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Planning Applications: 05 December 2018 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/02213/FUL (05/01/2019)


Replacement windows and doors and additional roof lights to modern extension and erection of

new garden room to front at Saddletrees 3 Fuller Close Aldwincle  NN14 3UU

18/02214/LBC (05/01/2019)


Internal reconfiguration of kitchen and porch, replacement windows and addition of bi fold doors to

modern extension and installation of roof lights over kitchen at Saddletrees 3 Fuller Close

Aldwincle NN14 3UU


18/01797/FUL (05/01/2019)


Replacement of gas fired central heating boiler and boiler flu at 54 High Street Brigstock NN14 3HA


18/02142/FUL (05/01/2019)


Construction of an agricultural worker’s dwelling at Land North East of Lancaster Farm Higham

Road Chelveston

Duddington With Fineshade

18/01985/FUL and 18/02181/LBC (05/01/2019) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Installation of waterwheel in existing waterwheel pit within the mill building.  Installation of

generator, gearbox and associated equipment for hydro electric generation at The Mill Mill Street

Duddington PE9 3QG

18/02207/FUL (05/01/2019)


Conversion of annex to an independent dwelling at Gardeners Cottage High Street Duddington PE9 3QE

18/02264/VAR (05/01/2019)


Variation of conditions 5, 2 and 3 pursuant to planning application 18/00965/FUL: Demolition of

existing porch, canopy, garage, conservatory and utility room extension. Erection of two storey

extension to west elevation, single storey extensions to south and north elevations, and first floor

extension to southwest elevation. Replacement of fascias, bargeboards, windows and external doors. Alterations to access, boundary treatments and landscaping (Resubmission of

17/01230/FUL) Condition Number(s): Condition 5  (entrance)

Condition 2 (Materials)

Condition 3 (Drawings) at Hillside Stamford Road Duddington  PE9 3QB


18/02029/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Erection of oak framed carriage house for two cars, workshop and log store at 56 Stamford Road

Easton On The Hill PE9 3PA

18/02270/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Erection of two storey dwelling at Land Adjacent 2 Newtown Easton On The Hill


18/02183/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Relocation and alterations to an existing agricultural barn at Hargrave Lodge Farm Shelton Road Hargrave NN9 6BA

18/02258/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing garage building and erection of a new dwelling at 4 Moor Cottages Nags

Head Lane Hargrave NN9 6BN


18/02201/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

The works are to extend an existing ancillary building to form additional storage and workshop

space formerly approved EN/11/01110/FUL at Hemington House Lutton Road Hemington


Higham Ferrers

18/02175/LBC (05/01/2019)


Repainting of existing front facade and window frames; repainting of the existing rear facade and

window frames at 1 Hind Stile Higham Ferrers  NN10 8EA

18/02211/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension to dwelling at 3 Roman Way Higham Ferrers NN10 8NS

18/02234/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Erection of a 4-bedroom single storey dwelling with parking, amenity land and new access at Land at Wharf Road Allotment Site Wharf Road Higham Ferrers

18/02249/LBC (05/01/2019)


Internal alterations to create Disabled WC in position of existing Strong Room at 12 Market Square

Higham Ferrers NN10 8BT


18/02239/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of former St.John’s Ambulance building and erection of 2No 3-bedroom dwellings

including parking and amenity spaces at 126 Victoria Street Irthlingborough  NN9 5RG

18/02248/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension and two storey side extension at 50 Thomas Flawn Road

Irthlingborough NN9 5PA

Kings Cliffe

18/02069/FUL (05/01/2019)


Partial demolition and reconfiguration of existing stone boundary wall and creation of a new vehicular access and off road parking at 27 West Street Kings Cliffe

Lowick and Slipton

18/02269/VAR (05/01/2019)


Variation of condition 4 pursuant to planning application 15/01997/FUL: Single and two storey rear extensions dated 15.12.2015 Condition 4: Submission of approved drawings at Sten Beren Main Street Lowick  NN14 3BH


18/02187/LBC (05/01/2019)


Proposed internal alteration works and general refurbishment and a single storey rear extension.

Proposed revision to approved 18/01289/LBC at 96 West Street Oundle

18/02226/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

3 storey temporary office block at Fairline Nene Valley Business Park Oundle PE8 4HN


18/02174/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of single garage and erection of double garage at Fairview Ashfield Avenue Raunds


18/02221/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

To replace existing entrance gates and associated fencing at Blotts Barn Brooks Road Raunds


18/02228/FUL (05/01/2019) (Art8)

Conversion of existing barns to stables and change of use of land from agricultural to equestrian

use (Resubmission of 18/01732/FUL) at 111 London Road Raunds  NN9 6DB

18/02254/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing garage. Construction of new garage with rooms above. Increase in ridge

height to dwelling house to provide bedroom accommodation at first floor level, demolition of

conservatory, replace with single storey side extension (resubmission of 18/01640/FUL) at 84 High Street Raunds  NN9 6HT


18/01853/FUL (05/01/2019)


Change of use from offices to 2 dwellings at first floor level, front extension to ground floor of 4

Church Street and creation of new shopfront.Change of use of store / garage to create a new retail unit accessed from Church Street. Installation of shutters to all 3 shopfronts at 4 Church

Street Rushden  NN10 9YT

18/02068/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Erection of a three bedroom dwelling at land adjacent 86 and 88 Talbot Road Rushden

18/02173/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Erection of Recreational Building at The Cloisters Rectory Road Rushden NN10

18/02209/OUT (29/12/2018) (Info)

To build a single new 2/3 bedroom bungalow at the rear (north) of 10 Mill estate- All matters reserved at 10 Mill Estate Wymington Road Rushden  NN10 9LD

18/02215/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Two storey side extension at 131 Higham Road Rushden NN10 6DS

18/02227/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Change of use from retail & workshop to residential dwelling including amenity space at 31

Fitzwilliam Street Rushden NN10 9YW

18/02229/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension at 40 Wymington Road Rushden NN10 9JX


18/02167/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing detached dwelling house and replacement with new detached dwelling

house at Green Lodge Farm Brigstock Road Sudborough  NN14 3BU


18/02275/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Proposed detached garden room at The Cartshed Tansor Grange Barns Tansor Wold Road Tansor


Thorpe Achurch

18/01919/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing conservatory and erection on single storey rear extension, rendering of rear and side walls at 2 Aldwincle Road Thorpe Waterville  NN14 3ED


18/02210/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Double storey rear extension, single storey side extension and  new garage to the rear at 15

Hortons Lane Thrapston NN14 4LD


18/02147/FUL (29/12/2018) (Info)

Rear and side single storey extension with internal layout changes at 1 St Marys Close

Woodnewton PE8 5EQ

Planning Applications: 22 November 2018 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/01956/FUL (22/12/2018)


Remove 6 metres of the boundary wall to facilitate a new vehicle access to the highway at 2

Orchard Cottage Laundry Road Apethorpe   PE8 5DQ


18/01265/FUL (22/12/2018)


Full Planning application for a rural exception scheme of nine dwellings with associated

infrastructure and landscaping at land between allotments and no. 27 Grafton Road

18/02009/FUL (22/12/2018)


Addition of two dormer windows and an external staircase to access the upper storage area for

previously approved detached garage built under16/00350/FUL (Retrospective) at 13 Park Walk

Brigstock  NN14 3HH

18/02077/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Rear extension, single storey front extension and side extension over existing garage and new glazing and cladding at 12 Bells Close Brigstock  NN14 3JG


18/02168/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

The proposed development is to erect two glamping pods located to the south west of the caravan

and camping site.  The glamping pods are to be constructed of timber with horizontal timber

cladding for the walls and roof.  The glamping pods are 3.13 metres wide by 5.97 metres long witha height of 2.75 metres.  They are constructed on a metal frame that attaches to the ground.  The

windows and doors are constructed of UPVC in grey. at New Lodge Farm Laxton Road Bulwick


18/02043/FUL (22/12/2018)


Construction of a hydrogen fuelling building with on-site hydrogen generation, storage, ancillary

maintenance and storage units, security fencing, and hardstanding at Chelveston Renewable Energy Park The Airfield Chelveston  NN9 6AR


18/01947/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Replace flat roof on garage with pitched roof, single storey front extension to garage and convert

garage into habitable room at Swandrift Freemans Lane Denford

Duddington With Fineshade

18/02025/FUL and 18/02026/LBC (22/12/2018) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

Proposed single storey link extension, removal of existing boundary wall and replacement with fence at Corringham High Street Duddington  PE9 3QE

18/02103/FUL and 18/02104/LBC (22/12/2018) (LB/CA)(LBRegs)

New external boiler, new flues, new small oil tank to serve the barn and new sewage treatment

plant to replace the existing septic tank for the main house at Manor Farm High Street Duddington



18/02015/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey side extension, replace existing roof light with dormer window and installation of new roof light at 2 Baxters Lane Easton On The Hill  PE9 3NH

Higham Ferrers

18/01905/ADV (22/12/2018)


Two new advertisements affixed to the front and side elevation at 2 High Street Higham Ferrers

NN10 8BN

18/01933/FUL (22/12/2018)


Construction of single storey annexe to rear of existing building together with refurbishment of

church building and insertion of new first floor with stairs and lifting platform at The Methodist

Church High Street Higham Ferrers   NN10 8DD

18/02126/LBC (22/12/2018)


Two new advertisements affixed to the front and side elevation at 2 High Street Higham Ferrers

NN10 8BN

18/02134/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of replacement garden room at 76 Upper Kings Avenue Higham Ferrers NN10 8JZ


18/00945/OUT (22/12/2018)


Outline: Residential development with public open space and associated infrastructure. Means of access from Nicholas Road. (All matters reserved except access) (resubmission of 17/00969/OUT) at land rear of Nicholas Road Irthlingborough

18/02138/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Extension to Garage to create Workshop and Garden Room at 140 Finedon Road Irthlingborough


18/02146/FUL (22/12/2018)


Roof extension to existing building and alterations to boundary screening comprising of new

pedestrian gate and additional vehicle access gate at store and premises New Street

Irthlingborough  NN9 5UG


18/01848/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension; alterations to front elevation; replacement windows, doors, roof

material, guttering and fascias; full render of property at 89A Lowick Road Islip

Kings Cliffe

18/01955/FUL (22/12/2018)


Application to amend the 2nd phase works to extant community sports facility building

(06/00475/OUT) at Community Sports Kingsmead Station Road Kings Cliffe


18/02135/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Proposed single storey kitchen extension and detached double garage at 9 Lilford PE8 5SG

Lowick And Slipton

18/02058/LBC (22/12/2018)


Lifting of floor tiles within barn to allow ground investigation works following heating oil spillage at

Grange Farm House Sudborough Road Slipton  NN14 3AQ


18/01948/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Proposed single storey rear extension, single storey garage and utility room extension at 143

Glapthorn Road Oundle  PE8 5BA

18/02052/FUL (22/12/2018)


Erection of first floor extension above existing single storey side extension, conversion of attic and

the replacement rear and side door to composite and of all windows to UPVC dark grey at 6 Herne Road Oundle PE8 4BS

18/02133/FUL (22/12/2018)


Demolition of 7 bedroom dwelling and erection of 41 bed care home at 19 Cotterstock Road Oundle   PE8 5HA


18/02037/FUL (22/12/2018)


Replacement of existing timber painted windows and doors with new timber painted windows and

doors; alterations to existing conservatory to replace windows and glazed roof with new stone piers, windows and solid flat roof at The Stone Barn Pilton Manor Main Street Pilton

18/02038/LBC (22/12/2018)


Replacement of existing timber painted windows and doors with new timber painted windows and

doors; alterations to existing conservatory to replace windows and glazed roof with new stone piers, windows and solid flat roof; replacement of rainwater goods at The Stone Barn Pilton Manor

Main Street Pilton PE8 5SN

18/02136/FUL and 18/02137/LBC(22/12/2018)


New finish for existing flat roof including extending roof for new canopy. New flue liner to existing

chimney and replacement windows at Ivy House Main Street Pilton


18/02143/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Retrospective application for change of use from residential care home to a supported living HMO property at 45 Marshalls Road Raunds  NN9 6ET

18/02166/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Two storey rear extension at Lyndale 25 Chelveston Road Raunds NN9 6DA


18/02070/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

The erection of a two storey, two bedroom residential dwelling, with a new vehicular access at 7

High Street Ringstead  NN14 4DA


18/01889/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey side extension to allow for the rebuilding of the existing attached garage at

increased size at 104 Hall Avenue Rushden  NN10 9EU

18/01909/FUL (22/12/2018)


Proposed two storey side extension and attached single garage at 4 Griffith Street Rushden NN10 0RL

18/02125/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey side and rear extension at 18 Abbey Way Rushden  NN10 9HF

18/02170/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Two-storey side extension, porch extension and single garage at 1 Lancaster Way Rushden

NN10 0BH


18/02105/FUL (22/12/2018)


Demolition of existing derelict building and erection of six studio flats and associated site works at

30 Hortons Lane Thrapston  NN14 4LD


18/02051/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Change of Use of land to residential garden land and erection of new boundary fence for

properties 56 and 58 at land rear of 56 – 58 Islington Titchmarsh


18/01976/FUL (22/12/2018)


Re-landscaping works and installation of garden structures at Wadenhoe House Church Street

Wadenhoe  PE8 5SR

18/01977/LBC (22/12/2018)


Removal of section of existing stone balustrade and creation of sunken terrace at Wadenhoe House Church Street Wadenhoe  PE8 5SR


18/02139/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

New two storey rear extension at 23 Mill Road Woodford  NN14 4HH


18/02116/FUL (15/12/2018) (Info)

Side and rear extension at 20 Nassington Road Yarwell  PE8 6PP


Planning Applications: 07 November 2018 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


18/01908/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Replacement dwelling at 16 Slate Drift Collyweston  PE9 3PG


18/02061/FUL (08/12/2018)

(Art8) The use of the land for automotive logistics including storage of vehicles, vehicle parts and refurbishment of vehicles (Use Class B8), ancillary auctions and retention of ancillary office

building at car park and land Rockingham Motor Speedway Mitchell Road Corby

18/02062/FUL (08/12/2018)


The change of use of Rockingham Motor Speedway for automotive logistics, including open

storage of vehicles, vehicle parts and refurbishment of vehicles (Use Class B8). In addition

permission is also sought for the removal of the external (open air) speedway stands at Rockingham

Motor Speedway Mitchell Road Corby NN17 5AF


18/01612/FUL (08/12/2018)

(Art8) Demolition of existing agricultural building and erection of two agricultural buildings (a dutch barn for straw storage and a livestock building) at Home Farm Lodge Deenethorpe Airfield Deenethorpe NN17 3AN

Duddington With Fineshade

18/02022/FUL (08/12/2018)

(LB/CA) Proposed detached two storey garage building at Corringham High Street Duddington PE9 3QE

18/02023/LBC (08/12/2018)

(LBRegs) Removal of part exising wall to allow for construction of new garage building at Corringham High Street Duddington PE9 3QE


18/02045/VAR (01/12/2018)(Info)

Variation of condition 5 (approved plans) to allow the retention of balcony and patio doors

pursuant to planning application 15/01800/FUL: Two storey domestic extension with provision for a disabled person with attached single storey pitched roof single garage, car turntable and new reduced level access dated 15.12.2015 at The Cottage Benefield Road Glapthorn

18/02060/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

New first floor extension to side and rear of house and new single storey extension to rear

(replacing existing conservatory). New picked roofs to existing flat roof dormers at Hope Cottage

Main Street Glapthorn PE8 5BE


18/01831/FUL (08/12/2018)


Replace patio, extend retaining wall above the level of the patio in a white rendered finish,

erection of curved feature white rendered walling and planters within the garden, removal of two

sets of steps and addition of one new set of steps to rear of house – part retrospective at Box Tree

House Church Street Hargrave NN9 6BW

Higham Ferrers

18/01737/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Erection of a two storey, four bedroom dwelling with associated works at land at 53 Handcross Way Higham Ferrers

18/02012/FUL (08/12/2018)

(LB/CA) To install a porta cabin on the car park adjacent to the Sports Pavilion to house a book lending

service once the current library is shut at Sports Pavilion Vine Hill Drive Higham Ferrers


18/01964/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Formation of new car park and provision of internal access road to serve car park at Dodson and

Horrell Islip Furnace Site Kettering Road Islip NN14 3JW


18/00789/VAR (08/12/2018)

(LB/CA) Variation of conditions 2, 7 and 8 pursuant to planning application 17/02014/FUL: Installation of new boundary gates, and internal and external alterations as detailed in the Schedule of Works

dated 25/10/2017 at 6 Duck Lane Oundle  PE8 4DY

18/02016/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Demolish existing attached garage and build two storey extension with single storey double

garage. Reposition access drive at 16 Clifton Drive Oundle PE8


18/02064/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey porch extension, removal of conservatory, replacement with a single storey extension and rear second floor extension over existing at 7 Highfields Main Street Polebrook



18/02081/FUL (08/12/2018)

(Art8) Total of GIA of 26,850 sqft providing 27,000 sqft of managed business space which will provide a mix of lettable office (17,500sqft) and business starter units (9,500sqft) all within a B1 use class (a/b/c),available on flexible letting terms within a high quality managed environment  with shared facilities at Land Off A45 London Road Raunds  NN9 6EG


18/01972/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Construction of two detached two storey dwellings and two single garages, demolition of existing

building, alterations to access and associated works (revised submission to 18/00404/FUL) at 158 Wymington Road Rushden  NN10 9LA

18/02063/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Two storey and single storey rear extensions at 27 Purvis Road Rushden NN10

18/02085/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Single storey rear extension at 30 Hayway Rushden NN10 6AG


18/01953/FUL (08/12/2018)

(LB/CA) Change of use of part of shop (A1) to create an additional 1 bed flat to rear ground floor of premises (C3) at 44 High Street Thrapston  NN14 4JH



18/02075/FUL (01/12/2018) (Info)

Demolition of existing agricultural buildings and erection of new dwelling and triple garage block

at Hill Farm Buildings Barnwell Road Thurning PE8 5RH