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Save your Kitchen and Save your Sanity this Christmas

Save your kitchen and save your sanity this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of year, where we can eat drink and be merry and this year more than ever it is a great time to be enjoying time with our family.

One of the downsides of all that eating, and drinking is it requires a whole lot of time in the kitchen preparing festive treats as well as all the inevitable cleaning up afterwards.

This Christmas, whether you want to prepare some festive treats as gifts, make a delicious eggs benedict Christmas brunch, or impress with your turkey dinner- the Thermomix can help save your sanity and save your kitchen this Christmas.

What is the Thermomix? thermomix

The Thermomix is all your kitchen gadgets in one, combining an incredible 20 features – you can whisk, caramelize, brown, chop, steam, sauté, blend, boil, knead, emulsify, mill, grind, grate, and knead all at the touch of a button.

Even the most reluctant chef will be drawn to the design of the sleek, compact unit with easy to use touch screen features. With smart technology your Thermomix constantly gets better with new updates and new functions to make life in the kitchen easier.

Unlimited recipes

Using the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity you can access Cookidoo with 40,000 recipes at the touch of a button or you can use the guided cooking function to see step by step instructions to create everything from festive cocktails to delicious bread or even help with Christmas dinner itself.

There are so many recipes to inspire you and help you get creative in the kitchen. You can even cater for allergies or dietary requirements.

An extra pair of hands in the kitchen

When your time is precious you do not want to be spending hours slogging away in the kitchen. The machine has the speed of having an extra pair of hands alongside you.

There are automated functions to let the Thermomix do the work for you. Whether you use the built-in scales to weigh out your Christmas cake ingredients all at once or setting a pulled pork to slow cook for your Christmas buffet.

It’s like having a professional chef next to you as you create restaurant quality food in minutes, at the touch of a button and all with minimal effort and minimal mess.

No need to use every pot, pan and appliance

One of the downsides of a big Christmas dinner is the inevitable mess that is left in the kitchen from all the dishes and appliances. It all needs to be cleaned and packed away, just at the point when you want to put your feet up.

You can clear your cupboards and workbenches of your blender, juicer, slow cooker, electric mixer and much more. The Thermomix combines all your appliances into one. It even weighs and measures your ingredients as you go.


Not only can it help with all the jobs that you would need multiple appliances for, but it even has a self-cleaning function.

Yes! By filling the mixing bowl with water and washing up liquid and setting the unit to the built-in self-cleaning function you can finally put your feet up.

Being able to enjoy being in the kitchen and create delicious festive food to spread joy can really save your sanity this Christmas. The only downside of the Thermomix is that next Christmas EVERYONE will want come to your house for dinner.

Get in touch to book your FREE no obligation demonstration where I can show you the Thermomix can make a big difference to your Christmas.

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Tranquility Time Awaits You…

Yesterday I went on a little adventure, I headed out towards Sharnbrook, took a turn which said ‘art gallery’ and found a little oasis of calm; artists, a café where you can play games, therapists and more….plus….

The Self Care Space brought to you by Tranquility Time Retreats

The space is a cosy room for guided meditations, yoga, workshops and more.  Currently open for one on one sessions but as Covid allows the space will be opened to small groups then larger ones.

The space is so welcoming and calm, the whole area is exactly where I feel at home.  Outside lots to look at and explore – random Objet D’art hidden amongst the trees and bushes. I can imagine in the summer it will be an explosion of colour and scent but for now the autumnal colours and architectural wintery undergrowth take centre stage.  I’m sure it’s a place where fairies reside, why not go and see for yourself…

Some of the workshops on offer from Tranquility Time Retreats are currently online and they include:

Christmas Zen Time Retreat

Tranquility Time & Self Care Rocks bring you a festive Christmas creativity and calm before Christmas Retreat. Relax as we explore the Wheel of the year through meditation, & visualisation before we gather to Design a beautiful Zen Garland together, calm our minds & bodies as I select a group goddess oracle to guide us through the winter months.

The Magic of Winter

Join Sharon Strickland-Clark & Susan Royle to find the power of magic within you during these winter months, unearth your deepest wisdom as you relax, remove any limitations and take a beautiful journey inward to start your new year. Trust & let go as you flow gently into this beautiful 90 minutes for fun relaxation and enjoy sharing the Magic of Winter.

The Self Care Space brought to you by Tranquility Time Retreats

Or you can book a one to one session and see this magical place for yourself… I had a wonderful guided relaxation and had angel cards pulled for me and we looked at their meanings…

For More Information


Telephone: 07738 095089



The Self Care Space brought to you by Tranquility Time Retreats

Join us at the Family Wellness Summit 2020 – LIVE and on replay.

Family Wellness Summit 2020, 3-6 December 2020 (and on replay)

We spoke to Shehnaaz Latif, the summit organiser;

“Health and wellness is about everything that’s going on in your life and, as parents, that includes whatever is going on for your family members. This year has certainly had its ups and downs for us all.


So let me ask the parents among us: are you wondering how to stay positive? Is it hard to handle all the emotions you and your little people are going through? Do you wish you could have some ‘me’ time? Are you running out of ideas for good meals to make? Do you need some calm over Christmas?


As a working mum I’ve been asking myself these questions and finding that I need help and support. Fortunately there are many wellness professionals to whom we can reach out.


I’m delighted to have brought together over 20 wellness professionals in one virtual space from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th December between 9:45am to 2:00pm each day. They will share their knowledge on ‘hot topics’, bring us their top tips, and provide us with gifts such as free downloads, wellness products and experiences for us..

We’re also supporting seven charities with 20% of the proceeds. And we will keep the content available until 10th January so you can watch at your leisure.


Everything will be streamed live into a private Facebook group so that you can ask questions and leave comments for the speakers when you join. There will be wellness giveaways for those who participate in the live event. The draw for these gifts will happen on Sunday afternoon.


On Sunday 6th December from 9:45am to 5:00pm there is a marketplace with 30 stalls including eco products, jewellery, wellness experiences and more!


Book your place here:


Tickets allow access for the whole family for *just £20* for all four days and the content will be available up to 10th January.

Family Wellness Summit 2020, 3-6 December 2020

For more information, visit our website: or email us on:


We look forward to welcoming you to the Family Wellness Summit 2020 where we hope to share ideas and information on family wellness for parents like you and me.

family wellness summit (

Council and Police Hold Joint Patrols to Support Pandemic Restrictions

Council and police hold joint patrols to support pandemic restrictions

Patrols by officers from East Northamptonshire Council and Northamptonshire Constabulary have shown that most people and businesses are complying with coronavirus restrictions.

Teams of officers have been giving out advice on how to comply with the emergency regulations, answering questions from businesses and reminding people about wearing face coverings and keeping social distances.

The vast majority of individuals and businesses are complying with the government restrictions with only one Fixed Penalty Notice issued to date in East Northamptonshire.

Environmental services officer, Kieran McCoach explains:

“Councils and the Police have different powers for helping to manage the lockdown so it makes sense that we work together to cover the broader set of issues as well as pick up on any other problems that might be cropping up in neighbourhoods.

“Our residents and businesses really seem to understand the importance of working together to protect our community and we’ve had a positive response from business owners who welcome the support in ensuring that customers wear face masks and maintain social distancing. Where there are issues, we’re working with the businesses and residents to ensure everyone understands what is required of them. “

Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said:

“It has been heartening to hear how the vast majority of retailers, businesses and public have been working together to keep the community safe and I welcome these patrols to provide support and advice and help limit the spread of infection.”

Superintendent Elliot Foskett, from Northamptonshire Police, said:

“We have been provided with funding by the Home Office to help enforce the Covid-19 legislation and as a result have been working closely with our local councils to patrol our towns and villages.

“Throughout the pandemic we have followed an engage, explain, educate and enforce approach, where we have prioritised speaking to the public, reminding them of the legislation and only taking enforcement action as a last resort.

“The vast majority of people are following the guidelines and I thank them for that, however, we will not shy away from taking enforcement action when it is clear a breach has taken place, including any businesses that have broken the law.”

So far, patrols have taken place in Rushden, Higham and Irthlingborough with future visits planned for Raunds and the north of the district.