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Online Forum Launched to Keep Local Business Community Connected

An online forum has been launched to make it easy for members of the county’s business community to support each other during the coronavirus pandemic.


The Wellingborough & East Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce has developed the chatroom, accessible via its website, as part of its commitment to do all it can to allow members of the local business community to stay connected.

Online Forum launched (2)

Online Forum launched

Chamber President, Simon Toseland, believes there has never been a more prevalent time for people to communicate.


He said: “We know these are uncertain times with people not only trying to make sense of what is going on in the world around them but having to handle the sudden reorganisation of their businesses including customer and supply chain issues, finances, wages, mortgages and bills.

President of the Wellingborough Chamber of Comerce Simon Toseland

President of the Wellingborough Chamber of Comerce Simon Toseland

“With the fragmentation that isolation and working from home brings, communication is key to reassuring people. We thought about what we could do to help and together with posting the latest government advice on our website and through our e-newsletters, we have created an online forum for our members to share their advice and experiences, ask questions and support each other.”


The Wellingborough & East Northants Chamber of Commerce is also encouraging the Wellingborough and East Northants business community to make themselves easily identifiable on social media by using the hashtag #WENChamber.


Simon added: “The Chamber is in full contact with Local Government and other organisations such as the Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP). We can and will raise questions and concerns with government and also feedback experiences, so that government can create and adapt appropriate initiatives”.


People can access the Wellingborough & East Northants Chamber forum here:


Anyone wishing to sign-up to the free e-newsletter can do so here:



Scam – Emergency Pack for Asthmatics

Many asthmatics or those with respiratory conditions are reading on Facebook of an emergency pack available to them.  This post on Facebook is FAKE.

The post says if you phone your doctor they will give you a pack with 5 days of steroids and 5 days of antibioitics. This is NOT the case.  Doctors would never just hand out such medication without checking you over first.

DO NOT RING your doctor for this pack, it does not exist.  All you are doing is clogging up the surgery phone lines.


If you are struggling with your breathing you can phone the doctors or 999 for advice on what to do.

Further Information from National Asthma Education Programme

Are you at further risk of Covid-19 being an asthmatic?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says yes. It lists asthma, along with diabetes and heart disease, as conditions that make someone “more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.”

But there is little definitive evidence to say whether asthma increases the likelihood of catching the virus or of experiencing more severe illness. “The data that we have so far from China and South Korea does not identify people with asthma as being at risk of getting the virus or having more severe illness with the virus,” Sebastian Johnston, a professor of respiratory medicine & allergy at the U.K. National Heart and Lung Institute.

That said, when people with asthma get respiratory infections, it can set off their asthma symptoms. So yes, you do need to be careful and take precautions. To reduce your risk of asthma, the best action you can take is to follow these simple steps:

• Take your preventer meds daily as prescribed. This will help reduce your risk of an asthma attack being triggered by any respiratory virus, including coronavirus.
• Carry our reliever with you at all times, in case you feel your asthma symptoms flaring up.
• Download the NAEP Action Plan to help you recognise and manage asthma symptoms when they come on. A copy can be found here.
• If you come down with a cold or flu, or any other respiratory infection, see your doctor and take precautions.
• If you smoke, now is a good time to quit. Smoking will increase your risk from COVID-19.
• Don’t panic or stress as this can also influence your asthma. Understand your symptoms and seek medical attention if you feel you need it.

If you have asthma, and no symptoms of COVID-19:

• Wash your hands often with soap and warm water
• Use tissues to wipe your nose or catch a sneeze, then discard them immediately
• Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean
• Avoid unnecessary interactions with other people: large gatherings, shaking hands or hugging, unnecessary travel etc
• Carry on with your usual asthma meds

National Asthma Education Program

Place of Pride: Photographers can win over £500 by Showing Love for their Local Area

Local photographers have an exciting chance to win over £500 by capturing their emotional connection with a place in their area. It’s all through the launch of a new, nationwide photography competition.

Run by specialist insurance provider, Ripe Photography, the inaugural Place of Pride competition is open to photographers of all abilities.

The photograph can be of anything, but each entry must include an identifying feature of the place being captured; something that sums up its spirit. This could be a noteworthy building, a street sign, or any other distinguishable point of interest. The caption should provide a description of the place and why it has been chosen.

As well as giving away £350 to the winner, Ripe Photography will also award £150 to the runner up and £50 to third place.Place of Pride: Photographers can win over £500

Choosing the winner will be Ronya Galka, who was recently voted one of Britain’s top 10 street photographers and has previously been nominated for Best Photographer at the Sony World Photography Awards.

Commenting on the launch, Ronya Galka said: “Personally, some of my best pieces of work have been ones that create a strong emotional connection. It’s not just about taking a well-executed photograph. It’s about the emotions that it triggers within me when I look at it.

“So, when it comes to judging the Place of Pride competition, I’ll be looking for a great image of a specific place that brings its most captivating and emotionally stimulating features of to the fore. I’m very excited to see how this comes across and can’t wait to help choose the winner. Best of luck to all the entrants!”

Place of Pride not only gives photographers a chance to get their hands on the prize money, it also represents an opportunity to gain widespread exposure. Ripe Photography will share a selection of entries on its Instagram page and across its various communication channels.

To enter Place of Pride, photographers must post an image of their chosen place on their own Instagram page, tag @ripe_photography_ in the image and caption and include the hashtag #PlaceOfPride.

The competition is open until 31st May 2020 and winners will be announced within 2-4 working weeks of the closing date.

New Homes Coming to Rothwell

Persimmon Homes has confirmed plans for 700 new homes to the north of Rothwell.


The housebuilder has agreed terms to acquire an 82-acre site which has outline planning consent for up to 700 properties, of which 20 per cent will be affordable homes, and commercial land providing new employment opportunities locally.NEW HOMES


Bryan O’Mahoney, land director for Persimmon Homes Midlands, said: “This site will bring much-needed new homes to the area and provide a new Strategic Link Road to ease future traffic flows, to help both new and existing residents.


“Detailed planning permission is already in place for the first phase of 227 homes, and we hope to begin preparatory work on site in the next few weeks, with homes available to purchase later in the year.


“The development will include a variety of property styles, from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses, and provides significant community benefits including affordable housing, funding for health and education, and land to extend the Montsaye Academy.


“The houses will be surrounded by areas of open space, green corridors and play areas, in keeping with the semi-rural setting.”


Persimmon Homes Midlands operates new homes developments across Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. To find out more visit