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Do you Struggle with Sleep?

 Who struggles to sleep?

The new Sweet Dreams Package from AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing can help. Appointments to be booked in the evening in a quiet and peaceful home salon.  The package comprises;

  • A deep skin cleanse to remove all the dirt and stress if the day
  • Vitamin enriched  toner to balance your skin’s pH
  • Next there is a soothing lavender and frankincense specially blended oil for a head, shoulder and face massage
  • Next comes facial acupressure with a serum suited to your skin type.
  • Box breathing exercises will be practiced during each treatment and mind clearing.

You will be sent home ready for bed with a sleep balm and pillow spray to use.  All this with the addition of Reiki throughout the treatment means total relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

The Sweet Dreams package is £80. This includes two x 45 minute long treatments ( to be taken a week apart) and your sleep related items to take home.

For more information:

AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing

Telephone: 07799 627789

Email: helen@aspengirl.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ambscarlett


Chancery Dental Thrapston

chancery dental

Davis Optometrists to the Rescue!

davis optician

Nene Local would like to offer Davis Optometrists a HUGE thank you!  Our temporary office each Thursday was Thrapston Library and so when closure loomed and looked likely to thwart the work experience of Alex Lloyd of Prince William School we needed new offices.  Davis in Thrapston is allowing us to use their upstairs office – thank you so much!

The Sales Manager: Taking the Fear Out of Sales

Nene local sat down with Julie Futcher, owner of The Sales Manager, a company dedicated to helping people overcome the fear of selling their products to customers whether it be face to face or over the phone.

The Sales Manager Ltd currently has two divisions, Sales training and Telemarketing with a third, Sales Recruitment, to be launched later this year. They specialise in helping business owners increase revenue by helping them to overcome their fear of sales and/or improve their sales skills.  For larger businesses, training can be carried out in-house with follow up sessions available to help embed training.  If the thought of making business development calls is too much then the Telemarketing Team can help with packages from as little as one hour per week.

the sales manager

“How can you expect someone to succeed when they haven’t been given proper training?”

Having created the business three years ago, and with a substantial 23 years of recruitment sales experience beforehand, Julie is well qualified to help.  She wanted to help small businesses understand that sales isn’t about being aggressive but about building relationships, trust and understanding customer problems. She wanted to train them on how to achieve that and win more business.  For larger business she wanted to help and support the business owner, who may not have a sales background,  get the most from their sales team.   Julie told me “Throughout my career, I have seen businesses recruit in-experienced sales people and expect them to hit the ground running.  How can you expect someone to succeed when they haven’t been given proper training?”  Julie believes that if you provide the right training and support, sales people, who have a hunger to succeed, will!

Julie has found that some clients fear the word ‘sales’. They feel like they must conform to the stereotypes of salespeople by being pushy and ‘in your face’ and to sell the product without any regard to the customer’s needs. People also shy away from the idea of cold calling. Julie reinforces the idea that to be a successful salesperson you need to be able to develop a relationship with and understand the client.  Julie said “In today’s world, the best salespeople listen to a customers needs and present a solution to the problem.  I strongly believe that Sales Departments should be renamed to Problem Resolution Departments as this is an extremely important skills to have in sales”.

Workshops are run regularly for people who need  would like to learn how to sell or improve their sales skills. Prices range from £85 to £250.  For medium to large companies, on-site training is available and for more information on this or the Telemarketing service, contact:


the sales manager

The Sales Manager

01604 532004

Facebook: @TheSalesManager

Twitter: @ScaredofSales