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WOW! I tried Arbonne for the First Time

It’s true, I’ve never tried Arbonne products… but last month I ordered a Brighten Up set for myself.  I was running out of moisturiser and needed some more – the lovely Arbonne lady I met, used the money I was going to spend on the moisturiser and saw there was a few ‘deals’ and I ended up with the moisturiser, serum and cleanser – happy days!!

This collection says it helps even and brighten up skin, and helps dial up the luminosity in uneven, dull looking skin.  I have noticed a difference!

Arbonne say – Illuminate your skincare with our trio of bestselling BrightenUp vegan skincare formulas. Our smaller set shines just as bright featuring full size products to help even tone and brighten up uneven, dull looking skin both day and night.

My Set Included:

  • BrightenUp Pearlescent Foaming Cleanser – 90 ml
  • BrightenUp Targeting Essence with Retinol – 30 ml
  • BrightenUp Illuminating Cream with Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – 50 g

for just over £100

I’m pleased to report my skin feels cleaner and looks brighters, plus my age spots have definitely got lighter (in a month!!)



What is Reiki?

Lyn Jones – owner of the Athene Spa in Hemington, nr Oundle tells us more..  Put very simply, Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Reiki is actually a Japanese word which can be translated as ‘Universal life energy’. Rei= universal, Ki=energy. What we know about Reiki has some from ancient Sanskrit texts which were discovered and developed by Dr Mikau Usui, a who was a professor of theology in the late 1800s in Japan.

Reiki is not a spiritual belief system and does not contradict any individual religious beliefs.

Every living cell, plant or animal has its own energy. This unseen force is what enlivens and animates matter.

If our energy is ‘low’ we are more likely to feel unwell or stressed. Conversely, if our energy is ‘high’ we are more able to feel happy and well.

Reiki uses this energy to stimulate the body in its own natural healing process, increasing the energy flow throughout the body. The practice of Reiki focuses the energy and directs it through the hands of the Reiki practitioner. This concentrated flow of energy accelerates the balancing and healing of mind, body and spirit. At times there may be an emotional release but this is considered good as Reiki is seeking to re balance the individual and release blockages on all levels, whether physical, mental or emotional.

A Reiki treatment lasts generally from 1 to 1 ½ hours and the client remains fully clothed throughout. The environment is generally warm, calm and peaceful. There may be essential oils diffusing or candles in the room and relaxing music playing as this helps to aid the sense of relaxation.

Treatments may be either ‘hands off’ where the Reiki practitioner holds their hands a few inches above various points around the face and body, or ‘hands on’, where the practitioner applies their hands gently to the various Reiki points. Many people fall asleep during a reiki treatment.

Clients may or may not ‘feel’ anything while the treatment is taking place this does not mean nothing is happening. Some clients however report feeling heat, tingling, tearfulness or just deep relaxation.

Reiki is not a ‘cure all’. Healing is not the same as curing. Healing is restoring harmony and wholeness and promoting personal growth.

If you are interested to find out more or book a treatment contact Lyn 07740354465.



Using a Dowsing Crystal – with Susan Royle

We asked Sue Royle from Tranquility Time Retreats about dowsing.

Choosing your Crystal

Let your crystal choose you.  It’s best to shop in person rather than online if buying for yourself but receiving one as a gift is excellent!   If you’re shopping, ask the shop if you can hold each crystal pendulum.  Hold it gently by entwining the chain/string/ribbon that it’s held on around your fingers.  Does it feel nice?  Does it spin or rock from side to side, or is it totally still?

It might be that you choose a pretty colour with your eyes but once you’ve held a few then you change your mind, choose slowly and wisely – your dowsing crystal will choose you.  There’s lots of choice, from rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and many, many more – you might not find the right one for you on your first shopping trip.

Cleansing your Crystal

You can cleanse a dowsing crystal in the same way you cleanse all your other crystals; placing under the moonlight of the full moon, rinsing in a fast flowing stream, leaving in sand, using a smudge stick etc..

dowsing with sue royle

Using your Crystal

Once you’ve cleansed your crystal you can start to use it, hold the chain lightly in your nondominant hand, and wait for the crystal to hold still.  Ask it a question to which you know the answer, such as ‘Is my name Sue?’  Your dowsing crystal may turn clockwise, anti-clockwise, of swing from side to side – continue to ask it questions and note down what happens.  This will let you ascertain what it does for a YES and what it does for a NO.  Use your pendulum often and get to know how it likes you to phrase a question to get the best results.

What can you do?

Now the fun can start!  You can ask your pendulum anything you like!  Use it to find lost items by asking yes or no answerable questions, use it to ask life questions and see what you think to the answers it gives you.  Use it to hover over your essential oils to see which ones you need that day.  The list is endless!  Use your dowsing pendulum wisely.


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dowsing with sue royle

Tranquility Time Retreats – brings you ” The Self Care Space “

Tranquility Time Retreats – brings you ” The Self Care Space “

I went down to the woods yesterday, not to see the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, although it wouldn’t have surprised me!  I went to see The Self Care Space (from Tranquility Time), and it truly is just that!

Tranquility Time Retreats - brings you " The Self Care Space "

On arrival….

Welcomed by Sue Royle and Claire Bogust in their little patch of tranquility near Sharnbrook (just the other side of Rushden) the first thing on my self care list was to sit and have a warm drink with them, we were outside and enjoying the birdsong whilst filling in the regulation health forms before beginning.

No one had their camera ready but we had a wonderful visit by a baby rabbit, hopping to within a metre of my hand to say hello.  I chose from their menu of self care items. I began with a mediation, in which I had messages deleivered to me, hen Sue took me through a 121 yoga session.  You can do yoga, have more meditation and mindfulness, sit and chat your worries away, or even just be left alone to chill for half an hour – the choice is yours!

I then had an oracle card reading, which again was very apt and full of messages…

After a short glass of water (and nip the the toilet) break I went to see Claire, who gave me a wonderful reflexology treatment.  For those who believe we were certain I had my late father in the room with me, he joined in listening the bird song and admiring the roses.

The treatment was hugely relaxing and clearing.  We were visited by a gentle honeybee who popped in, had a look around the room and hummed off into the distance.

I could honestly describe morning as magical and Disney would make a good job popping it into cartoon form.

The Self Care Space is quirky and peaceful and just what I needed yesterday – I was rushed, stressed and having to make some tough decisions on work – my readings, cleared head and quiet helped those decisions along their natural path.

I chose my morning but you can also turn up and chat to Sue and Claire and they will work instinctively to offer you what you need that day.

I left with a feeling of peace, a clear head, plus my crystal and other gifts from Tranquility Time Retreats.

Tranquility Time Retreats - brings you " The Self Care Space "

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