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The Miraculousness of Local Honey

OK so ‘miraculousness’ is a Nene Local specially made up word, but forgive us, in this instance the superfood deserves a whole new word!

Local honey is gaining popularity as a ‘cure’ for the symptoms of hayfever.  The theory goes that if the honey is from local bees, using local pollen then it’ll contain traces of the pollen to which you are allergic, I guess working on homeopathic theories?  It seems to work for people we speak to anyway. titchwinklehoney

The honey of choice for the Nene Valley area is Titch Wincle Honey.  Brought to you by the bees of Aldwincle and Titchmarsh.  We bought our pot from the Titchmarsh Shop but you can contact them to see where near you it may be for sale.  A large jar (400g) is £6.00 and much better then taking tablets and adding other chemicals to your system for hayfever (plus the Titch Winkle Honey tastes rather splendid too!)


Each jar of honey has its own explanatory label, informing you of the 55,000 miles flown by the bees as they were collecting pollen to make your honey, and the fact they’ve visited over local flowers up to two million times!

We know why the saying talks about a ‘busy bee’ !!

Titch Wincle Honey comes from Chale Cottage, Titchmarsh and they can be contacted on titchwinclehoney@virginmedia.com

Thrapston Charter Fair – June 29th 2013

The Thrapston Charter Fair is happening all along Thrapston High Street and surrounds on June 29th 2013.

The theme for 2013 is “Holidays”

Come along and have fun!


If you’d like to book a stall – then click here

Olive Grove Nurseries – Polebrook


olive grove polebrookThe Olive Grove Nurseries, is a new and exciting plant centre based in Polebrook, displaying the finest Palm Trees, Mediterranean Plants and Olive Trees for sale in the UK.

The six-acre site with its Italian style plaza/show area is unique in its concept, reflecting the style,

olive grove polebrook

experience and feel of a typical Mediterranean plant nursery.

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to make a real statement in your Mediterranean garden or patio area, a garden designer looking for inspiration or a landscaping contractor searching for a quality supplier, you will love to explore The Olive Grove, the large range of olive trees, Mediterranean plants, palms trees, pots and stunning contemporary statues will not disappoint.


Olive Grove Nurseries, Oundle Road, Polebrook, Northants, PE8 5LQ
Tel: 01832 275660
email: info@olivegrovenurseries.co.uk