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Hamerton Park – Did you know we had a local zoo?

Hamerton Park Zoo Review

Not everyone can boast a local zoo, but Hamerton Park really is just a hop, skip and a jump away! (I’ve clearly spent too much time with the Wallaby’s) DSC03783

Over in Sawtry near Peterborough, resides Hamerton Park, it’s a zoo but also a conservation centre too. There are Pygmy Goats, Tigers, all sorts of birds, some fabulous Cheetahs and much more. Last time we were there the two tigers had a stand up fight – that was amazing!

The start of spring means there are a lot of new mums at the Park at the moment; some animals are old hands and have seen it all before, but some are having their first babies and the zoo keeps a careful eye kept on them.

There is a petting zoo which is great even for adults!

Baby wallabies are one of the sure signs that spring is coming. The small Parma Wallabies can have young at any time of year, but the zoo’s Bennett’s Wallaby babies don’t show their noses out of the pouches until around March.  Several can be seen this spring. The first donkey foal of the year is a lovely American Mammoth jenny foal, the first female to be born here to this endangered breed they imported from Texas. A Poitou Donkey is due soon too, and very pregnant foxes and lemurs means the early spring really is here.


The zoo does a huge amount of work for endangered species, and all the animals have the very best care and attention, It’s a great day out for young, old and even very young as the enclosures all have low windows for better viewing.

There is a picnic area and children’s play park with some fabulous rides too.



Hamerton Zoo Park, Hamerton, Nr Sawtry, Cambs, PE28 5RE
Phone: 01832 293362
Email: office@hamertonzoopark.com
Web: www.HamertonZooPark.com

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