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Beat the Street Helps get East Northamptonshire Moving!

The Beat the Street initiative in East Northamptonshire is being hailed as a success after a new report shows that the challenge has helped get people walking and cycling across the area.

BTS Photo 1

More than 8,000 walked, ran and cycled 73,000 miles together for Beat the Street from March to May 2019. The initiative saw special sensors called Beat Boxes placed on lampposts around East Northamptonshire which could be tapped with cards while walking or cycling in return for points towards your school or workplace.


Funded by East Northamptonshire Council in partnership with Freedom Leisure and The National Lottery through Sport England, the initiative aimed to encourage families to ditch the car and become more physically active by exploring their local community. A new report produced by Intelligent Health – who delivered the initiative – has shown that players became more physically active as a result of taking part, helping improve the health of people across East Northamptonshire.


Participants were surveyed at the beginning and immediately after Beat the Street to see if they had made any changes in behaviour. Key results from the report include:

Beatbox Action 3

  • Before Beat the Street, 21% of adult players were completely inactive (doing less than 30 minutes of exercise per week). After the game this dropped to just 12% of players.
  • The proportion of children who were inactive decreased from 22% before the game to 11% immediately afterwards.
  • Using NICE’s Return on Investment Calculator, it is estimated that Beat the Street will lead to healthcare savings of £504,802 over the next five years.


Additionally, many players reported that Beat the Street had helped encourage them to walk or cycle more often, visit new places and spend more time with their friends and family:


“It helped me to walk to school and encouraged me to take the longer route to get more points. I joined the gym which I have never done before and kick-started us all as a family into a healthier lifestyle.”


“It enabled my son and I to exercise before and after school. We used our walks to have a good chat together. We both felt good about earnings points for his school. We met new people along the way. I saved a lot of petrol by walking. It’s encouraged me to go swimming as an alternative way of exercising.”


In addition to getting residents more active, Beat the Street has also helped support the work of the local Children’s Air Ambulance. Players were able to support a local charity while playing and the charity that received the most points over the course of the game would receive £500. Players travelled more than 589 miles for Children’s Air Ambulance and they received a donation from Beat the Street on Tuesday 30 July presented by Cllr Helen Howell.


Speaking about the success of the initiative, Cllr Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said: “We’re really encouraged by these results from Beat the Street. ENC is committed to getting its residents more healthy and we hope to help improve the health and wellbeing for those in East Northamptonshire. In the coming months, Beat the Street will continue to engage with local residents and make sure that these changes continue long after the game’s finish.”



Networking can Help Grow your Business

Calling all local ladies who either run their own business or who are instrumental in growing a business they work for.  Busy Women Networking is the place to be to meet like minded business women.

bwn nene local

What can Networking do for your Business?

Many people make the mistake  of thinking they have to ‘sell to the room’, well maybe sme of the people in the room might well buy your goods or services, but the main idea is to just get to know everyone.  The more you get to know someone, find things in common and get to trust and like them, the more business may pass between you.

For instance, anyone who meets me might think “She works in an office on her own mostof the week, whocould she possibly know that I might be interested in?”  but if you spoke to me and got to know me you’d realise that I know lots of interesting people from hypnotherpists, to tilers, from cake makers to financial advisors…. and so on.  I am part of the boating community, a dog owner and do charity work…. theamount of people I introduce to other people is huge!

I’m not unique – come along to networking and you’ll meet loads of ladies like me,all ready to introduce you to people whocan help you. advise you, buy from you….. or even sell to you the things you need…..

Once you’ve experienced networking you’ll realise how hard your once a month lunch can work for you.

What happens at Busy Women Networking?

The Oundle  BWN meeting is held at the Fox Inn in Thorpe Waterville on the first Tuesday of every month.  Our next meeting is September 3rd – where we have member Eppie Anderson giving a ten minute presentation on SEO, giving her hints and tips for doing your own SEO.foxy

Each month you will tell everyone what you do, and listen to what everyone else does.  You’ll pass aorund business cards and go home with some very useful contacts.

You’ll also get treated to an amazing lunch – September’s choices are:

Smoked Cod Brie and Bacon Fishcakes
Served with mixed vegetables, poached egg and a beurre blanc sauce
Stilton Glazed Flat Field Mushroom
Served with dauphinoise potatoes and mixed vegetables, finished with a balsamic glaze
Linguine Carbonara
Linguine served in a bacon, mushroom and cream sauce
Sprinkled with parmesan cheese and accompanied with garlic bread
Warm Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad
Grilled Chicken breast and bacon on a fresh bed of mixed salad leaves topped with grated parmesan cheese. Dressed with a Caesar sauce and accompanied with garlic bread
and to attend as a visitor it is £24.

For More Information

For more information about Busy Women Networking email helen@rainbowpr.co.uk
To book your space at thelunch table email helen@rainbowpr.co.uk

Or view https://www.busywomen.net/



Zumba – Laughing Whilst Dancing Burns Even More Calories

It’s true, I have very little coordination.  I’m liable to go left if you’ve asked me to step to the right and trying to do something with my arm whilst remembering the steps with my legs is almost an impossibility.

Luckily when I joined Zumba Gold in Islip over a year ago, I was in good company.  Sarah Jones the instructor explains ‘There very few rules, other than have fun and if you go wrong just roll with it and carry on’.

zumba islip

The Zumba Gold group on Thursday (Islip Pavilion 6.45pm) are a great bunch of ladies, who I’m sure, like me, thought it would be some gentle exercise.  It’s not!  Yes – Zumba Gold is low impact, good for those new to exercise or rehabilitating after an injury or operation.  zumba islipDo you have a good workout?  YES YOU DO!  You’ll raise your heart rate, get a bit sweaty, leave with a grin on your face – all the things that are so good for you!

Zumba Gold involves (like Zumba) learning dance moves, and definitely giving the old grey matter a work out to remember the steps and keep up, it involves stretching, balancing and energy all as part of the routine – nothing static and boring here.

Many years ago, I once got sent out of a keep fit class because my friend and I couldn’t stop giggling.  We don’t have a week in Zumba Gold where someone doesn’t go wrong and we all end up laughing then going wrong ourselves.

Zumba Gold is suitable for everyone, the work out is a good one, but low impact on your joints.

zumba islip

This week saw the launch of Zumba in Islip.  Zumba Gold is 6.45pm followed at 7.45pm by Zumba. I thought I’d give it a whirl.  When the class began, one of our speedier Zumba Gold routines was used as the warm up, which did make me wonder what I’d let myself in for!zumba islip

Again, the ladies were a great bunch, no one cares if you go a bit wrong, sometimes your so into the music and movement you can’t help it – or is that just me?

How is Zumba different to Zumba Gold?  Definitely more jumping and stomping, not so much so my knees had any issues but enough to get the muscles stronger in that area.  Zumba is quicker, so a year of Zumba Gold getting used to learning instruction and listening to a beat change to know a step change is coming was a good move for me.   It was good to learn new routines, I’m a big believer in keeping your brain working, use it or lose it as they say.

Zumba is very doable, extremely enjoyable.  Possibly a bit quick if you’re less fit or have an injury you’re getting over – in which case you need Zumba Gold.

Sarah is a great teacher, her aim is enjoyment first, which keeps you going back, fitness second.  If you miss a step, get a bit lost Sarah says, ‘Just keep moving – don’t do anything your body doesn’t want to do.  Don’t over stretch but do push yourself to see what you’re capable of.’

zumba islip

With both classes there is a nice warm up and cool down stretching. Bring a water bottle but if you forget there are cups and fresh water available to use.

Watch a video clip here – Zumba in Islip

For more information

Sarah Jones Zumba Instructor

Facebook Page for all the local classes: https://www.facebook.com/www.mishj.co/

Islip Classes:

  • Thursday 6.45pm Zumba Gold
  • Thursday 7.45pm Zumba

No booking required just turn up!

Former Pupil Opens School’s New Art Studio Built by Family Business

A former pupil at a Kettering school has officially opened its new art studio, a purpose-built timber building which was designed and built by his family-run business.

David Scott, chairman of Scotts of Thrapston, attended St Peter’s School, in Headlands, Kettering from the age of four to eleven.

Ali Hurst, Bursar at St Peter’s School, Tom Fray, Chairman of the Governors, David Scott, chairman of Scotts of Thrapston, and headteacher Maria Chapman

Ali Hurst, Bursar at St Peter’s School, Tom Fray, Chairman of the Governors, David Scott, chairman of Scotts of Thrapston, and headteacher Maria Chapman

David was delighted to be welcomed back to the independent co-educational day school, which he attended 70 years ago, to open its new building known as The Cedar Hub, which provides an art studio and after-school space.

Scotts of Thrapston, specialists in the manufacture and installation of bespoke timber-framed buildings, was appointed as the Principal Designer and Main Contractor for the project.

Mr Scott said: “We are always proud of the buildings that we create, but it certainly added an extra dimension to be able to open such a beautiful building in the very school where I spent so many happy years.

“It was wonderful to see our building in situ and the reaction from the staff, parents and pupils was marvellous, they are all delighted with their new facility.”

The carbon-efficient timber-framed building features an open plan design which allows plenty of natural light to flood in, creating the perfect space for teaching art and design technology.

Features of the new building include solar panels, separate clean up areas for art activities and internal glazed screen partitions, which are used to divide the internal space but also maintain an open plan feel.

Ali Hurst, Bursar at St Peter’s School, said: “Both staff and pupils are thrilled by the new Cedar Hub as it provides a creative and stimulating environment for art and design projects.

“Scotts has a pedigree in bespoke timber-framed buildings which made them our preferred choice. They have worked flexibly to deliver a design solution which enhances our school and blends the new building perfectly within the boundary of our listed school grounds.”

Building work on the 140m² building and external canopies lasted 20 weeks. Scotts’ in-house architect, Bryn Lee said: “We worked closely with the school to meet their brief, as sustainability and appearance were important.

“We had to work within a restricted time frame during the school holidays. However, our turnkey approach, in which we design, manufacture, engineer and install the building, meant that we could tailor the build programme to suit.”

Scotts of Thrapston has been manufacturing and distributing high quality timber products for 99 years and has been constructing bespoke award-winning educational buildings for many years. For more information visit www.scottsofthrapston.co.uk.