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Central England Co-op Outlines Plans on Face Coverings for Colleagues and Customers

Central England Co-op has outlined its plans for in-store face coverings in its food and funeral businesses, as the retailer continues to lead the way on safety measures during these uncertain times.

The retailer, which has over 400 food stores and funeral homes across 16 counties, is asking customers to follow Government guidance and wear a face covering when visiting one of its businesses.Central England Co-op has outlined its plans for the roll-out of mandatory face coverings

All colleagues will wear a face covering or visor while at work to ensure everyone plays their part in staying safe and healthy.

Debbie Robinson, Central England Co-op Chief Executive, said: “Nothing is more important to us all at Central England Cooperative than the health and safety of our colleagues and customers.

“Ahead of the official start date of the 24 July for customers to wear face coverings in shops, we will be asking colleagues to do so from today (Monday 20). This is to ensure the message is as clear and consistent as possible for everyone.

“Our colleagues have all been supplied with face masks for when they are working and will be playing their part in helping our communities to stay safe. We want our colleagues to feel comfortable wearing a face covering for up to eight hours at a time, and so are also ensuring more comfortable face visors are available to those who prefer to wear one.

Central England Co-op has outlined its plans for the roll-out of mandatory face coverings

Central England Co-op has outlined its plans for the roll-out of mandatory face coverings

“Some customers are rightly exempt from this request, for health or religious reasons. We have made these exemptions very clear on our website and all team members will be reminded of these important exemptions.  Priority access for NHS team members is still in place, to allow these front-line workers to be in our and out of store as quickly as possible.

“So we now ask all of our customers to wear a face covering so we know together we’re co-operating in our efforts to be safe.”

The new measures on wearing face coverings will sit alongside a range of others already in place at Central England Co-op sites, which have been very well received by customers.

These include:


On entering the shop:

    • Prominent markings installed outside stores so customers queuing to enter maintain safe distances of two-metres, as well as messages asking those customers who may have symptoms of Covid-19 not to enter the store.
    • Permanent hand sanitiser stations at the front of all stores and a one-way system in place permanently


Whilst shopping:

    • Specialist cleaning products are used to regularly wipe down the countertops and chip and pin machines, ATMs, baskets and trolleys
    • Clear markings installed throughout stores to communicate two-metre spacing. Customers are asked to maintain these distances while shopping and this is repeated frequently via in-store radio messaging


At point of payment:

    • Special markings installed to showcase two-metre safe distances while queueing
    • Team members are using every other till point or checkout to keep both customers and colleagues a safe distance apart
    • Special markings installed in front of till points and checkouts of at least one metre. If a customer needs to enter this area to place down a basket or use the keypad, colleagues move backwards to maintain a safe distance
    • Customers are asked to pay with card or contactless if possible
    • Over 1,000 plastic screens at till points and 7,000 face visors issued to staff.


People can keep up to date with what is happening in their local community by visiting a dedicated online hub at

Coronavirus community projects get funding boost

Older people across the Midlands will benefit from a leading housebuilder’s community funding.


The Northampton branch of the Parkinson’s Disease Society and St Giles Church, Cheddington, have each been selected to receive £1,000 from Persimmon Homes to help fund projects to combat isolation and loneliness.

persimmon homes charity

The housebuilder’s Community Champions initiative seeks to support grassroots groups and charities in areas where the company is building. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Persimmon has pledged to focus all its Community Champions funding to help the over-70s, who are most affected by the lockdown.


Claire Dearsley, sales director for Persimmon Homes Midlands, said: “Covid-19 is having a massive impact on older people, so we are pleased to support two organisations taking practical steps to support these members of our communities.”


The grade two listed St Giles Church in Cheddington is a focal point for the village, organising events to bring the community together and prevent older members from missing out on vital social contact. Persimmon’s donation will support the church’s fundraising for much-needed repairs and improvements.

persimmon homes charity

The Parkinson’s Disease Society is setting up two projects to combat isolation for older people across Northamptonshire – regular phone calls from trained volunteers and lessons in using technology so people with Parkinson’s can contact families and friends through social media. All their normal fundraising activities were stopped by the pandemic, so Persimmon’s donation will help to cover the cost of these initiatives.

Persimmon Homes Midlands makes two donations of up to £1,000 every month. The online application form can be found at

Tranquillity gains Coverage in Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine

Relaxation and Tranquillity Expert  gains Coverage in Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine

Susan Royle of Tranquillity Time Retreats is the expert in calming relaxation.  In challenging times her business of retreats for busy women held at places such as Tofte Manor and the Arc Cabin has gone from strength to strength.

As venues closed due to Covid 19, Susan began to run her retreats online using the Zoom platform.  The regular relaxing get-togethers offer different sorts of specialisms from sleep to creativity.

Using Zoom, everyone can speak and interact with one another – as humans we crave human contact, which can be missing at the moment in many lives. time for tranquility retreats

Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine actively sought Tranquillity Time Retreats to show how local businesses had embraced lockdown and continued to thrive in adverse circumstances.  The secret of Tranquillity Time’s success is how much her retreats, whatever the subject, is their benefit to our mental health.

Nene Local Magazine has attended one of Susan’s creativity retreats, and written about the experience here

The next retreat from Tranquillity Time is one based around better sleep, so clam your self and give your mental health a lift by booking today.

time for tranquility retreats

Find out more here;

Soothing You to Sleep Online Retreat

Soothing you and your body taking time and space to rest and revitalise. Permission to pause, as we deepen our breath, slow down and relax our body and mind through deep meditation. To the melodic sound of Koshi Chimes, to unwind, unravel and be kind to yourself.


Date: 29th May

Duration: 2 hours – 7pm – 9pm

Price: £40.00 per person


Why Now Might be the Best Time to Career Transition

How life has changed globally over the last 2 months. The speed of change and adaptation has been startling, yet we are finding that we are living our lives differently; even observing that ways of working are unlikely to revert to how they used to be. It’s a time for reflection, evaluation and reinvention. So why not contemplate a career change?

nene local | career change

Julie Brown – Career transition and life coach at Se Melius

Maybe you have been made redundant or started working from home and in doing so have realised that the work doesn’t satisfy you.  Maybe you’ve been furloughed and are fearful that you might lose your job or are finishing education and looking for your first job opportunity or maybe you’ve been unhappy in your job for some time but feel stuck.

Employee engagement is at an all-time low so now is the time to grasp the nettle and take positive action. Here are my 4 top tips to make the contemplation of transition a reality.

Firstly, get in touch with your core values. So, what are core values? For me it’s integrity, honesty, learning, recognition, friendships, respect, freedom etc. When you are in a career that matches your core values you will find clarity, purpose, meaning and fulfilment. If your core values are not currently being met, it’s a sure sign that things need to change.

Secondly, think about your purpose. What is going to fulfil you? Consider the job sector you want to work in and research companies. What is their culture, ethos and work ethic? Do you want to set up on your own? Either way consider your skills, talents, attributes, knowledge that you can bring to the party. If you find a good match for your skills and core values, you are one step closer to finding your dream career.

Take action, do your research, and make connections.  Start making connections and networking to find out what skills and knowledge are required for jobs within that sector. Set yourself a goal to close the learning gap and broaden your network.  If you can, do some voluntary work within your chosen sector. It’s a low risk opportunity to dip your toe in the water and try it out before committing.nene local | career change

Lastly, stay positive. We all have setbacks, hurdles, challenges, especially when we are pushing the envelope of our comfort zone. Stick with it and if you need to, break down your actions into smaller chunks that feel more manageable. Tick them off as you complete them which will give you a morale boost.

Julie leaves you with one of her favourite quotes “There are 2 mistakes one can make along the road to truth. Not going all the way and not starting” Buddha

To find out more or to get the free fact sheet email or visit the website at Alternatively book a 30 minute free discovery session.  Take that first small step.

Article from  Julie Brown – Career transition and life coach at Se Melius