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Planning Applications: 28 March 2019 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00417/FUL (27/04/2019)


Change of use of existing annex to separate dwelling with repair/partial rebuild of existing garage, new rear extension and oil tank. Provision of access driveway and parking at 50 Main Street Aldwincle NN14 3EL


19/00445/FUL (27/04/2019)


New side door to front elevation at Willowbrook 13 Manor Farm Apethorpe PE8 5DP


19/00367/FUL and 19/00368/LBC (27/04/2019)(LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Proposed verandah to rear at Willow Barn Middle Farm Main Street Upper Benefield PE8 5AN



19/00452/FUL (27/04/2019)


Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and erection of two storey rear extension at 9 Grafton Road Brigstock NN14 3EY

19/00467/FUL (27/04/2019)


Two storey and single storey extensions to rear of property at 13 Kennel Hill Brigstock NN14 3HB

Duddington With Fineshade

19/00344/FUL (27/04/2019)


Two storey and single storey extensions to side and rear of existing dwelling at Rose Cottage High Street Duddington PE9 3QE


18/02424/FUL (27/04/2019)


Replace kitchen/dining room window with French doors at 2 Priory Court West Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LS

19/00398/FUL and 19/00399/LBC (27/04/2019) (LBRegs) (LB/CA)

Single storey extension to rear of house and replace door on front of house at 4 High Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LR



19/00409/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of replacement hanger at Spanhoe Airfield Laxton Road Harringworth

Higham Ferrers

19/00183/ADV (27/04/2019)


Installation of 2no fascia signs on right side of building at 5 Wood Street Higham Ferrers NN10 8DL

19/00359/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Change existing conservatory polycarbonate roof for a lightweight tiled alternative at 39 Larkin Gardens Higham Ferrers  NN10 8PE

19/00381/FUL (20/04/2019 (Info)

Construction of two storey extensions and alterations at 79 Kimbolton Road Higham Ferrers

NN10 8HL

19/00386/VAR (20/04/2019) (Info)

Vary condition 2 of 17/02513/PDU (Change of use under class Q from an agricultural building to a 4 bedroom residential property) at OP6486 SP9669 Stanwick Road Higham Ferrers


19/00402/REM (27/04/2019)

(Art8) (LB/CA)

Reserved matters: for the erection of 88 dwellings with associated garages and works pursuant to application 16/01431/OUT for the erection of up to 100 residential units dated 22.02.19 at Nene Business Park Diamond Way Irthlingborough

Kings Cliffe

19/00355/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Alterations to the external style, location and form of dwelling, current extant approved outline approval and  Reserved Matters at land South of Wood Yard Wood Lane Kings Cliffe

19/00391/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of two-storey extension and porch to the rear at 73 Oak Lane Kings Cliffe PE8 6YY

19/00392/FUL (27/04/2019)


Erection of single storey rear extension at 49 Park Street Kings Cliffe


19/00478/FUL (27/04/2019)


Erection of detached dwelling (Re-submission of 18/02356/FUL) at The Old Post Office Main Street Lutton PE8 5ND


19/00385/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Demolish rear conservatory, external store and outbuilding. Reconstruct roof, front dormer windows and chimneys. Move front door. Extend rear of property with part two storey and part single storey extension at 51 Church Street Nassington  PE8 6QG


19/00371/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Proposed detached dwelling to the side garden of existing dwelling house at 15 St Peters Road Oundle PE8 4PH

19/00372/FUL (27/04/2019)


Proposed detached work/study area to rear garden at 27 Benefield Road Oundle


19/00389/FUL and 19/00390/LBC (27/04/2019) (LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Removal of existing masonry planters to the front of the Cobthorne building and the construction of new planting beds, dwarf walls, piers and railings. reinstate paving to existing crossovers.  Close existing crossovers and form new central crossover to forecourt at Cobthorne 16 West Street Oundle PE8 4EF


19/00419/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

First floor front, side and rear extension at 3 St Peters Road Oundle PE8 4PH

19/00479/FUL (27/04/2019)


Erection of new store building at 14A Market Place Oundle PE8 4BQ


19/00400/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Proposed first floor rear extension at Grombold Lodge 1A Chelveston Road Raunds NN9 6DA

19/00421/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Installation of pitched roof dormer window in position of former ‘Hayloft’ doors (Retrospective) at The Carriage House 13 Chelveston Road Raunds NN9 6DA


19/00273/FUL (27/04/2019)


Demolition, external alterations, extension and change of use to existing outbuildings to form new dwelling at 12A Church Street Rushden  NN10 9YT

19/00353/FUL (20/04/2019)


Single storey rear extension and garage conversion at 12 Larkin Gardens Rushden NN10 8PE

19/00380/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

The proposal includes creating a linking extension between the existing nursing home and the existing dwelling, which the scheme proposes to change use from a dwelling to a nursing home. At 173 – 175 Avenue Road Rushden NN10 0SN

19/00430/FUL (27/04/2019)


Single storey rear extension (resubmission of 18/01364/FUL) at 33 High Street Rushden NN10 0QE

19/00486/FUL () (Info)

Two-storey side and rear extension at 37 St Marys Avenue Rushden NN10 9EP

19/00502/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

First floor side extension over Garage at 3 Bluebell Rise Rushden NN10 0TU


18/02020/FUL (27/04/2019)


Single storey first floor side extension at 8 Raunds Road Stanwick NN9 6PP


19/00428/FUL (27/04/2019)


Front and rear extensions to dwelling and garden building at Briar House Main Street Tansor PE8 5HS


19/00382/FUL (20/04/2019) (Info)

Two-storey side extension at 4 Ablett Close Thrapston NN14 4QJ

19/00383/FUL (27/04/2019)


Change of use from current class A4 to B8 Storage and Distribution at 32 Huntingdon Road

Thrapston NN14 4NQ


19/00393/FUL and 19/00394/LBC (27/04/2019) (LB/CA) (LBRegs)

Proposed extension to existing dwelling and alterations to part of the ground floor the existing dwelling in order to create a new dwelling consisting of 4no bedrooms with an  integral garage (1no bedroom located above the garage and 3no within the existing dwelling at ground floor level) the existing remaining dwelling being served by 4no bedroom at first and 2nd floor level at Manor Farm Barn Main Street Wakerley  LE15 8PA

19/00404/LBC (27/04/2019)


Excavation of contaminated soils and underpinning of courtyard wall at The Old Rectory Main Street Wakerley LE15 8PA


19/00420/FUL (27/04/2019)


Replacement windows and rear door at 13 Church Street Woodford

Outside the District

19/00336/FUL (27/04/2019)


Application for cut and fill earthworks within Zone 2 and 3 (south) of Priors Hall Park, including the excavation, reengineering, compaction, surcharging and re-profiling of existing quarry backfill material, to provide development platforms and facilitate future development and the removal / treatment of any contamination encountered during the works, construction of a temporary works compound, haul routes and boundary treatments to secure the site perimeter at Priors Hall development site Stamford Road Weldon

Planning Applications: 14 March 2019 WEEKLY LIST

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Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00277/FUL (13/04/2019)


Alterations to outbuilding to form a Garden Room with a first floor storage area and roof light in West roof slope at Snowdrop Barn Chapel Farm Barns The Green Ashton PE8


19/00293/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey side extension at 26 Swan Avenue Brigstock NN14 3JQ

19/00347/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of a detached three bedroom dwelling to replace a previous approved static caravan at Spinney Hill Paddocks Stanion Road Brigstock  NN14 3FF


19/00177/FUL (13/04/2019)


New solid roof and lantern to existing conservatory, new porch canopy and alteration to 1no. window at 16 Church Street Easton On The Hill PE9 3LL

19/00178/LBC (13/04/2019)


Replacement of staircase, removal of part wall/cupboard next to dinning room chimney, removal of part walls to living room to create full width access to conservatory, reconfiguring of ensuite bedroom 1,  new solid roof and lantern to existing conservatory, new porch canopy and alteration to 1no. window at 16 Church Street Easton On The Hill  PE9 3LL

Higham Ferrers

18/02332/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Relocation of existing spray booth with associated relocation of external ducting to roof area at 37 York Road Higham Ferrers  NN10 8HZ

19/00319/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Erection of single-storey dwelling with access, parking and amenity land at land at Wharf Road Allotment Site Wharf Road Higham Ferrers


19/00340/VAR (06/04/2019) (Info)

Variation of conditions pursuant to planning permission 17/01502/FUL dated 5.10.17 Single storey extension to side and rear of property

Conditions 2- Plans:

Substitute permitted drawings to

1914-04b Proposed Floor Plan, 1914-05a Proposed Elevations (1) and Proposed Elevations (2) at

3 Swans Way Higham Ferrers  NN10 8NF


19/00288/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear conservatory at 15 Riverside Way Islip NN14 3LF


19/00020/LBC and 19/00021/FUL (13/04/2019) (LBRegs) (LB/CA)

Replace existing Collyweston tile and corrugated roof covering over barn with imitation Collyweston tile at Stafford Knott House Main Street Laxton  NN17 3AT

Little Addington

19/00297/FUL (06/04/2019)


Side extension forming family and utility area and porch extension at 4 Watervill Way Little Addington  NN14 4FA


19/00215/LBC (13/04/2019)


Repair and refurbish dilapidated building adjoining house: demolish internal unstable partition wall; re-build gable wall and insert new glazed element; Re-tile and insulate roof; fit two new conservation-grade roof lights; Install underfloor heating over foamed glass gravel and limecrete subfloor at 60 West Street Oundle  PE8 4EF

19/00274/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Removing the roof of the existing chalet bungalow and constructing a new first floor; removing the existing garage and replacing with new side extension and removing the existing rear extension and replacing with a new single storey rear extension at 20 Herne Road Oundle

19/00315/FUL (13/04/2019)


Conversion of outbuilding to habitable room and erection of fence at 60 West Street Oundle PE8 4EF


19/00298/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Replacement garage / workshop at 26 Gladstone Street Ringstead

19/00334/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey front and side extension at 1 Newell Road Ringstead


18/02409/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Subdivision of Unit L2 into units L2a and L2b and change of use of Unit L2b from Food and Beverage (Use Class A3) to retail (Use Class A1) use, and associated shopfront alterations and other external works at Unit L2b West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00236/FUL (13/04/2019)


Installation of 16no. outdoor AC condensing units, floor mounted to flat roof of property at 48 – 50 High Street Rushden  NN10 0PJ

19/00306/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Prefabricated shed at 6 Higham Gate Rushden  NN10 6XB

19/00320/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension, widening of garage door opening to front elevation at 37 Prospect Avenue Rushden  NN10 6DQ

19/00335/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Single storey rear extension at 16 Higham Road Rushden  NN10 6DZ

19/00337/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Replacement front porch roof and two storey gable feature render, construct single storey rear extension at 14 Restormel Close Rushden  NN10 0QW

19/00395/ADV (06/04/2019) (Info)

Four illuminated box signs at Unit L2b West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden


19/00258/FUL (13/04/2019)


Proposed porch, garage conversion first floor extensions and carport with associated internal and external works at 4 Raunds Road Stanwick  NN9 6PP

Stoke Doyle

19/00305/FUL (13/04/2019)


Erection of detached building to provide amenity facilities; Partial demolition of existing boundary wall; tarmac access from existing footpath with new and landscaping at St Rumbald Church Church Lane Stoke Doyle  PE8 5TH


19/00011/LBC (13/04/2019)


The installation of tilt sensor and 2 no. crack monitors to the inside of arch no. 5 for the purposes of monitoring at Nine Arches Bridge Bridge Street Thrapston  NN14 4JP


19/00348/FUL (06/04/2019) (Info)

Change of use of land to mixed agricultural and equestrian use and erection of stable building at SP96347 78064 A14 Kettering Road Twywell


Planning Applications: 28 February 2019 WEEKLY LIST

To add your comments to any planning applications – click on the ENC website or click the link below to go directly to the article you require.


Notice is given that the following applications have been received together with the last date for making representations:


19/00250/FUL (30/03/2019)


To remove 6 meters of existing boundary wall to create a vehicle access, install timber drive gates

and rebuild stone wall to reduced height of 600mm 2 meters either side of new gates (Resubmission of 18/01956/FUL) at 2 Orchard Cottage Laundry Road Apethorpe


19/00262/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Extension to existing garage at 14A Main Street Clopton  NN14 3DZ


19/00241/FUL (30/03/2019)


Convert existing dwelling and outbuilding into 6 dwellings with associated landscaping at The Sea Horse Deene  NN17 3EJ

Duddington With Fineshade

18/02428/FUL (30/03/2019)


Change of use to timber lodge holiday park and the development of ancillary infrastructure and

landscaping at land south of Top Lodge Top Lodge Road Fineshade


19/00248/FUL (23/03/2019)


Part two storey and part first floor side extension at 21 Porters Lane Easton On The Hill PE9 3NF

19/00265/LBC (30/03/2019)


Conversion of existing Dovecote to create gym, lift existing brick floor, lay concrete slab to a depth

of 100mm and re lay existing brick floor over to support mezzanine level. Removal of existing

mock collyweston roof tiles and battens, addition of breathable roofing membrane over existing

roof trusses, installation of new battens and existing tiles re laid over.  Removal of existing door and replacement with aluminium framed glazed door, removal of existing opening at mezzanine level and replace with aluminium framed glazed unit, addition of cast iron grille on exterior of building to allow for extraction of ventilation equipment at 34 Stamford Road Easton On The Hill

Higham Ferrers

19/00196/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

First floor extension to side of dwelling, single storey to rear, conversion of existing integral garage to habitable accommodation and erection of new detached garage to front of dwelling. at 50 Russell Way Higham Ferrers  NN10 8EJ

19/00271/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Alteration and extension (resubmission of 18/02438/FUL) at 65 Wharf Road Higham Ferrers

NN10 8BQ


19/00140/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Construction of 2 No. dormers to front facing roof slope at 133 Ebbw Vale Road Irthlingborough


Kings Cliffe

19/00257/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Part demolition of existing bungalow and construction of new house at 107 Wood Road Kings

Cliffe  PE8 6XR


19/00332/FUL (30/03/2019)


Installation of a 12 panel/4KW solar PV system to the south facing roof pitch of garage at north

end of outbuildings at Stafford Knott House Main Street Laxton  NN17

Newton Bromswold

19/00246/FUL (23/03/2019)


Erection of agricultural dwelling at Twelve Oaks Rushden Road Newton Bromswold NN10 0SP


18/02419/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Proposed single storey extension to kitchen and utility room with new surrounding covered

veranda, new entrance porch and relocated driveway entrance from private road (Wood Lane) to

new parking area to rear of garage along with landscaping at Sudborough House Wood Lane

Oundle  PE8 5TP

19/00238/FUL (30/03/2019)


New greenhouse and shed to rear garden of dwelling at 43 South Road Oundle PE8 4BP


19/00194/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Demolition of existing barns and erection of two detached dwellings with detached double garages, one of which being two storey with ancillary residential accommodation. The temporary

siting of a caravan during the construction phase. at The Poultry Farm Brooks Road Raunds

19/00249/FUL (30/03/2019)


Change of use from open space to residential garden land at land adjacent 51 Thorpe Street


19/00263/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

To convert rear half of double garage into living space at 1 Shelmerdine Gardens Raunds



19/00208/ADV (23/03/2019) (Info)

Three Internally illuminated fascia signs to retail unit comprising 2(no) to front elevation and 1(no)

to rear at Unit GS09 Garden Square Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FL

19/00220/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Enlargement of existing dormer, creation of new dormer, demolition of garage, erection of new

garage at 83 Whitefriars Rushden  NN10 9PE

19/00237/ADV (30/03/2019)


Proposed 2 no externally illuminated fascia signs and 1no externally illuminated hanging sign to shopfront elevation at 48 – 50 High Street Rushden  NN10 0PJ

19/00259/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Erection of fixed canopy / sail to front of building Signage comprising of:-1 set of internally

illuminated fascia text

1 non illuminated set of fascia text at Unit L7 West Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00260/ADV (23/03/2019) (Info)

1 set of internally illuminated fascia text, 1 set of non illuminated fascia text at Unit L7 West

Terrace Rushden Lakes Rushden  NN10 6FT

19/00282/ADV (23/03/2019) (Info)

Installation of new internally illuminated letters to front fascia and new non illuminated metal

fascia panel to rear elevation at Unit GS05 Garden Square Rushden Lakes Rushden


18/02280/FUL (30/03/2019)


A general storage building in connection with activities at Bluebell Lakes at Bluebell Lakes

Fotheringhay Road Tansor Peterborough  PE8 5HN


18/02030/FUL (30/03/2019)


Alterations to existing building to form two dwellings with new garage (resubmission of

17/02027/FUL) at land rear of 15 Chancery Lane Thrapston

18/02031/LBC (18/03/2019)


Alterations to existing building to form two dwellings with new garage (Resubmission of

17/02028/LBC) at land rear of 15 Chancery Lane Thrapston

19/00114/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Replace floating bay window with walk in bay window at 5 Poppyfield Court Thrapston NN14 4TS

19/00289/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Convert existing double garage into living accommodation at 37 Tyler Way Thrapston NN14 4UE


18/02284/FUL (30/03/2019)


Part demolition of and change of use of Public House to a dwelling. Erection of a pair of 3 bedroom dwelling houses on the car park to rear with associated parking at 33 High Street Woodford  NN14 4HE


19/00256/FUL (30/03/2019)


Single storey front extension at 64 Main Street Yarwell  PE8 6PR

19/00303/FUL (23/03/2019) (Info)

Side and rear extension at 20 Nassington Road Yarwell  PE8 6PP