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Tranquillity gains Coverage in Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine

Relaxation and Tranquillity Expert  gains Coverage in Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine

Susan Royle of Tranquillity Time Retreats is the expert in calming relaxation.  In challenging times her business of retreats for busy women held at places such as Tofte Manor and the Arc Cabin has gone from strength to strength.

As venues closed due to Covid 19, Susan began to run her retreats online using the Zoom platform.  The regular relaxing get-togethers offer different sorts of specialisms from sleep to creativity.

Using Zoom, everyone can speak and interact with one another – as humans we crave human contact, which can be missing at the moment in many lives. time for tranquility retreats

Northamptonshire Chamber Magazine actively sought Tranquillity Time Retreats to show how local businesses had embraced lockdown and continued to thrive in adverse circumstances.  The secret of Tranquillity Time’s success is how much her retreats, whatever the subject, is their benefit to our mental health.

Nene Local Magazine has attended one of Susan’s creativity retreats, and written about the experience here

The next retreat from Tranquillity Time is one based around better sleep, so clam your self and give your mental health a lift by booking today.

time for tranquility retreats

Find out more here;

Soothing You to Sleep Online Retreat

Soothing you and your body taking time and space to rest and revitalise. Permission to pause, as we deepen our breath, slow down and relax our body and mind through deep meditation. To the melodic sound of Koshi Chimes, to unwind, unravel and be kind to yourself.


Date: 29th May

Duration: 2 hours – 7pm – 9pm

Price: £40.00 per person


Why Now Might be the Best Time to Career Transition

How life has changed globally over the last 2 months. The speed of change and adaptation has been startling, yet we are finding that we are living our lives differently; even observing that ways of working are unlikely to revert to how they used to be. It’s a time for reflection, evaluation and reinvention. So why not contemplate a career change?

nene local | career change

Julie Brown – Career transition and life coach at Se Melius

Maybe you have been made redundant or started working from home and in doing so have realised that the work doesn’t satisfy you.  Maybe you’ve been furloughed and are fearful that you might lose your job or are finishing education and looking for your first job opportunity or maybe you’ve been unhappy in your job for some time but feel stuck.

Employee engagement is at an all-time low so now is the time to grasp the nettle and take positive action. Here are my 4 top tips to make the contemplation of transition a reality.

Firstly, get in touch with your core values. So, what are core values? For me it’s integrity, honesty, learning, recognition, friendships, respect, freedom etc. When you are in a career that matches your core values you will find clarity, purpose, meaning and fulfilment. If your core values are not currently being met, it’s a sure sign that things need to change.

Secondly, think about your purpose. What is going to fulfil you? Consider the job sector you want to work in and research companies. What is their culture, ethos and work ethic? Do you want to set up on your own? Either way consider your skills, talents, attributes, knowledge that you can bring to the party. If you find a good match for your skills and core values, you are one step closer to finding your dream career.

Take action, do your research, and make connections.  Start making connections and networking to find out what skills and knowledge are required for jobs within that sector. Set yourself a goal to close the learning gap and broaden your network.  If you can, do some voluntary work within your chosen sector. It’s a low risk opportunity to dip your toe in the water and try it out before committing.nene local | career change

Lastly, stay positive. We all have setbacks, hurdles, challenges, especially when we are pushing the envelope of our comfort zone. Stick with it and if you need to, break down your actions into smaller chunks that feel more manageable. Tick them off as you complete them which will give you a morale boost.

Julie leaves you with one of her favourite quotes “There are 2 mistakes one can make along the road to truth. Not going all the way and not starting” Buddha

To find out more or to get the free fact sheet email or visit the website at Alternatively book a 30 minute free discovery session.  Take that first small step.

Article from  Julie Brown – Career transition and life coach at Se Melius

Innovative New Solar Farm Proposed for Disused Landfill Site in Stanground

At the forefront of renewable energy investment, Cambridgeshire County Council is seeking permission to build a 2.7 MW solar farm and battery energy storage system in Stanground. The site is situated between the A1139 Fletton Parkway, Stanham Way and the A605 in the south of Peterborough.


Cambridgeshire County Council’s vision is to deliver net zero carbon emissions for the region by 2050. As part of this, there is the opportunity to look at using some of its assets to produce and store electricity, in order to support the Government’s decarbonisation goals, whilst simultaneously generating revenues.


The proposed location is an old landfill site that was formally closed in 1992. It is Cambridgeshire County Council-owned land, and the development work would be of no cost to Peterborough City Council or its residents. Sales of electricity and provision of services to the grid would generate revenue for the continued delivery and development of frontline services.


This pioneering use of the site, turning it into an active energy generation centre, is the first of its kind in the East of England and has the potential to be replicated on other similar sites across the region.


The Stanground site would generate significant amounts of renewable electricity – enough to meet the demand of over 700 houses. Electricity would be used to supply energy into the electricity grid or to large local businesses, and to charge a battery energy storage system on site. The battery would provide electricity storage capacity supporting a more resilient network by providing grid stability and energy balancing services.


“It is estimated that the solar farm would save around 6,500 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime,” explains Councillor Josh Schumann. “Utilising an old landfill site in this way is really quite innovative and has the potential to be replicated elsewhere, creating a source of green and clean energy for the future.”


From April to June, Cambridgeshire County Council is planning a social media campaign, survey and series of online events, working with project partner PECT. The aim is to offer opportunities for local residents and businesses to learn more about the project and to feedback on proposals for the 2.7 MW solar farm and battery energy storage system ahead of a full planning application being submitted.


Members of the public can join virtual Zoom and Facebook Live events to hear more about the Stanground Closed Landfill Solar Farm scheme on:



For further details, please email or visit, where there is also a survey for local residents to feedback with their thoughts about the project.


Cathedral Postpones Dinosaur Exhibition until Summer 2021

T.Rex: The Killer Question, the Natural History Museum’s touring exhibition due to be shown at Peterborough Cathedral in July and August 2020, has been postponed until summer 2021.

T. rex The Killer Question, a Natural History Museum London touring exhibition, will be on display at Peterborough Cathedral in the summer of 2021

The exhibition will now be at the Cathedral from Monday 19th July to Monday 30th August 2021, coinciding with the school summer holidays, just as it would have done this year.


The decision to delay the exhibition was made in the light of concern that the current COVID-19 quarantine conditions might be lifted gradually and with a degree of caution in the coming months, in order to avoid a ‘second spike’ in the number of cases as people start to socialise and attend events.


Tickets for the exhibition went on sale at the end of February, and already over 1000 have been sold. The total number of visitors was expected to match the 35,000 people who came to see Luke Jerram’s Gaia artwork at the Cathedral in summer 2019.


The exhibition includes a 12-meter-long static model of a T. rex as well as a life-size T. rex skeleton and nine animatronic dinosaur models. It will be displayed in the early 16th century ‘New Building’ at the east end of the Cathedral.


The Very Revd Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough, said:


“Whilst we are obviously disappointed that we are not able to show this this world-class exhibition here in 2020, we are delighted that we have been able to work with the Natural History Museum to secure the same dates in 2021.


“The health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff come first and we very much want to present the exhibition at a time when people can be more relaxed and confident about public gatherings, so that they can have the best possible experience.


“We are enormously grateful to our sponsors Anglian Compressors & Equipment Ltd, Henson Crisp Ltd Independent Financial Advisers, Speed Agency and Revamp Ltd, who have confirmed their continued commitment to helping us bring this exciting exhibition to Peterborough. 2021 may seem a long way off, but the dinosaurs are still coming and we’re looking forward to it!”


The Cathedral is getting in touch directly with anyone who has booked tickets for the exhibition. Bookings will automatically be transferred to the equivalent date in 2021, thus protecting customers from any potential price increase. Alternatively they can request a refund or, if they are cancelling their booking, consider donating their ticket money to the Cathedral to help to offset the significant fall in income it has suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


For more information about the exhibition, or to enquire about how you might get involved in sponsoring a dinosaur or becoming an exhibition volunteer, please email or visit