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Boxer Braces Himself to Knock-out Childhood Cancer

A man from Wellingborough has vowed to knock cancer out for the count as he prepares to take part in the fight for his son’s life.

Floyd Gent, from Gleneagles, has signed up to take part in a charity boxing match to raise funds for Niamh’s Next Step

Floyd Gent, from Gleneagles, has signed up to take part in a charity boxing match to raise funds for Niamh’s Next Step

Floyd Gent, from Gleneagles, has signed up to take part in a charity boxing match to raise funds for Niamh’s Next Step (NNS), set up to raise awareness of a rare type of child cancer called neuroblastoma.


The 38-year-old has started training for the Fighting Fit Boxing Challenge, a 26-week intensive training programme that culminates in a fight in front of more than 500 people.


Floyd said: “I’m doing this for my little boy Gerry, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma aged just seven months, although he started showing signs of being poorly from just nine weeks.


“For most of his little life he’s been sick and it’s been devastating to watch what he’s had to contend with. He’s just a normal little boy, who loves climbing and Paw Patrol, but at his worst, we just didn’t know what the long-term outcome would be for him.”


After an operation on his stomach to remove a tumour and further treatment, Gerry seems better and regular scans show he remains cancer free.


He is now two-and-a-half and doctors say, providing his scans remain clear, he will officially be in remission once he turns five.


Floyd added: “My wife Danielle has nursed him every step of the way and looks after him every single day. I couldn’t have got through this without her and this fight is just as much for her, as it is for Gerry. I’ve already started an intense cardio and weight programme as I want to be as fit as I can when I get into that ring.”


Floyd turned to NNS shortly after Gerry’s diagnosis. NNS, based in Wellingborough, was set up in 2013 by Chris and Samantha Curry, following the death of their five-year-old daughter Niamh, who had also suffered from neuroblastoma.


Chris said: “I first met Floyd and his family shortly after Gerry’s diagnosis and we’ve supported them as much as we could through their journey. I’m over the moon that Gerry is doing so much better and that Floyd has already thrown his heart and soul into training.


“We felt a boxing match was quite apt because, although this condition is rare, there are children out there who are fighting for their lives.


“We wanted to find an activity that not only helps raise awareness, but also shows that together, we can pack a powerful punch. All money raised will go towards  vital neuroblastoma projects that NNS funds.”


James Wright is a trustee of NNS and is also coaching all 24 men who have signed up to take part.


He said: “I’ve been training with the guys twice a week and giving them advice on nutrition. The commitment I’m seeing from these guys is admirable and I’m in no doubt they’ll all shine on the night.”


The Fighting Fit Boxing Challenge is taking place on Friday, May 10 at Northampton’s Deco theatre.


Around 100 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma each year in the UK, of which only around 30 per cent will survive. There is currently no government or NHS funding into the research of neuroblastoma in the UK.


NNS exists to raise money and awareness of neuroblastoma while offering help, support and advice to children and families affected by the condition.



New Locality Connectors for Your Area

Richard Poole and Tonya Kingham, would like to introduce themselves and the new role as Locality Connectors for your area. Tonya covers the area of Wellingborough and Rushden while Richard concentrates on Corby and Oundle. There are six of us who cover the whole of Northamptonshire. Locality Connectors are people who connect vulnerable children, young people and their families in their local community with activities and organisations that can help improve their quality of life and well-being.
They provide information, insight and guidance to the Children First Northamptonshire teams on what services, groups, networks and activities are available locally and across the county, which may assist children, young people and families in maintaining independent lives. This could also help prevent their circumstances deteriorating any further in the future, to a point where they may need a higher level of support.
They will also aim to support and assist community groups and networks to develop new activities and/or maintain existing activities through a variety of means such as brokering and negotiating support from partner organisations and agencies.
Please feel free to contact them for more information at or if you would like them to arrange a visit tkingham@childrenfirstnorthamptonshire.co.uk Tel: 07920 361820 or rpoole@childrenfirstnorthamptonshire.co.uk Tel: 07920361818

Police Officers Issue Warning Following Handbag Thefts

Police officers in Northamptonshire are issuing a warning to people across the county about a recent spate of handbag and purse thefts.

bag thefts nene local

The incidents have taken place in Northampton, Kettering and Corby and have happened mostly in supermarkets with the criminals mainly targeting elderly women.


Paul Golley, Crime Prevention Team Leader, said: “It takes a real low-life to follow elderly people around a supermarket, waiting for the right moment to steal their handbag or purse.


“Unfortunately these people do exist and they often use distraction techniques to get what they want. This can involve bumping into victims – something that causes them to be flustered and unaware someone has stolen from them. Or it can involve working in pairs with one person distracting the victim while the other steals from them.


“It’s worth making sure you read the tips below in order to best prevent yourself from becoming a victim and making sure any elderly people in your life are aware of these tips as well.”

  • Attach a bell to your handbag so you can hear if it is moved.
  • Beware of pickpockets.
  • Never hang your handbag on pushchairs or shopping trolleys.
  • Keep your bag firmly closed and on your person at all times.
  • Wear shoulder bags with the flap against your body.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Only keep items in your bag that you need for that occasion.
  • Remember thieves can use cards to make contactless purchases.
  • Do not store your pin number in your handbag or purse.
  • If your purse is stolen, report the loss of your cards immediately to the card issuers.
  • Protect your pin when withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Business Community Unites to “Ignite Christmas Cheer”

Members of Wellingborough’s business community have joined together to reward visitors to the town and “ignite Christmas cheer.”

One lucky person will win this Dacia Sandero in the Wellingborough BID Golden Ticket promotion

Beginning on November 19th visitors who spend £10 or more in participating stores will be awarded a scratch card for the chance to win thousands of prizes donated by those businesses taking part. Those lucky enough to receive a golden ticket will be entered into a grand prize draw to win a Dacia Sandero worth £7,780.


The promotion has been organised by the Wellingborough Business Improvement District (BID), which is paid for by local businesses through its Discover Wellingborough campaign to attract more people to the town centre.


Launched ahead of the Wellingborough Christmas Lights switch-on, taking place on Saturday, November 24th from 5:30pm in the town centre, it is hoped both events will help to reinvigorate the town.


Together local acts will entertain the crowds before the big switch-on by the town’s mayor, Cllr Malcolm Ward.


John Cable, Executive Director of the BID, said: “Christmas is a magical time of year but it can also be an expensive time, so to add to the festive excitement and make the shopping experience a little more enjoyable, all members of the Business Improvement District have joined forces to reward shoppers and ignite Christmas cheer.


“Not only can visitors to the town be guaranteed free parking and an excellent choice of independent shops and restaurants, they also have the chance to win some fantastic prizes including a fantastic new car – Christmas is going to be very good for one lucky person.”


Those lucky enough to receive a golden ticket will be invited to attend a prize draw on Thursday, 20 December at 6:30pm in the Swansgate Shopping Centre where the winner of the Dacia Sandero, What Car? magazine’s best small car under £12,000 for the last six years, will be announced.


All members of the Business Improvement District are invited to join in.

Already planning next year’s events calendar, local businesses are always encouraged to get involved and should get in touch with the BID office if they would like to participate in future town centre events.