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Northants Teens Renovate Local Playground for Community Project


  • Group of 12 Northants teenagers have refreshed a local playground
  • Northants teens volunteer 47,000 hours for local community as part of National Citizen Service (NCS)
  • Applications for autumn NCS programme now open


A DOZEN dedicated Northamptonshire teenagers have brought a new lease of life to the Rectory Farm Community Centre playground in Northampton as part of their social action project for National Citizen Service (NCS), this summer.

The group wanted their social action project to make a difference in the local community and focused on updating the Rectory Farm Community Centre playground. The teens secured free materials for the renovation and also placed a plaque in the playground to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease – a cause close to their hearts for which the team raised more than £200 through bucket collections.

Hannah Porter, 16 from Northampton was part of the group which worked on the Rectory Farm Community Centre playground project, said: “The biggest thing my whole team can take away from the NCS experience is how we have all acquired a new set of skills and mindset with which to use them.Teen Northants project

“As a result, our NCS experience can be described as nothing but completely exhilarating and meaningful, not just for the team, but for the impact we have made on the people in Northampton in the name of the Alzheimer’s Society.

“Despite the arduous efforts to sand, prime and paint in the sweltering heat, the smiles of the children who live around the playground made it all worthwhile for the team and we all feel truly proud.”

NCS, a unique programme open to all 16 and 17-year-olds, consists of three phases; the first phase involves outdoor team-building exercises and the second phase is a residential for participants to learn ‘life skills’. The third phase is spent putting all these new skills into practice when the teens plan and carry out a social action project where they spend at least of 30 hours on their chosen community project.

The 12 teenagers are amongst more than 1,500 Northamptonshire young people who dedicated a staggering 47,000 hours to create a positive change in their communities through social action by raising awareness for local charities, renovating community spaces and working for good causes. Northants group teens

To date almost 500,000 young people have taken part in NCS with more than ten million hours of social action completed. The social action projects are at the heart of the NCS programme and in 2016 it was calculated that for every £1 spent, the summer programme delivered between £1.15 – £2.42 of benefits back to society.

Phil Everett, from The EBP, the regional NCS provider, said: “We are incredibly proud of all the hard work our groups have put in across the summer programme and without a doubt they have made a huge impact across the county.

“The team were very determined and carried themselves in a very professional manner regarding the renovation of the Rectory Farm Community Centre playground. Everyone was really keen to make a noticeable difference to their local community and they have definitely done that.

“Although all of the summer start dates have now begun, NCS will be taking place in the autumn, so if you feel like you missed out this time then please get in touch.”

For further information and to sign up to the autumn NCS programme visit www.ncsyes.co.uk or call 01522 574101.

Reminder to have your Say on the Design of Future Local Government in Northants

Residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the county are reminded to have their say as consultation on a re-structure of local government in Northamptonshire continues until 22 July.


All eight authorities in Northamptonshire are working on a proposal for the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government that “must command a good deal of local support”, so stakeholders across the county have an opportunity to comment before a final proposal is submitted.


A detailed explanation of the consultation and a questionnaire can be found online at www.futurenorthants.co.uk and paper copies of both are available in libraries, council offices and other local venues. Please check your council’s website for details of venues where you can pick up a copy.


The Government’s invitation to submit a proposal follows a Best Value Inspection of Northamptonshire County Council, which concluded that its financial, cultural and governance problems could not be solved in isolation and recommended that plans be developed for two unitary authorities.


The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has asked that the eight authorities in Northamptonshire submit a proposal that meets the following criteria:


  • A single county-wide unitary is explicitly excluded as an option
  • Each new proposed authority must have a population substantially in excess of 300,000
  • The proposal must be based on existing council boundaries.


A representative telephone survey, focus groups with representative groups of invited residents and engagement with other stakeholders are also taking place.


Other consultations by the local media and by individual councils may take place at the same time, so it’s really important that people respond to the official Local Government Reform Northamptonshire consultation being run by all eight Northamptonshire councils for their comments on the proposal to be considered.


New Waste, Recycling and Street Cleaning Contract to Bring Benefits for Residents

Never before has our waste and recycling been in the news so much, from single use plastic bottles and straws to ear buds, baby wipes and coffee cups, we are now all united in our desire to do better by the environment and our oceans. So it is timely that today East Northamptonshire Council has signed a new deal to better manage waste and recycling throughout the area and to help residents recycle more and waste and litter less.


The new seven year contract to provide rubbish, recycling and street cleaning services in the district has been signed by Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) and Paul Taylor, Group Chief Executive of FCC Environment (UK) Limited.

New waste, recycling and street cleaning contract to bring benefits for residents of East Northamptonshire

The new £20m contract, which will save council tax payers over £3m over the seven years, has a strong focus on high standards of customer service, and includes opportunities for the council and its new contractor FCC Environment to develop services in line with innovations emerging within the waste sector such as the potential use of alternative fuel vehicles during the life of the contract and potentially into an extension.


Residents will continue to receive the same fortnightly recycling and refuse collections as they currently do. If changes to collection days are necessary to improve efficiency, they will be communicated well in advance to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.


Trade waste will also continue to be collected in the same way and the Garden Waste Club remains open for residents to join to recycle their green waste.


The new contract will begin when the existing one expires at the end of July 2018.


Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Steven North, said: “We’re committed to providing a reliable and convenient waste collection service which promotes recycling and represents value for money. This new contract will ensure we continue to deliver first-class waste collection and street cleaning services to our residents – who work hard to recycle as much as possible. Together, we will continue protecting our environment by sending more and more of our household waste for recycling.”


Waste Services Manager, Charlotte Tompkins, added: “We will be collecting the same refuse and recycling in the same bins.  Collections days may change to accommodate all the new houses built in the district and to allow us to ensure we are still using the most fuel efficient routes. Otherwise, it’s collection business as usual.”


Group Chief Executive of FCC Environment Paul Taylor said “FCC Environment is one of the UK’s leading waste and recycling businesses serving the needs of some 60 local authorities. We process 1.6 million tonnes of recycling each year and generate 102 MW of green energy from the waste that cannot be recycled. We are delighted to be binging our experience to residents of East Northamptonshire and look forward to working closely with the council to exceed the communities expectations.”