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Thinking of Teaching a Dog New Tricks?

Whether its an old dog or a young pup, all are welcome at Loyalwill’s Doggy Activity Day!IMG_4633

Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre is an excellent facility based in Islip, whether its exercise, rehabilitation or just plain fun, the hydrotherapy pool is a wodnerful place for your dog.  Owner, Stephanie Wills, is a highly trained professional and her caring nature puts thedogs, and owners at ease.43199510_986209194914959_8700911800989777920_n

On June 28th Steph has organised a Doggy Activity Day for those owners who are thinking about doing a little more with their dog than the standard two walks a day.

Steph says “Have you been thinking about trying something new with your dog or perhaps just feel they would benefit from an activity? Why not come along to Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre on 28th June between 4pm and 8pm to speak to our local trainers.


We have:-


Yolanda from Yofit for Canicross


Harriett from Harriett Ede Collis Dog Trainer for Flyball


Ashleigh from Ashleigh Butler Dog Training for Agility


Matt from Matt Ager Pet and Gundog Training


You will be able to learn more about the activity and see whether it’s for you and your dog.


Free tea, coffee and cake will be available whilst you have a chat with the trainers.


Come and join us at;

Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre 36 Lowick road, Islip, Northants, NN14 3JY.

A Woolly Representation of Thrapston

This week see’s the very first Thrapston Arts Festival with lots of things going on in and around the town – frm poetry reading, artists in residence, and local artistsdoing their bit too.

Our, now famous, group of yarn bombers began planning and making their latest creation back in May 2018.  There are currently seven yarn bombing ladies and I’m sure they won’t mind me adding that the oldest is 96.  They continue to surprise us each time they produce a new feature for the town to view.

This tme the creation is a knitted Thrapston town, complete with Plaza, MUGA, the river and lake, plus shops along the High Street and gardens.

Currently on show in St James Church each day 10 till 4 pm from Tuesday until Saturday this week.

nene local yarn bombing

nene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombing

nene local yarn bombing

Eating Bens chips in the Coronation Gardens

nene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombing

nene local yarn bombing

The Garden behind Bennetts – where we got married!

nene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombingnene local yarn bombing

nene local yarn bombing

The lake…

nene local yarn bombing

Thrapston Business makes Announcement at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Thrapston summerhouse manufacturer started RHS Chelsea Flower Show with an announcement that it will now be manufacturing its range of summerhouses in an ethically sourced hardwood.

The move means Scotts of Thrapston is the only manufacturer in the UK to produce an entire standard range of traditional hardwood summerhouses.

Scotts has exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for over 40 years and has listened to customers’ demands for sustainable materials with high life expectancy.

Managing Director James Scott said: “We believe Red Grandis is set to become the hardwood of the future as it is so versatile, stable and high-performing.Scotts Newhaven Corner Summerhouse 0001

“Red Grandis has many benefits including great durability with an increased lifespan, is fungi and insect resistant and easy to maintain, with painting only likely to be required every five to seven years. It is also more dimensionally stable and free of knots, so it does not swell or shrink as much through the seasons.

“Customers are increasingly demanding sustainable materials with high life expectancy and our new hardwood summerhouses will meet these demands, as we offer garden buildings that can be passed on to the next generation.”

Red Grandis is native to the east coast of Australia, as it is a subspecies of the Eucalyptus family, and has since spread across the world in the form of plantations. The timber used by Scotts of Thrapston is FSC certified and comes from South America.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show plays a major part in the Scotts of Thrapston calendar and this year is no exception. The company is exhibiting five summerhouses, with an emphasis on its larger designs; the Burghley, the Newhaven and the Sun Ray Garden Room.

Scotts has also linked up with handcrafted artisan gin producers Warner’s Distillery which is similarly a Northamptonshire-based business.

In honour of this partnership, Scotts will theme its Newhaven corner summerhouse as a gin palace, in keeping with the one of the most popular drinks on the market.

James added: “RHS Chelsea has a special place in our hearts after all these years and we are looking forward to a successful event once again.”

Lash Lift and Tint by Dermatechnix Thrapston

I’m not really the beauty type, and as such have always struggled on what to do with my eyebrows, ending up either over plucking or just not bothering.  I now also realise that my eye lashes are rather short and stubby too. So I thought I’d set Liz at Dermatechnix the challenge of sorting me out.

My before photos were taken after a night of interupted sleep and she even managed to take my saggy bags away!

nene local | dermatechnix lash lift  nene local | dermatechnix lash lift

The lash lift entails your eye lashes being put on a mini roller and permed into position, then an all natural tint is applied.  I found the whole process really quite relaxing – at no time is there anything able to fall into your eye, the treatment is totally safe and pain free.

nene local | dermatechnix lash liftBeginning with the under eye patches which are are packed with collagen and CQ10 to hydrate, nourish and plump up skin. You will see from the lack of saggy eyes in my ‘after’ pictures they really work.

nene local | lashlift dermatechnix

My short lashes were teased around the tiny roller, there are larger rollers for those blessed with longer lashes

are collagen and CQ10 to hydrate, nourish and plump up skin.

The perming solution was applied and left for around 12 minutes

nene local | lashlift dermatechnix

The tint is plant based, doesn’t use any chemicals and has been designed specifically for sensitive eyes and skin.

While my eyes were having their tint on them, Liz waxed and tweezed my eyebrows into a lovely shape (so at least I can follow the lines next time I’m on my own with my tweezers) and applied henna tint, nothing too dark, just a bit of infilling where over-tweezering and age had taken its toll.


nene local | lash lift

A real difference I think!

nene local | lash lift

lash lift |nene local



lash lift |nene local

I’ve only got short lashes but I think you will agree they’ve got a lovely curl

There is an aftercare regime of no direct heat for 24 hours and avoid excessive water (swimming, face in the shower etc) but after that, treat them as normal.

The full treatment is lash lift, lash & eyebrow tint, normally £35.  There is an introductory offer of £20 if booked before 30th May.

Addition of eyebrow wax/tidy is £5.  Available from 16th May onwards.

For more information on all Dermatechnix services follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dermatechnix/