no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colours. The drink is available in Strawberry & Lime flavour at £39.95 for 30 sachets or alternatively you can subscribe monthly at £31.96 from

Nene Local thoughts: I’ve tried collegen producs before, this is a very pleasant tasting drink with enough mg in each sachet to make a real difference.  It’s a product that would fit easily into your day.

skin woof


Single purchase or monthly subscriptions available

YubiKey Protects your Digital World

Whether its paying your taxes on, to checking your Facebook, to collaborating on Dropbox – the YubiKey is by your side helping with internet security.

YubiKey Protects your Digital World

The YubiKey, the world’s first security key invented by industry leader Yubico, it physically protects your accounts at every login.  When I first looked at mine I wondered how it could protect everything, when it didn’t look like it even fitted inside the port!  It’s so cool – insert it into a USB port and tap it when prompted, or just tap it straight onto your mobile.

YubiKey Protects your Digital World

It’s great protection for all online activities!


The YubiKey offers convenient, passwordless online access so you can log-in to and pay your taxes, then check your Facebook, browse Google for some last minute gift ideas, and save a picture onto Dropbox – all with a single tap. The YubiKey not only looks good, but it’ll offer users a more secure New Year by keeping them safe from hackers and free from the headache of passwords.

YubiKey Protects your Digital World

To keep YubiKey extra cool there are personalisation stickers in the pack too, so when attached to your keyring it looks smart and unobtrusive – no one will know what it is for!

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