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Scam – Emergency Pack for Asthmatics

Many asthmatics or those with respiratory conditions are reading on Facebook of an emergency pack available to them.  This post on Facebook is FAKE.

The post says if you phone your doctor they will give you a pack with 5 days of steroids and 5 days of antibioitics. This is NOT the case.  Doctors would never just hand out such medication without checking you over first.

DO NOT RING your doctor for this pack, it does not exist.  All you are doing is clogging up the surgery phone lines.


If you are struggling with your breathing you can phone the doctors or 999 for advice on what to do.

Further Information from National Asthma Education Programme

Are you at further risk of Covid-19 being an asthmatic?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says yes. It lists asthma, along with diabetes and heart disease, as conditions that make someone “more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.”

But there is little definitive evidence to say whether asthma increases the likelihood of catching the virus or of experiencing more severe illness. “The data that we have so far from China and South Korea does not identify people with asthma as being at risk of getting the virus or having more severe illness with the virus,” Sebastian Johnston, a professor of respiratory medicine & allergy at the U.K. National Heart and Lung Institute.

That said, when people with asthma get respiratory infections, it can set off their asthma symptoms. So yes, you do need to be careful and take precautions. To reduce your risk of asthma, the best action you can take is to follow these simple steps:

• Take your preventer meds daily as prescribed. This will help reduce your risk of an asthma attack being triggered by any respiratory virus, including coronavirus.
• Carry our reliever with you at all times, in case you feel your asthma symptoms flaring up.
• Download the NAEP Action Plan to help you recognise and manage asthma symptoms when they come on. A copy can be found here.
• If you come down with a cold or flu, or any other respiratory infection, see your doctor and take precautions.
• If you smoke, now is a good time to quit. Smoking will increase your risk from COVID-19.
• Don’t panic or stress as this can also influence your asthma. Understand your symptoms and seek medical attention if you feel you need it.

If you have asthma, and no symptoms of COVID-19:

• Wash your hands often with soap and warm water
• Use tissues to wipe your nose or catch a sneeze, then discard them immediately
• Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean
• Avoid unnecessary interactions with other people: large gatherings, shaking hands or hugging, unnecessary travel etc
• Carry on with your usual asthma meds

National Asthma Education Program

Co-op Announces New Measures to Keep Colleagues and Families Safe at Funerals

Central England Co-op announces new measures to keep colleagues and families safe while preparing to say goodbye to a loved one

Central England Co-op Funeralcare has announced a range of new measures to keep colleagues and families safe as they help people prepare to say goodbye to their loved ones.


Colleagues are working 24 hours a day to support families at their time of need but changes have had to be put in place following advice and guidance from the Government.


These changes include:

  • Funeral homes have restricted public access with clear information displayed on how to contact the teams if needed
  • Providing a new service enabling families to complete funeral arrangements over the phone or via email
  • Visiting loved ones is still allowed by appointment and providing social distancing guidance can be followed
  • Closing florist shops based on Government instructions. Families can still take their own flowers direct to any service
  • Being unable to provide limousines to comply with social distancing advice
  • Funeral Directors being encouraged to use wheeled trolleys instead of shouldering coffins
  • Being unable to provide new headstones or refurbish existing ones for the time being.  Stone removals for burials will still be provided


Hazel Moss, Head of Funeral, said: “We are working to do all we can to support our families at this difficult time but we feel these measures have to be put in place to protect them and our colleagues.

We will continue to monitor the situation with a view to taking all appropriate steps to minimise risk to our colleagues, all funeral directors and their teams and all mourners and the public while maintaining the highest standard of service possible.”


“These are circumstances that none of us could have imagined, but it continues to be our privilege to support families at this difficult time. Together, we will still give your loved one the best funeral we can, in the current circumstances.”


These new measures come after changes were also put in place at Bretby Crematorium to keep colleagues and mourners safe.  The grounds at the site are remaining open.


New measures include:

  • Funerals are restricted to immediate family only with a strong recommendation of a maximum attendance of 10 mourners. Immediate family includes partners, parents, children, siblings and grandchildren
  • We offer free of charge webcasting of services
  • Curtains will be closed around coffins at the end of the service
  • Hymn books will be removed from chapels for the foreseeable future
  • A gap of at least 10 minutes between services to allow for crematorium staff to tidy the chapels
  • Funeral Directors will be encouraged to use wheeled trolleys instead of shouldering coffins
  • Advice will be posted on site asking families to use hand washing facilities, sit some distance apart from each other and not to shake hands
  • The main office on site will also be closed to the general public and the Book of Remembrance and other memorial work have been halted at this time

People can keep up to date with the latest guidance by visiting a dedicated online hub at



FEN Meet Up – Ladies Business Networking and Social Event

Are you a female business owner in or around Northamptonshire?

Join us for a great time at the Female Entrepreneurs in Northamptonshire (FEN) Facebook group’s first ladies meetup. Come and mingle, network and socialise with other ambitious, hardworking, like minded ladies in the county.FEN Meet Up - Ladies Business Networking and Social Event

Running a business can often be lonely and sometimes frustrating. Come out and make new friends, new business connections and new clients over drinks and snacks in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Get a fresh dose of inspiration from our amazing guest speaker Dagmer Bryant – Transformational Coach and Motivational Speaker extraordinaire, who will be speaking about the exceptional power of cultivating and instilling yourself with a Success Mindset in order to achieving your business goals and take your businesses to the next level.

We will also be hearing from other inspiring local fempreneurs including Tayo Sakomba of Digital Makeovers and others, who will be sharing their business journeys with us. The challenges they’ve faced, lessons learned and the strategies used to achieve their successes.

Bring along your business cards, your flyers and free samples and get you brand seen by potential new clients and customers.

Few spaces also available to anyone interested in a table to showcase their products or marketing materials. Contact organiser for details.

Are you just starting out or still working on your business plan. Come along and meet other budding entrepreneurs and get the inspiration to take control and get started.

Event also open to ladies outside the FEN group and ladies from surrounding towns and cities.

Event Details

Doors Open at 2:00PM
From 2:00PM to 5:00PM


Nene Whitewater Centre, Northampton, NN4 7AA

To Book

Follow the link

Northamptonshire Community Foundation is Making an Impact Across the County

Northamptonshire Community Foundation has recently launched their fifth Impact Review based on completed projects in 2018. The review offers insights into the social impact grant awards have made to local individuals, groups and communities on behalf of a range of donors.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation has recently launched their fifth Impact Review based on completed projects in 2018. The review offers insights into the social impact grant awards have made to local individuals, groups and communities on behalf of a range of donors.

Based on these completed projects, the Foundation has supported 155,811 people at an average cost of £6.08 per beneficiary. Such projects have focused on getting people into education and training, arts, culture and heritage, volunteering, the environment, improving community wellbeing, supporting vulnerable people and families, developing safer communities and enabling people to get active.


Rachel McGrath, Deputy CEO of Northamptonshire Community Foundation, said: “The impact work we do helps to tell a story of the extraordinary difference community groups and charities are making locally to improve the lives and wellbeing of people in our communities. Our fifth and latest review is a cause for celebration on behalf of our donors and the groups we fund; many of the charities we award to may be small in size but they make a really huge impact.”


On Wednesday 4 March, the Foundation presented their updated report at Abington Park Museum, highlighting the impact that grant awards have made across Northamptonshire.


Introduced by Victoria Miles DL, CEO of Northamptonshire Community Foundation, guests were invited to hear from a range of speakers including the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, Nicholas Robertson DL, and Clive Ireson, who is part of Springs Family Centre.


Situated in an area of Northampton with 10% most deprivation in England, the centre provides a range of support services with a key focus on youth work.


Clive Ireson said: “Springs Family Centre, in Spring Boroughs, has been grateful for the support from the Community Foundation. The grants that have supported our youth work have helped many transform lives. Young people on the edge have been believed in and respected, supported through sport and music to turn their lives around.”


Northamptonshire Community Foundation is the leading independent grant-making charity in the county, working with a range of fund holders and donors to ensure projects make a sustainable impact on local need. The full Impact Report can be found online at: