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Tranquility Time Paddling Along the River Nene

Tranquility Time and River Spirit SUP team up for an evening of relaxation…

Nene Local Magazine went on an adventure on Monday evening.  Here at the magazine we are an outdoorsy family and have kayaked in the past and love our boating – Helen from Nene Local says “I’d spotted people on paddle boards from the boat before and knew I wanted to try it.”

Time for Tranquility Retreats had partnered with River Spirit SUP (Stand up Paddle Boarding) to put on an evening paddle along the River Nene, along with a floating meditation.  Our time began by being added to a Messenger group so we could be given direction and instructions on what to wear, what to bring etc.

So by the time we arrived at the venue in Ringstead, we had all ‘met’ each other in messenger.  Lyndz did her demo and safety instructions whilst Sue got us to fill out our forms.

Paddleboarding | nene local

Our valuables, like phones and car keys were safely stowed away in the building and we put on our buoyancy aids.  We were all given a paddle board and paddle and invited safely, one by one into the water – at this point we were kneeling on the paddle boards as we were all beginners.

Up stream first as this is the most tiring direction, we paddled along next to the ducks and the occasional heron, for around half a mile.  It was a windy evening so fighting the current and the wind provided an excellent work out!

As we turned the bend into a more sheltered part of the river we lined up and posed for some photos.  Personally, I thought the balance and steering was quite doable, tricky at times but not too difficult. I’d been anxious during the day but needn’t have worried, as I loved it.

There is a great oak tree near the lock we had paddled to, and we congregated under the tree, lay on our boards and Susan took us on a wonderfully relaxing,  guided meditation.   Lyndz oversaw that no one floated away as we were all lying down with our eyes closed.  It was surprisingly easy to relax.

We did have a rainstorm on our way back, but we laughed our way through it and soldiered on regardless.  Our return paddle was easier being downstream and most of us had a go at standing up on the board.  Lyndz expertly got us having a go and facing any nervousness we had.

Standing for me will certainly need a bit more practice but I was glad I had a go.

My evening paddle might just have sparked a new hobby for me…….


For more information

River Spirit SUP Facebook:

Time for Tranquility Facebook:


Ignite Business Speaker Event – Grow Your Business

Ignite Business Speaker Event

Do You Want to Grow Your Business?


Ignite events bring together top national and international business speakers and local businesses together for a day of learning, personal growth, networking and collaborations.  At the end of each event, attendees will be armed with information and ideas they can apply straightaway to their own business.

What’s more, for any interested businessperson, there’s an opportunity to promote the business with a short speaker slot.

Speakers and attendees will feel invigorated, inspired, excited, motivated, buzzing and eager to take the next steps to make your business the success they dream it to be.


More About Ignite


Integrity; Honesty; Loyalty; Kindness



To provide all business owners with the tools, motivation and inspiration to grow their business through interactive and collaborative events.



Ignite is …

  • Different: Ignite focusses the mind
  • Positive
  • Empowering
  • Inspirational


Speakers List

  • Numerology in Business with Samantha Sutherland – A bit different this one! Nothing to do with accounts!
  • Your Colour Profile in business with Martyn Spendlove – Are you red, yellow, green or blue colour preference?
  • How to delegate effectively with Andrew Pain – Get the job done on time and to the standard you want
  • Influential Conversations with Helen Ponting – how to structure and deliver an influential conversation
  • Dispute Resolution with Donna Clark – How to prevent or resolve HR issues with a conversation instead of a courtroom
  • Business MOTs (Moments of Truth) with Lindsey Marriott – Your customers’ journey; how to map it, measure it & identify the touchpoints
  • Plus more to come


Next Event

Let us re-ignite your spark on Friday 10th September 2021, at Wicksteed Park, Kettering.

Book here

About the organiser

Kathryn Slack is the founder and host of the Ignite Business Speaker Events and a Communication Coach.


Kathryn has over 30 years of corporate experience, most latterly as a Project Manager.  Over 30 years she has worked with big names such as Primark, Heinz, Kelloggs, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, EE, Mars and so many more across so many business sectors.


Kathryn started her own business at the end of 2017 and specialised in improving people’s public speaking, presentation skills, and their networking pitch.  She also helps business owners put together that powerful presentation or gripping speech.  To see someone go from Raw to Refined, Terrified to Terrific gives Kathryn her joy and inspires her to carry on.


Kathryn noticed there were lots of networking meetings in her local area but there were no events bringing businesses together to listen and learn from each other and business experts in a less formal environment. There were training courses but these didn’t quite hit the spot.

kathryn slack

She developed Ignite!


The whole ethos of Ignite is to Inspire, Collaborate, Motivate and Educate.  Only by bringing businesses together can this be achieved. Only by giving businesses inspiration, motivation and the opportunity to collaborate can they grow and be the success they’re aspiring to be.


Ask to be an event sponsor here

Summer Cooking is Here

With the Summer Holidays quickly approaching we have some new Bake-Off boxes (the official subscription service from Great British Bake Off) ready to order for delivery in July and August. Details of the boxes below 😊 They are the perfect school holiday activity!


The Bake Off Box | The Official Great British Bake Off Product Range

The Bake Off Box (@bakeoffbox) • Instagram photos and videos

Strawberry & Vanilla Sandwich Biscuits (delivered July) Available to buy until 23:59 on the 30th June

Strawberry & Vanilla Sandwich Biscuits

Tirastan Graffix Tells You all About Their New Business


Using a Dowsing Crystal – with Susan Royle

We asked Sue Royle from Tranquility Time Retreats about dowsing.

Choosing your Crystal

Let your crystal choose you.  It’s best to shop in person rather than online if buying for yourself but receiving one as a gift is excellent!   If you’re shopping, ask the shop if you can hold each crystal pendulum.  Hold it gently by entwining the chain/string/ribbon that it’s held on around your fingers.  Does it feel nice?  Does it spin or rock from side to side, or is it totally still?

It might be that you choose a pretty colour with your eyes but once you’ve held a few then you change your mind, choose slowly and wisely – your dowsing crystal will choose you.  There’s lots of choice, from rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and many, many more – you might not find the right one for you on your first shopping trip.

Cleansing your Crystal

You can cleanse a dowsing crystal in the same way you cleanse all your other crystals; placing under the moonlight of the full moon, rinsing in a fast flowing stream, leaving in sand, using a smudge stick etc..

dowsing with sue royle

Using your Crystal

Once you’ve cleansed your crystal you can start to use it, hold the chain lightly in your nondominant hand, and wait for the crystal to hold still.  Ask it a question to which you know the answer, such as ‘Is my name Sue?’  Your dowsing crystal may turn clockwise, anti-clockwise, of swing from side to side – continue to ask it questions and note down what happens.  This will let you ascertain what it does for a YES and what it does for a NO.  Use your pendulum often and get to know how it likes you to phrase a question to get the best results.

What can you do?

Now the fun can start!  You can ask your pendulum anything you like!  Use it to find lost items by asking yes or no answerable questions, use it to ask life questions and see what you think to the answers it gives you.  Use it to hover over your essential oils to see which ones you need that day.  The list is endless!  Use your dowsing pendulum wisely.


For More Information


Telephone: 07738 095089

Join The Royle Tranquility Club



dowsing with sue royle

Prince William School Celebrates Fifty Years with Fifty Tales

During the first pandemic lockdown last year former Prince William School, Oundle headteacher, Chris Lowe, wrote a tale-a-day about life and goings-on in schools. Now, ex-students and staff are publishing a book of fifty of his tales. Called ‘Telling Tales Out of School’ the book will mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the school in September 1971.

Chris Lowe, 84, who was the founder head of the school, set himself the task of writing 100 stories about school life, one every day for 101 days.

Chris explained, ‘I took Good Friday off, to give both myself and the readers a bit of a rest,’ ‘I have ended up writing 140 tales… and the readership has grown to more than 500. It is now time to watch our rhubarb grow.’

Chris Lowe has donated the proceeds from the sale of the book to charity. The first one to benefit will be the Oundle-based ‘James Rutterford Trust’.

Pat Rutterford, who with her late husband set up ‘The James Rutterford Trust’ in 1993 in memory of their son, James, who was a student at Prince William School, said:

‘The tales are delightful and I am so grateful to Chris for donating them to raise money for our trust which supports students of Prince William School.

We are fortunate, too, to have a professional editor, illustrators and business experts, who like Chris are members of the Prince William School community. They have all given their services free of charge.’

Jenny Blount, who is leading the publishing project said:

‘The tales are a chronicle of the funny side of school life in the second half of the twentieth century, but what they tell us about growing up and living in a community is timeless. Every reader, whichever school they attended, will recognise with a smile something that is familiar… I defy anyone not to laugh aloud at some of the hilarious shenanigans!’

The book, ‘Telling Tales out of School’ will be launched in September 2021 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the opening of the school in 1971.

A reunion for present and past students is planned at the school for Saturday 4th September 2021. Further details of the event are available from the website “

‘Already nearly three thousand former students have accessed the information set out in the group post ‘PWS 50th Anniversary Reunion 2021’ on Facebook,’ said Jenny Blount. ‘So long as the country can weather the restrictions of the pandemic we are going to have a really memorable event, a real ‘Party on the Park’. Chris Lowe’s book will be a major fund-raiser on the day. We are expecting hundreds of ex-students and staff to meet up again, and enjoy the attractions we are planning.’

The chief guest at the event will be ex-student Nev Fountain, who is now a member of staff of ‘Private Eye’, a lead writer on Radio 4’s ‘Dead Ringers’, a ‘Dr Who’ writer  and humorous detective novelist writing under the pseudonym Mervyn Stone.

telling tales out of school

‘Telling Tales out of School’ by Chris Lowe can be pre-ordered now for delivery at the beginning of September at  or will be available from  the Oundle School Bookshop from the beginning of September


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The Captain Tom Challenge for Cransley Hospice

Captain Tom Challenge 100 with Corby & District Model Railway Society.

Corby & District Model Railway Society (CDMRS) will be supporting Cransley Hospice in aid of the Captain Tom Challenge 100 event. Their NHS liveried class 66 locomotive will be running around their track 100 times on Saturday 1st May. The event will take place from 10am, at their headquarters site, which can be found at Quarry Close, (Off) Kelvin Grove, Corby, NN17 1AZ. Cassie and the team

Last year, when Captain Tom completed 100 laps around his garden for the NHS, CDMRS were inspired to design their NHS and Captain Tom train, which has gained a lot of attention from the local community.

Members of the society will be on site from 8am, preparing the train for its 100 laps. From 10am, members of the community are welcome to visit from a safe distance, due to covid-19 restrictions. Barriers will be put in place to allow a one-way system, to ensure visitors have a good view of the train. The Cransley donation buckets will be available on site.

This railway has been reconstructed over the last 10 years and over the last 12 months has been re signalled. The railway would normally carry the public throughout the year, including Halloween and Santa Specials, being incredibly popular with 3,500+ visitors for the 2019 Christmas events.

CDMRS Chairman, Craig Tyler said “The Society understands the need that organisations like Cransley Hospice rely on, so whatever we can do to help is got to be a good thing and we intend to work with Cransley Hospice in the future on their fundraising activities.”Cassie and the train

Louise Preedy, Community Fundraising Manager at Cransley Hospice said “Captain Tom gave inspiration and support to so many at a difficult time and touched the hearts of the nation. We are so thankful to the Corby and District Model Railway Society for choosing to support Cransley Hospice with their Captain Tom 100 challenge.

“It’s been a pleasure to meet the some of the team from Corby and District Model Railway Society, their site is such a wonderful local gem and we hope the community will support them with their challenge.”

Cransley Hospice needs to raise around £1.4M each year to provide the specialist palliative care for patients in North Northamptonshire with a life-limiting illness. The postponement or cancellation of events and community collections and the closure of the Cransley Hospice charity shops will leave the charity fundraising income down by almost £500,000 this year. Support from individuals is more important than ever and there are many ways that people can get involved to support Cransley from taking on a challenge, playing the weekly lottery or even shopping! You can get more ideas on how you can support Cransley Hospice from their website

Tranquility Time Retreats – brings you ” The Self Care Space “

Tranquility Time Retreats – brings you ” The Self Care Space “

I went down to the woods yesterday, not to see the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, although it wouldn’t have surprised me!  I went to see The Self Care Space (from Tranquility Time), and it truly is just that!

Tranquility Time Retreats - brings you " The Self Care Space "

On arrival….

Welcomed by Sue Royle and Claire Bogust in their little patch of tranquility near Sharnbrook (just the other side of Rushden) the first thing on my self care list was to sit and have a warm drink with them, we were outside and enjoying the birdsong whilst filling in the regulation health forms before beginning.

No one had their camera ready but we had a wonderful visit by a baby rabbit, hopping to within a metre of my hand to say hello.  I chose from their menu of self care items. I began with a mediation, in which I had messages deleivered to me, hen Sue took me through a 121 yoga session.  You can do yoga, have more meditation and mindfulness, sit and chat your worries away, or even just be left alone to chill for half an hour – the choice is yours!

I then had an oracle card reading, which again was very apt and full of messages…

After a short glass of water (and nip the the toilet) break I went to see Claire, who gave me a wonderful reflexology treatment.  For those who believe we were certain I had my late father in the room with me, he joined in listening the bird song and admiring the roses.

The treatment was hugely relaxing and clearing.  We were visited by a gentle honeybee who popped in, had a look around the room and hummed off into the distance.

I could honestly describe morning as magical and Disney would make a good job popping it into cartoon form.

The Self Care Space is quirky and peaceful and just what I needed yesterday – I was rushed, stressed and having to make some tough decisions on work – my readings, cleared head and quiet helped those decisions along their natural path.

I chose my morning but you can also turn up and chat to Sue and Claire and they will work instinctively to offer you what you need that day.

I left with a feeling of peace, a clear head, plus my crystal and other gifts from Tranquility Time Retreats.

Tranquility Time Retreats - brings you " The Self Care Space "

To Book

Monday Massage & Meditation Tranquility Time Mini Retreat
Tranquility Time Self Care for your mind Body & Souls 1 hour session

For More Information


Telephone: 07738 095089



Thrapston War Memorial gets Makeover after being Vandalised

In November Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the community of Thrapston for responding ‘magnificently’ to the ‘awful vandalism’ against the Silent Soldier war memorial.

The new and improved memorial area will be unveiled at 11am tomorrow, Tuesday 27th April 2021, at Coronation Gardens, Oundle Road, Thrapston, Northamptonshire NN14 4PA

The heart-breaking vandalism to Thrapston’s Silent Soldier statue happened during November’s national lockdown. The news triggered an incredible outpouring of local and national support.

A replacement soldier was loaned to the town by Grange Primary Academy Kettering. Local resident Sophie Starsmore set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to permanently replace the statue. Donations rolled in from across the country, totalling £4,750.

Thrapston will now have not just one but three Silent Soldiers standing guard over the memorial stone. A fourth Silent Soldier will be mobile, to be positioned around the town as needed for Remembrance events.

Incredibly, the funding pot was left untouched thanks to generous donations of Silent Soldiers from;

Sheila and Mike of Southern Acrylics, Old Weston, who made and donated a replacement statue free of charge.
Will Gadsby, Spirotech Group, Sawtry, who made and donated a replacement statue free of charge.
Hugh Burns, a member of the public who privately donated a statue.
Ernie Keating, a member of the public who privately donated a statue.

What’s the donation money being spent on?

Due to the generous donations of statues, the money raised by Mrs Starsmore’s Go Fund Me page has instead been used towards a stunning new permanent outdoor memorial displaying the names of Thrapston’s war dead.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the soldiers and memorial to the war dead will be unveiled by a small group including Mayor of Thrapston Cllr Karen Draycott and Mrs Starsmore. The ceremony will be filmed and broadcast on the Town Council’s Facebook page. Members of the public are asked not to attend in person due to restrictions on gatherings.

Clerk to the Town Council Linda Marshall said, “The nation cares very deeply about honouring those who fought for our freedom; this has been shown by the overwhelming response to the fundraising page and the offers of replacement statues. Thrapston is eternally grateful to all who donated statues and gave towards the fundraising page. This has allowed us to erect a permanent outdoor memorial displaying the names of the war dead. The improved memorial area is the physical result of people coming together virtually from far and wide, with the common goal of honouring our veterans. We will remember them.”


The Royal British Legion Silent Soldier (affectionately known by some as ‘Tommy’) represents the thousands of servicemen who walked across the country’s fields and hills on their way back from The Great War. Thrapston Town Council installed a soldier silhouette by the War Memorial in 2018 to mark 100 years since the end of the conflict.

The damage to the Silent Soldier was caused in the evening of 12th November 2020, in Remembrance Week, as the nation marked 75 years since VE Day.

Thrapston Town Council is also carrying out significant improvements to the Peace Memorial Park, close to Coronation Gardens. The Park celebrated its Centenary year in 2020 and the improvements mark 100 years since the area was dedicated as a War Memorial following the Great War. A poppy shaped meeting area, rose garden, sensory garden, accessible paths and ‘Lest We Forget’ and poppy decorated bins bring together the strong Remembrance theme.