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East Northants Council Receives £176,000 to Help Leisure Facilities Recover

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) has been successful in an application to Sport England’s National Leisure Recovery Fund and has been awarded funds to support the Council’s leisure partner, Freedom Leisure.

The grant of £176,000 will be used by ENC as part of its continued support to Freedom Leisure and the recovery of leisure services in East Northants which have been impacted greatly by the coronavirus pandemic.

This will enable ENC’s leisure services to return to a position of sustainable operation in the medium term and will allow Freedom Leisure to be able to get back to providing a full range of activities and programmes as soon as restrictions are lifted contributing to residents of East Northants health and wellbeing and supporting engagement in physical activity.

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Cllr Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council said:

“As a Council, we have a duty and responsibility to support our leisure services through what has been a very difficult year and ensure residents can use all our facilities as soon as restrictions are lifted.


“This money will mean that our leisure centres are able to reopen promptly and safely, meaning residents of East Northamptonshire can be assured that they will be able to once again visit an ENC owned gym or go for a much-longed for swim in one of our pools.”


ENC also received £1542 as part of a monitoring and evaluation grant, which will help build a richer and stronger insight into how the leisure sector is performing as it recovers from the impact of the pandemic.


To find out more about ENC owned leisure facilities, visit

Preparing your Dog for your Return to Work

BARK Top Tips for a calm and serene return to work. As everyone is beginning to look forward to an eventual return to the school and office. One thing we need to consider is that our dogs have got used to having us around and a sudden change to their routine can cause problems particularly with separation from their owners.

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What can you do to prepare them for this change?

  1. Start to leave your dog alone for short periods which should be built up over time
  2. Don’t make a big fuss of your dog just before you leave or as soon as you return – try to reward them with attention when they are calm
  3. Encourage your dog to associate separation with positives such as meal times or treats left in a treat toy or their cosy bed
  4. Try to get your dog used to the new routine gradually before a return to work if possible
  5. Introduce your dog to friends or dog-walkers who may be walking them or popping in during the day, in advance to give them a chance to get to know each other.

BARK Dog Walk and Pet Care Services

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If you would like to know more or would like to take advantage of the ‘Return to Work’ free introductory walk – no obligation. Contact Kirstie Lloyd at BARK

Phone: 07970 902202


Facebook: BARK Dog Walk and Pet Care Services






Marie’s Marathon 112 laps in Memory of her Father

Marie Eccles, from Garfield Road in Kettering is taking on a footrace challenge, walking the distance of a marathon, 112 laps of the block where she lives in Kettering, on July 4th to raise money for Cransley Hospice, in memory of her Dad who passed away in the hospice.

Marie Eccles Dad

Inspired by the American Self-Transcendence 3100 mile, the world’s longest certified footrace which takes place in New York where runners negotiate 5,649 laps of the block in Queens.  Marie will never be further than 200 meters from her front door as she strides her 112 laps.

Marie’s Dad, Hornsby Thompson (known as Harry) passed away on the 7th July 2014 after six weeks in the hospice.  Marie said: “The place was fantastic, they were so good to our family, if he’d had a rough day the nurses were waiting with a hug to help us feel better – I guess they can’t do that now with COVID?”

“It was two O’clock in the morning when my Dad died.  All of us were there – seven children, partners, nephews and nieces, no one minded, everyone treated us with dignity.  We were even allowed to bring the dog in to see my Dad!”

“They let my two older sisters stay in the room with him – they even put up a little bed beside his.”

Marie has never taken on a challenge like this before and just 2 years ago Marie spent 6 months in a cast after shattering her leg in an accident. She said, “The walk should take me around 9 hours, but it’s going to help me get back to get stronger and it’ll be worth it for what they did for my Dad.”

Marie EcclesMarie is hoping that some of her family will join her for short stretches throughout the day and Cransley Hospice Community Fundraising Manager, Louise Preedy will be joining her in the final stages.  Louise said “I’m really looking forward to joining Marie for the final laps and I am sure they will be quite emotional. We haven’t been able to hold our usual fundraising events and activities this year and although we have adapted some events the amount of money raised will be dramatically down for the year. It’s with the fundraising support of people like Marie that we can reduce the impact the pandemic has had on fundraising for the hospice and ultimately be able to continue to provide the excellent specialist care needed by our patients both at home and in the hospice.”

Taking on a physical challenge can benefit us in so many ways, physically and mentally.  Just getting out and about in the fresh air and getting moving will help us to feel better.  If you’re feeling inspired by Marie, check out the fabulous range of Challenge Events at

For anyone interested in taking on a Cycle or Trek or Running challenge Cransley Hospice will be hosting discovery evenings on Wednesday and Thursday next week, contact for more information.

Revive Me Style Tips for Fabulous Nails

Tips on keeping nails fabulous from Chantelle Morgan at Revive Me Style


  • Nails need sun protection too so use a topcoat enriched with UV filters. This also helps to protect the nail polish from discolouration.


  • If you have very brittle nails, try painting your base coat and nail polish under the tip of your nails to add extra strength.


  • If you have uneven ridges in your nails, avoid pearly or frosted polished as they highlight imperfections.


  • Wet nails can be dried quickly by plunging them into ice-cold water!


  • To make nail polish last longer, store it in the fridge. To ensure an even consistency, never shake a bottle of nail polish, instead, turn it upside down once and then roll it between your palms.


  • If your planning on doing messy work, drag your nails over a bar of soap first. The undersides of your nails will fill up with soap preventing them from filling with dirt later on!


  • Invest in speciality products such as ridge fillers, base coat and top-coat as they have different purposes. Basecoat feels sticky once applied to act as a fixative for nail enamel. It also prevents staining. The topcoat dries hard, locking in the colour to give the surface a hard, protective barrier.


  • Clean ink and stains from the nails using a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. Or dissolve a couple of denture cleaning tablets in water and gently use it to scrub your nails clean.


  • Only use gentle Emery board to file – always avoid metal files.


  • Never file your nails straight after a bath or hot shower, as this is when they are at their weakest and therefore most likely to split.


  • To clean up any smudges of nail polish, use and old, clean lip brush dipped in nail polish remover.


  • . Go to a certified nail technician for nail extensions and repairs – it is very easy to damage the nail bed if you are not an expert.


  • To avoid peeling of polish, apply just a single coat of ridge-filler, and wait until it’s completely dry before applying the regular polish in two thin coats (this gives better coverage, dries faster and lasts longer).


Chantelle Morgan is a Style and Confidence Coach

She supports women to increase their confidence though the style of clothes by identify their season and WOW colours, style personalities, personal shopping and more that will complement their body shape. She also helps women to rock in confidence by learning to love their body and accept themselves for who they really are and achieving their goal and dreams they desire to have in their future.

If you need support in finding your own Personal Style though your clothes and want to increase your confidence and body image, Get in touch with Chantelle/

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