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Let’s Get-Nourished Together

It’s well documented that getting all our vitamins and minerals and being in tip-top condition helps with our immunity and who wouldn’t want a great immune system at the moment!get nourished

I was approached by Nourished to take a look at their bespoke vitamin stacks.  To begin your Nourished journey you need to go online to and take their quiz.

get nourished

By answering a few questions on your age, gender, lifestyle and diet choices the team asses your needs and make a vitamin stack just for you.  They use technology that would be at home in a Star Trek replicator – producing your products with the aid of a digital printer.  They are vegan and eco-friendly.  At Nourished they hold over eight patents across their 3D printing techniques and ingredient encapsulation methods, the pioneers have developed all these entirely inhouse in the facility in Birmingham.

get nourished

After my little quiz, I placed my order.  For full disclosure I was given a code to get my pack for free to try out.  Every step of the way I had an email; your Nourished stacks have been printed, your nourished stacks are on their way, you’ve unlocked Nourish rewards – each email is informative and not intrusive, although you can opt out of course.

My Nourished stacks for the month turned up very quickly and looked lovely and inviting.  They would make an interesting gift for someone too.  The website claims ‘delicious’ I’d say pleasant to eat rather than delicious to be honest.get nourished

In my stack I have;

  • Selenium
  • A probiotic
  • Ginger Extract
  • Cordyceps
  • Beta Glucan
  • Maca Powder
  • White Kidney Bean Extract

And they all depended on my answers in the online quiz of course.  You get a leaflet letting you know what each one will accomplish for you.

I’ve only just started the stacks so can’t comment yet on whether I feel any different on them.

For more information go to

get nourished





£400 Fine for Littering Out of Car Window

Drop your litter and face the consequences. That’s the stark message from East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) who recently prosecuted a driver for just such an offence.


Back in January, an ENC environmental services officer witnessed the driver throw an empty cigarette packet out of his car window on Kettering Road, Thrapston. The driver was identified as Ryan Potticary and was offered a fixed penalty notice of £150 (reduced to £100 if paid within 10 days). Despite reminders being sent, Mr Potticary failed to pay the fine and was then referred to court where he was offered the opportunity to enter a plea by post. Again, he failed to reply so the case went to Northampton Magistrates Court in August. Mr Potticary did not attend but was found guilty and received a £402 fine. (£220 fine plus a £32 victim surcharge and £150 costs).


Steven North, Leader of ENC, said: “All littering is an offence no matter what it is and we all need to take responsibility by using a bin or taking our rubbish home. And that’s not just to avoid a fine but to protect where we live, work, play and drive.


“I hope that this case serves as a warning that we will hold those who litter to account and we will pursue through the courts, if necessary. Avoid that hefty fine and do the right thing – bin it.”

don't be a litter bug

Moss Social – New Business Start up During Lock Down

Nicola Moss of Moss Social is doing an interview with Nene Local Magazine – the latest in a series seeing how local businesses and charities have been fairing during the pandemic ….

We spoke to Nicola based in Market Harborough;.

Moss Social is a social media management business.

Nicola Moss

Nicola Moss

We asked Nicola to give us a description of what that means.

Social media has become more important to small businesses than ever before, with consumers doing most of their research into purchasing decisions online. If you’re not represented effectively on social media channels, your business may get left behind. This was the position I was in when I was employed by a local tourist attraction. We were told in no uncertain terms to embrace social media or your competitors will and you will struggle to attract visitors via the traditional channels alone.  I set to, learning how to make the most of social media from scratch so I appreciate it’s a lot to take on board when you’re already running a business. If I can help small businesses by taking the load on the marketing side whilst they focus on doing what they do and love best, I’m a very happy lady!


We wanted to know how Moss Social had faired during the pandemic.


“I only set up my business last week!” Nicola exclaimed, “I had intended to launch in March and then got cold feet. I have, though, been supporting a couple of businesses throughout the pandemic and social media has enabled them to keep in constant touch with their audience.”


Nene Local Magazine added, have you changed what you do – tell us how?


“I have indeed! I was working for the FSB until the beginning of September, which has given me the opportunity to speak with many small business owners and helped me see that there was a need for what I’m offering.”


We were interested to see what new sills Nicola has gained.


In February, I signed up to an online business course, which I completed whilst working full-time in quite difficult circumstances. I do believe in being a life-long learner as it keeps those little grey cells functioning well!


Are these skills going to benefit your business?

The business course has definitely benefited me as I have learnt about email marketing, creating engaging content, how to create a website and SEO to name a few essential elements for any business.


So what personal lessons have you learnt in lockdown?

Be courageous! Life is too short to settle for “safe”. I have so many good friends and supporters around me, cheering me on, I feel so grateful for their good wishes.


My life has already changed enormously as I have left full-time employment for the first time in my life to travel the self-employed route. I want to make this decision really count.

Moss Social Working in the Garden

Moss Social Working in the Garden

For More Information:

Moss social has a website where you can read a little more about what they offer. You can contact Nicola on 07432 766001 or or if you’d like to receive her 10 top tips to make your social media more effective, sign up here.

Find Moss Social here:


Cransley Celebrate Hospice Care Week – 5th – 11th October

To celebrate Hospice Care Week, 5th – 11th October, everyone who makes a donation to Cransley Hospice during that week will receive a special packet of Lupin seeds as a thank you from the Cransley Hospice team.

To express the heartfelt gratitude of the team in these uncertain times, the fundraising team at Cransley will be sending a pack of Lupin seeds to each person that makes a donation, however big or small between the 5th and 11th October. Donations can be made via their website

The Lupin seeds have specifically been chosen as the Lupin flowers represent imagination, admiration, and overall happiness. They are said to bring energy and inner strength and to aid recovery from trauma. The team at Cransley Hospice hope that the Lupin flowers will help donors to reflect and remember their loved ones when they blossom in the spring and summer each year, and as a perennial flower, they will come back year after year.

If you would like to support Cransley Hospice you can make a donation via the website  or if you would prefer to set up a regular donation which helps the hospice plan for the future of specialist end of life care for the community of North Northamptonshire, contact the fundraising office or call 01536452423.

cransley celebrate Hospice Care Week, 5th - 11th October

About Cransley Hospice:

Cransley Hospice Trust is committed to providing exceptional holistic care to patients living with life-limiting illness in North Northamptonshire. They provide specialist end-of-life care to patients with complex needs and support patients in their chosen place of care at the end of life, whether this is in the Hospice or in the patient’s home. Cransley Hospice Trust is a registered charity which every year provides funding to support the care provided by Cransley Hospice. They need to raise over £1.4 million per year to ensure services will always remain free and outstanding to their patients.

Visit the website for additional information about the services provided and the current fundraising activities: