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Local Communities Celebrate Opening of New Public Facilities

Residents in Irthlingborough and Barnwell can now enjoy more opportunities to take part in physical activity and recreational play following the opening of new public facilities, after receiving support from East Northamptonshire Council’s Community Facilities Fund project.


Families will be able to enjoy hours of fun at the brand new children’s playground in Barnwell, within the garden of the Montagu Arms. The play area was officially opened by the Chairman of ENC, Cllr Wendy Brackenbury and Leader of ENC, Cllr Steven North with representatives from Barnwell Parish Council on Thursday 11 October. Barnwell Parish Council successfully secured funding from the Community Facilities Fund to deliver the brand new play area for local residents and visitors to enjoy.


A new outdoor gym opened at Irthlingborough Central Recreation Ground on Monday, 15 October following Irthlingborough Town Council receiving funding from the Community Facilities Fund. Designed with inclusivity at the heart, the new equipment is accessible for all ages and abilities and provides residents with the opportunity to get active, no matter the weather. ENC’s leisure partners, Freedom Leisure will be delivering free gym buddy sessions every Monday between 10am and 11am.


Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Steven North, said:

“The Community Facilities Fund provides local communities with the opportunity to benefit from improved public facilities and I was honoured to join Wendy, fellow councillors and other community leaders to open and see these projects first-hand. I hope that residents of Barnwell and Irthlingborough will enjoy their new facilities for years to come.”


The Community Facilities Fund provides constituted community groups and organisations, town and parish councils in East Northamptonshire with funding up to £50,000. There must be a minimum of 25% match funding to be eligible to apply.


Applications are now closed. Please visit ENC’s website and social media pages to keep up to date on future application rounds. For more information visit www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk/cff


A Visit to Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

We’ve just had a fabulous afternoon finding out more about a very new local business, Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre based in Islip.

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

There are a variety of sessions, all outlined on the website www.loyalwillcaninehydrotherapycentre.co.uk and prices start at £20.  Fun sessions are available to book and bespoke sessions for training purposes etc.

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

Our afternoon began by being introduced to Flynn the labrador who had a poorly shoulder.  Owner Steph Wills, knew Flynn and had already done her consultation with him and gained vet consent.  This was Flynn’s third session so he knew what to expect.

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

Firstly he got his harness on, with large handle so Steph can guide him and also ‘rescue’ if he gets into any difficulty.  Then Flynn had a warm shower. Then into the pool.

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

Steph has a firm but gentle nature which you can see the dogs respond to, Flynn was gently worked for about 45 minutes, exercising his shoulder and also having gentle rubs in the warm water.  Steph timed each swim so he was not over exerted and took his pulse regularly too.

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

There are side windows in the pool for a second person to video or watch through to check the dogs motabilty and to ensure each side is using the same effort, and to see if there seems to be any abnormality or injury.

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

Click the link for a short video loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre


After completing his session, Flynn was again showered and then dried off.  Loyalwill sell Dog & Field Drying coats for the dogs to wear on the hourney home, or clients can bring their own towels.loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

Although Flynn was very tired he seemed to thoroughly enjoy his session at Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre.  His loyalty card was stamped ready for next time!

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

For more information

Steph Wills – Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

36 Lowick Road, Islip, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Tel: 07491 693310

Email: enquiries@loyalwillcaninehydrotherapycentre.co.uk

Website: www.loyalwillcaninehydrotherapycentre.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/loyalwill

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre

loyalwill canine hydrotherapy centre



A Trip to Chancery Dental – the New Dentist in Thrapston

As a patient of Paul Blackman I was already registered with Chancery Dental, I’m happy that they know my dental history. chancery dental thrapston

I needed to book a check up and so went in to say hello, as Nene Local and have a look around.

I’ve booked my check up and so Ketan showed me around the surgery.  I saw the reception had been set back allowing more room.  Lots of clean lines and a professional look.  The surgery will offer straight forward dentistry as well as cosmetic procedures that are popular now to obtain a white, film star smile for those that want that bit extra.

chancery dental thrapston

The surgery Mr Blackman used has now become the hygenists area and there is a large, state of the art surgery upstairs – which I can talk about after my appointment next week.

chancery dental thrapston

chancery dental thrapston

There is lots more room and room to expand too so more patients can be looked after.

I also know a ‘top secret’ …. something really quite exciting will be happening in this room and it’ll be real kudos for Thrapston, bringing people into the town.

chancery dental thrapston

I am looking forward to my check up and will let you know how I get on.

For more information about the new dentist, what they can offer and also their pament plan which offers affordable dentistry then contact;


chancery dental

Chancery Dental

Web:  www.chancerydental.co.uk

Email: info@chancerydental.co.uk

Telephone: 01832 733093