Local Company helps with Company Blogs

Nene Local spoke to Rainbow 360 Media about the importance of blogging and how it can really help grow a company online.

Why host a company blog?

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A company blog is a way to inject personality into your brand, interact with your customers & potential customers and a great way to increase the SEO of your website.

Your website will be formal and professional, showing your product range, prices and ways to buy. Plus head office information, a privacy policy and returns procedures and so on.

This is where a Company Blog can be a good way to inject personality, a little humour (if the business ethos allows) and your chance to write editorial all about your products, how and where to use them.  Your company blog will be updated much more often than your website and is a fabulous way to keep your company up high in Google’s search rankings.

Your blog should show a whole lifestyle based around your products – so for instance if you sell something as standard as a fender for a boat, your blog should show a boating lifestyle – from Cannes to St Tropez to Ely on the River Great Ouse or Birmingham on the canals, the ‘Fender Company Blog’ can show potential customers how to really enjoy their boating experience.

Of course, lots of wonderful images add to the experience too.

When forming a Company Blog it’s often wise to employ a professional to at least give you the framework of your blog to ensure your writings are not in wasted.  Getting professional help to write and maintain your blog completely, leaves you time to run your company whilst leaving the writing and design to someone who can make it work for you!

Who could write my blog for me?

Rainbow 360 Media Ltd has a huge amount of experience in writing company blogs, from the initial design and planning, taking and manipulating the images for the blog, writing the weekly copy for each post and of course linking to your products so customers can buy them!

Rainbow 360 Media meet with each client and find out what they want to achieve from their blog and within what time frame, working closely with clients is the only way to ensure the Company Blog achieves its aims.

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For a free consultation from Rainbow 360 Media about your company blog call Helen on 07799 627789 or email helen@rainbowpr.co.uk

Inspiring change with International Women’s Day

This March, Councillor Pam Whiting, Chair of East Northamptonshire Council, will host a celebration of the achievements of women at a special luncheon.

As part of International Women’s Day which commends the social, political and economic achievements of women across the world, Councillor Pam Whiting will be joined by special guests for lunch and a presentation by local historian, Marian Knott on ‘Characters in Northamptonshire’.

Councillor Pam Whiting says: “I look forward to meeting many local women from all walks of life at this event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get together and honour the achievements of women all around the world as well as closer to home.” 

The lunch will be held on Friday, 7 March from noon until 2pm at Stanwick Lakes.  Tickets are £12.50 with proceeds going to WaterAid.  Tickets include a drink on arrival with lunch and petit fours.  There will be a raffle on the day and parking is free to ticket holders.  To reserve your tickets, contact Barbara Wiggins on 01832 742198 or bwiggins@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk by 3 March 2014. 


Northamptonshire Search and Rescue – we’re covered!

Northamptonshire Search and Rescue are a group of trained volunteers who are on call 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Our mission is to support the Police and other ALSAR teams in the search for missing and vulnerable people, this can include Children, Dementia patients, despondents, and more.

The NSAR are members of LOWLAND Rescue. shown below is the Overview of how Search & Rescue works.


They currently have 22 qualified members and are training another 11, they are working to purchase their first incident control vehicle, which will allow the search planners and radio operators to work more effectively and for longer.

Team members can have multiple roles and disciplines.  for example they have Search planners, Team leaders, Medics, Bank searchers, and Swift water technicians.

As a team they are responsible to cover Northamptonshire, but also support neighbouring counties teams, including Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire.

In January 2014 the Northamptonshire SAR attended 5 incidents!

More information can be found at www.northantssar.org