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Keeping Safe with your Dog Outdoors

During social distancing what should we be doing with our dogs?  We are of course all allowed one walk per day with them, if your dog is used to two walks per day, just do one longer one.

The reason for this, is to cut your risk of coming into contact with anyone who is infected.  Look at this way, one walk instead of two halves your risk of meeting an infected person.

Consider keeping your dog a short lead.  Firstly, if your dog gets spooked and runs off for any reason, there will not be the resources to go and look for them, people will need to stay indoors and cannot be roaming the streets together hunting for a missing dog.   Another reason to keep them close to you, is so they do not have contact with anyone.  Most people like to bend down and pet your dog, you do not know if they have the virus, or if they have virus on their hands.  I imagine that the virus would be able to live for quite some time on a dog’s fur, so wise to just keep them away from well-meaning strangers.  dog walking

While thinking of the virus living on dog’s fur, wipe their feet when you get home, so they don’t walk anything into the house.

Dogs cannot catch the virus or be carriers in the truest senses of the word, but the virus may well live on their fur for a while.

When you’ve done your one daily walk and your dog is pestering for more action, if you have a garden have a run around in the fresh air, my garden is quite small so I throw a ball against the wall, so she chases it towards the wall then chases wherever it bounces.  No garden?  No problem!  Hide some treats around the house and play ‘Find it’.  Why not use three cups and put a treat under one, get the dog to sniff it out.  Try googling ‘Indoor Games with your Dog’ Mental stimulation is really good for your dog, and you’ll be amazed how much it tires them out too!

On a final note about walks, please keep even more aware of your surroundings than normal.  A broken ankle from falling in a rabbit hole now has all sorts of knock on effects, from taking up space and time in a hospital to you having to sit in A&E amidst all sorts of people with various ailments.

Stay safe and enjoy being at home with your dog, as they will be loving all the extra attention.

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Central England Co-op Outlines Social Distancing Measures

Central England Co-op outlines social distancing measures to keep colleagues and customers safe.

Central England Co-op has today asked customers to ‘co-operate’ with its new social distancing measures to help keep each other safe.

The retailer has put in place a set of new rules for anyone who enters its shops in line with Government recommendations to help safeguard colleagues and everyone else around them.

The new measures include:

  • Stores will only be using every other till point or checkout to keep customers and colleagues a safe distance apart
  • Special markings will be installed in front of till points and checkouts of at least one meter. If a customer needs to enter this area to place down a basket or use the keypad, colleagues will move backwards to maintain a safe distance
  • Special markings will be installed to showcase two-meter safe distances while queueing at till points
  • Customers are asked to pay with card or contactless if possible
  • Specialist cleaning products will be used to regularly wipe down the countertops and chip, chip and pin machines and ATMs
  • Special markings will be installed throughout stores to showcase to customers two metre spacing and customers are asked to maintain these distances while shopping
  • Store managers have been given discretion to limit the amount of customers allowed in stores at any time to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to. Additional security guards will also be deployed to help stores support this new policy
  • Special markings will be installed outside stores so customers queuing to enter maintain safe distances of two meters

Debbie Robinson, Central England Co-op Chief Executive, said: “Nothing is more important to us all at Central England Cooperative than the safety of our colleagues and customers.

“We’re closely following Government advice in our approach to social distancing and have now rolled out a range of new measures for our stores.

“We now ask all of our customers to co-operate with these measures to keep us all safe and allow us to continue to serve our communities.”

Central England Co-op is also asking all customers to show ‘care, compassion and respect’ to its colleagues as they work around the clock to serve their communities.
The retailer is asking people to come together and support its front-line colleagues who are going above and beyond to replenish stock levels and keep stores open.
In its food stores, the Society has also put in place a temporary limit of two of every product to help maintain stock levels but has reassured customers that there are no issues with its robust supply lines and that shops are getting daily deliveries.
People can keep up to date with what is happening in their local community by visiting a dedicated online hub at

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Place of Pride: Photographers can win over £500 by Showing Love for their Local Area

Local photographers have an exciting chance to win over £500 by capturing their emotional connection with a place in their area. It’s all through the launch of a new, nationwide photography competition.

Run by specialist insurance provider, Ripe Photography, the inaugural Place of Pride competition is open to photographers of all abilities.

The photograph can be of anything, but each entry must include an identifying feature of the place being captured; something that sums up its spirit. This could be a noteworthy building, a street sign, or any other distinguishable point of interest. The caption should provide a description of the place and why it has been chosen.

As well as giving away £350 to the winner, Ripe Photography will also award £150 to the runner up and £50 to third place.Place of Pride: Photographers can win over £500

Choosing the winner will be Ronya Galka, who was recently voted one of Britain’s top 10 street photographers and has previously been nominated for Best Photographer at the Sony World Photography Awards.

Commenting on the launch, Ronya Galka said: “Personally, some of my best pieces of work have been ones that create a strong emotional connection. It’s not just about taking a well-executed photograph. It’s about the emotions that it triggers within me when I look at it.

“So, when it comes to judging the Place of Pride competition, I’ll be looking for a great image of a specific place that brings its most captivating and emotionally stimulating features of to the fore. I’m very excited to see how this comes across and can’t wait to help choose the winner. Best of luck to all the entrants!”

Place of Pride not only gives photographers a chance to get their hands on the prize money, it also represents an opportunity to gain widespread exposure. Ripe Photography will share a selection of entries on its Instagram page and across its various communication channels.

To enter Place of Pride, photographers must post an image of their chosen place on their own Instagram page, tag @ripe_photography_ in the image and caption and include the hashtag #PlaceOfPride.

The competition is open until 31st May 2020 and winners will be announced within 2-4 working weeks of the closing date.