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Anti Social Behaviour on World Kindness Day

Last night the ‘Silent Soldier’ memorial to those lost in WWI was vandalised at the War Memorial site on Coronation Gardens, Thrapston, Northamptonshire. Silent Soldier Coronation Gardens Thrapston

The Royal British Legion Silent Soldier campaign represents the thousands of servicemen who walked across the country’s fields and hills on their way back from The Great War. Thrapston Town Council installed a soldier silhouette by the War Memorial in 2018 to mark 100 years since the end of the conflict.Silent Soldier Coronation Gardens Thrapston

Clerk to the Town Council Linda Marshall said, “We were appalled to find that the Silent Soldier has been vandalised. It is especially hurtful that it happened during Remembrance week, the year in which we commemorate 75 years since VE Day and 100 years since the burial of WWI’s Unknown Warrior. Thrapston’s residents care very deeply about honouring those who fought for our freedom; this has been shown by the overwhelming response to the fundraising page. The Town has so much love and respect for our veterans and for the fallen. We will always remember and honour them. We are working closely with the police to identify the person responsible for this damage. Anyone with information please report it via 101, quoting incident number 99 of 13/11/20.”

Thrapston resident Sophie Starsmore set up the Go Fund Me page, which raised over £3,000 in four hours.


Product Range Launches that Reduces the Spread of Viruses

British company launches a product range that reduces the spread of viruses by touch

London based Veraco has designed and manufactured a range of Antimicrobial adhesive pads and wraps to be used on frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, shopping trolleys and handrails. They use ‘Silver Ions’ technology which works by breaking down the biological make-up of micro organisms, in order to stop the spread and reproduction of dangerous pathogens. The products kill up to 99.99% of common bacteria as well as being effective against Coronavirus. Antimicrobial silver technology is not new and has been used in paints and coatings for hospitals, but until now no one has produced a versatile range of solutions that can easily be installed anywhere.

Several studies have shown that viruses, including COVID19, can survive on surfaces for days and whilst we are all much more careful about washing our hands sometimes people will forget. These products work 24/7 instantaneously on touch and for up to 2 years after installation.  They are already working with the NHS, Toyota, London Metropolitan University and COS.


Co-Founder George Strong said, “In a post-COVID world we are going to be far more hygiene conscious. People will continue to avoid touching public doors, handles, screens etc as best they can and there will be continued expectations on business to support that change in behaviour. This pandemic has changed hygiene standards and we see our products as part of setting that standard across the world.”

Co-Founder Charles Churchman said, “We knew the technology worked but we wanted to also create products that looked good and were really easy to use. We have a range of different shapes and sizes, and we can also produce customised designs for our trade customers. In the future, there is no reason why any frequently touched surface wouldn’t be protected”

covid door



Covid Constitutional – A Walk for Photographers from the A605 Lay-by

When I posted the cover photo on the Welcome to Thrapston Facebook page of this stream and bridge it caused quite a stir, people asking where it was.  Read on to see how you can walk to this little stream to take a look.

Photo courtesy of Kris Newman

Photo courtesy of Kris Newman, taken earlier in the year in flood.

the little stream thrapston lakes

April sunshine

The length of the walk is just under two miles, a bit muddy today but fairly flat ground and OK for small children.  Take your camera along, as this is a stunning little walk to grab some great nature and wildlife photos.

Most of my walks have been circular, but this one is a ‘there and back again’ walk, starting at the lay-by on the A605 just as you leave Thrapston going toward Oundle.

todays map

There is a dog poop bin on the edge of the lay-by, denoting where the gate is, walk through the gateway and go down-hill, towards the sailing lake which you can clearly see through the trees at this time of year.todays map

This is pretty much a straight path through the farmers field, it is a public right of way but please respect any crops or livestock by keeping to the path and not leaving any litter or dog poop.the farmers field thrapston the farmers field thrapston

Through the next gateway and carry straight down into the wooded path.

the farmers field thrapston

After a while, you will see one footpath carry straight on, into what appears to be quite heavily shrubbed and wooded area, we will come back to this, you need to veer off to the right (keeping the lake on your left) to see the stream with mini bridge over it, very picturesque and good for a paddle.

Once you have enjoyed the stream turn back on yourself, walking now with the lake on your right-hand side, and once you come to the path I told you to ignore, turn right along that path.   This path does not go anywhere – but there are ample photography spots along its length.  It is a spur of land that juts out into the lake, fabulous for birdwatching.

Walk to the end and then return.  You will walk back the way you came, across the famers field to the A605.  This is a really simple walk, for fresh air and some breath-taking views, don’t forget your camera!

Come on Mum! Hurry up.

Come on Mum! Hurry up.

We hope you enjoyed the walk and have maybe seen parts of Thrapston you are unfamiliar with?  Pop a note in the comments below and tell us if you enjoyed it and if you saw any wildlife along the way.  Post your walk photos to Welcome to Thrapston too!

thrapston lakes

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Please always follow the current government guidelines for Corona Virus

A Covid Constitutional – A Walk from the Woolpack Inn

The second walk in our series of Thrapston walks to try during your daily exercise time.

The terrain of this walk is ‘challenging’ with some small hill scrambles/climbs.  It is NOT suitable for pushchairs and small children.nene local | second walk

The walk is 1.35 miles long.

My walk today begins at The Woolpack Inn, just over the bridge in Islip.

The Woolpack Inn

The Woolpack Inn


Cross over the road and past a five-bar gate taking you to the River Nene, where you can sit by the EA moorings in summer weather.  If you carry on walking in the same direction as when you crossed the road, you will see an archway in the hedgerow to walk through.

Looking back towards Nine Arches Bridge

Looking back towards Nine Arches Bridge


You will appear at the top of a bund, put there to protect local houses from flooding. In 2012 the water from the rains saw the River Nene burst its banks, filling these fishing lakes with excess water, and see the water reach the very top of the bunds.

Continuing on, with the fishing lakes on your left.  Follow the shorter grass ‘path’.  Ahead of you, you will see many cut trees and also some newly planted ones.  We’re not sure on what’s going on, whether the trees are being cut for wood or are diseased and need to come down. Great to see lots being planted though.

The large black/grey bridge ahead is the old railway bridge.  Another walk on another day will take you under the bridge and further round, but for today, don’t go through the bridge… the railway bridge

Look upwards and you will see a way to scramble up the side of the old railway and onto where the railway line would be – we are going to go over the black bridge.  The scramble up the bank is short but quite steep, you need to be sure on your feet and wear trainers or similar.

After you’ve scrambled to the top, turn left along the old railway track.

Along the old railway track

Along the old railway track

You are now walking quite high up and if you can see over the walls of the bridge, the views are lovely.  Look over the right-hand side and see the A14 snaking its way across the river and flood plains.

flood plains and A14

Continue to walk along this path – but what goes up must come down…. Another scramble back down and onto Midland Road.  You are now opposite The Sidings Estate entrance.

The Sidings

The Sidings

Turn left and walk down Midland Road until you get to the roundabout with The Plaza Centre on it, take the first exit, walking past The Bridge Hotel, over Nine Arches Bridge and back to the Woolpack.

A fairly short walk but with some exciting scrambling for older kids.

nene local walks

We hope you enjoyed the walk and have maybe seen parts of Thrapston you are unfamiliar with?  Pop a note in the comments below and tell us if you enjoyed it and if you saw any wildlife along the way.  Post your walk photos to Welcome to Thrapston too!

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